Who is Jodie Stokes? Driver made GF take the blame for crash killed Ann cassidy

Who is Jodie Stokes? Driver made GF take the blame for crash killed Ann cassidy


A Yorkshire senior was murdered in a terrible collision, and the uninsured motorist sought to make his girlfriend take all the blame. Let’s see more about the couple,  Jodie Strokes and Harrison Buckley who were involved in the Crash in the following paragraphs.

Jodie Stokes

The blue Seat Ateca that struck Ann Cassidy, 81, as she crossed Park Lane in Thrybergh on May 27 of last year was being driven by Jodie Stokes, 27, according to police. After being transferred to the hospital, Mrs. Cassidy, unfortunately, passed on that day.

Stokes claimed she was driving and had insurance to do so while lying. After Mrs. Cassidy’s death, South Yorkshire Police examined video surveillance that showed Stokes not behind the wheel and another man occupying the seat. Stokes arrived at the scene Only after the collision and before the cops showed up.

Jodie Stokes Confession

Jodie Stokes eventually confessed to the police that her 24-year-old partner Harrison Buckley was the driver. He had already fled to Blackpool but turned himself in after learning that Stokes had been detained. He admitted to driving the automobile during his police interrogation despite not having the necessary insurance and said that he had forced his girlfriend to lie about being the driver after the collision.

PC According to Neila Morrell of the Serious Collision Investigations Unit at South Yorkshire Police, “Buckley told Stokes she needed to declare she was the driver because he knew he would get in trouble for driving a car without insurance. Stokes went along with this and misled the early stages of our investigation into the collision.”


Buckley, a former resident of Rotherham’s Pingles Crescent, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and causing death by negligent driving. He received a 14-month prison sentence and an 18-month driving ban after his release. Jodie Stokes, also of Pingles Crescent, admitted to perverting the course of justice and was given a six-month suspended sentence.

Acts and Laws

The offense of “dangerous driving causing death or serious injury” was created as a middle ground between the very serious charge of culpable driving (causing death) and dangerous driving.

To successfully prosecute an offender for a breach of section 319 of the Crimes Act Dangerous Driving Causing Death or Serious Injury the prosecution must prove three elements, beyond a reasonable doubt, they are:

  1. The accused was driving a motor vehicle
  2. The accused drove dangerously
  3. Dangerous driving caused the death or serious injury of another person.

If you are found guilty or plead guilty to Perverting the Course of Justice, the maximum sentence a court can impose is 14 years imprisonment. However, such a penalty would typically be reserved for the worse examples of this kind of offense or people with criminal records for similar offenses.

There are several alternate penalties available to the court for this offense that a good defense lawyer will fight for. Alternate penalties include:

Thoughts and Prayers

PC Morrell declared “As Mrs. Cassidy’s family continues to process their tragedy, my prayers are with them. The court case is over with today’s hearing, but Stokes and Buckley’s careless and reckless conduct still leaves us with anguish and pain. I offer Mrs. Cassidy’s family my sincere condolences and remind them that nothing can ever bring their loved one back.” 

Nothing can ever bring you back their and I send my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Cassidy’s family

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Cowards Posted

What has the UK judicial system come to? It is a complete mess, and you receive more time in prison for producing marijuana than you do for killing someone.

The appeals court needs to review the extremely light sentence in that case.

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I would like to think, under sentencing guidelines that were the maximum sentence the judge could impose, but I suspect it wasn’t.

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