How did John Veltheim die ? Founder of Body Talk system cause of death Explained

How did John Veltheim die ? Founder of Body Talk system cause of death Explained

Dr. John Veltheim of Sarasota, FL, founder of the Body Talk System and the International Body Talk Association, died peacefully at home Tuesday, Nov 22. Let us see more about Dr. John Veltheim and his cause of death in detail.

John Veltheim Cause of death

John Veltheim sadly passed away on Tuesday, Nov 22. John’s cause of death is because the family has not yet issued a statement outlining the details of his demise.

In an interview, he said that My personal health caught up with me after working for many years in a busy clinic in Brisbane, Australia, where I practiced acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and naturopathy. My health deteriorated as a result of the extended practice hours I put in, as well as my responsibilities as a college administrator and senior lecturer.

Ultimately, I was told that I had a very nasty strain of the Epstein-Barr virus and was diagnosed with a very serious condition. I was even told that I might not live because the virus had severely damaged my liver.

Origin of his principle

John Velthiem stated that, At this point, I had sold my clinic and was leading a much more sedate existence while traveling the world giving lectures on philosophy, Reiki, and different topics related to stress management. I eventually made it to New Zealand, where I met an osteopath who had participated in several training sessions with me and was aware of my condition.

She asked if she could treat me using this strategy and informed me that she and a few of her coworkers were researching the possibility of boosting the body’s immune response to persistent viruses. She put out a really “way-out” proposal that was loosely based on applied kinesiology (AK) principles, which I was already aware of from my time as an AK teacher. I gave my OK and let her handle the task.

To start the treatment, she took a small drop of my blood and put it on a tissue in my navel, which I knew was a very high-energy center from which the body could register vibrations. Then she started a tapping process on my head. That was it. Three days later I was clear of the virus, and it was a completely new beginning for me. I was very excited about the result and went back and asked for more details. She told me that this was a totally new work that seemed to have startling effects and asked me to look into it.

I researched and examined the technique and found that what they had happened upon utilized a very important principle from a clinical point of view; that is, working through the energy circuits in the body and being able to access the underlying energy blueprint. Using blood (or, as I later found out, saliva) as a signal carrier and activating the brain causes the immune system to launch an assault on any chronic virus, bacterial infection, or parasite.

Thus, I decided that I would spend time investigating and developing this principle further. Eventually, I found many applications for it, using my background in various alternative therapies. I then developed a list of techniques that, when applied, seemed to get tremendous results in a variety of diseases. These techniques became the first Body Talk seminar.

What is Body Talk ?

Body Talk is a holistic therapy that involves the practitioner tuning into the client’s energy field. The traditional way it’s done uses muscle testing and questions. By asking the body’s innate wisdom what it needs, the practitioner can help the client feel better on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level depending on what the client needs.

The practitioner often keeps track of the session by writing down notes and linking them together to keep the issues focused in her mind. When the innate wisdom indicates that no further linking is needed, the practitioner will tap the head and heart to coordinate healing within the body.
Tapping the head commits the instructions to the head and tapping the heart allows those instructions to be circulated by the heart to all the parts of the body.

Different types of Healing

The Body Talk System combines different modalities of healing including Traditional Chinese Medicine, anatomy, and physiology, energy systems such as chakras and meridians, knowledge of microbes, environmental factors, DNA, traumatic events, astrology, and families as well as other groups of people that may impact the individual. There are 9 levels for the advanced certification, with more available to help practitioners continue learning and growing.

What makes the Body Talk System unique is the amount of detailed information you can get in a session. Depending on the practitioner you can go deep into the DNA to do the cellular repair. Because I have a chemistry background, I often go into the atoms and molecules that require extra attention, or if the practitioner is skilled in counseling, emotional issues might come up first.”

John Started Body Talk

In 1995, he began imparting Body Talk. Before moving on to Australia and New Zealand, he first taught the technique in Malta and England. People immediately adopted it after seeing they could achieve excellent outcomes with this straightforward strategy. ​They were referring to the system as “acupuncture without needles,” even though it was probably better characterized as a sophisticated sort of energy medicine.

They were also aware that it was producing effects that were impossible to accomplish by acupuncture, let alone other complementary or pharmacological therapies.
There are already more than 200 Instructors teaching Body Talk in 50 different countries. Body Talk is used by thousands of professionals in clinics all around the world.

obituary Post on Social Media

Ben Manalo – Senior Body Talk Instructor and Practitioner

This week of Thanksgiving in the US is always a sweet reminder of so many things to be thankful for: family, friends & ALL the experiences life has to offer. One thing I will be eternally grateful for is the Body Talk system and its creator, John Veltheim. I’ve learned (and un-learned) so much since the 1st day I walked into Transitions Bookstore in Chicago on my birthday weekend & listened to John share the basic principles of Body Talk. At the core of which is: The body has a natural inborn… Innate… Wisdom to heal.

And then spontaneously deciding to register for the 4-day intensive training, walking into day 1 of the training on my birthday & ending the training on 9/11/01… the stars aligned & Body Talk has been a significant part of my life ever since – giving me the tools to help & inspire so many. I can sense a path continuing to unfold before me & I’m looking forward to seeing where it leads. Stay tuned for more news & several basic and advanced BodyTalk class offerings (both online & in person) in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!




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