How did Melanie Rauscher die? Cause of Death Revealed

How did Melanie Rauscher die? Cause of Death Revealed

Melanie Rauscher, who participated in two seasons of the reality series “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery Channel reportedly died in Arizona under mysterious circumstances. Let’s see how did she die, what happened, and what was Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death.


What happened to Melanie Rauscher?

A contestant from “Naked and Afraid” reportedly died in Arizona under mysterious circumstances. Her deceased body was found on July 17 next to trash cans.

Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher, who appeared on two seasons of the highly popular Discovery Channel program, reportedly looked after a dog at a residence in Prescott, Arizona, while the owners were away.

When the homeowners eventually returned from their trip on the afternoon of July 17, they found Melanie resting on the bed in the guest room, according to Corey Kasun, a spokesman for the Prescott Police Department.


How did Melanie Rauscher die?

While the owners were away on vacation, Rauscher had been residing at the Prescott residence and looking after the dog.

According to TMZ, several compressed air cans, which are frequently used to dust off equipment, were reportedly found nearby. According to the police, there were no early signs of foul play at the scene, and neither had they found any suicide notes or drug paraphernalia.

So far there is no official information on how did Malanie Rauscher die.’s request for comment was not immediately answered by the police or the coroner.


Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death

It’s unclear if Melanie drank anything from the cans. She was giving the dog excellent care. The Yavapai County Medical Examiner has not yet established Melanie Rauscher cause of death.

It’s important to remember that breathing in the gases from an air duster causes a fleeting but euphoric high as well as several adverse effects, including hallucinations and dizziness (Brain damage). Although adults may also abuse these household objects to get high, an air duster is a popular drug of abuse for younger kids since it is easily accessible at home or may be bought at a store.

We have been trying to reach out to the investigators. Once enough information is available, we will update this page.

According to a obituary, Melanie was adored by Jeanette (Rick), Rebecca (Calvin), and Alexis. She was also a dedicated aunt of Aria and Liam Parker. The Rauschers’ other child, Melanie, was Daniel T. and Catherine A. Rauscher.

One said on Twitter,

Oh wow… I had a co worker, whose daughter who was around 20 yrs of age & died roughly about 10 years ago from huffing this stuff and left behind a toddler. Some bad bad stuff! I somewhat forgot about this due to the new drug epidemic…however very tragic outcome… RIP.

Another one said,

I had no idea people got high from this until my cousin died from inhaling it. She had a heart attack. This stuff is dangerous, tel your kids about the dangers.


Who is Melanie Rauscher?

A well-known and accomplished American television personality, Melanie. She started working when she was very young. In 2013 and 2015, Rauscher appeared on Naked and Afraid and its offshoot, Naked and Afraid XL. In 2017 and 2018, Rauscher participated in survival competitions on the Discovery Channel’s XL.

She just made headlines because she passed away in the month of July at the age of 30.


Melanie Rauscher’s Early life

In the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is where she was born in 1992. She was a well-known and accomplished American TV personality.

Her other well-known films are Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL. She started working when she was very young. She has had a passion for acting since infancy.

One of the survivors, Melanie, appears in both of the show’s seasons. Continue reading the article to learn all there is to know about Melanie Rauscher.


Melanie Rauscher & Jeremy McCaa

McCaa shared videos of a time she caught fish at what seemed to be a camping or trekking area in another tribute he posted on Wednesday.

We were always competing, McCaa captioned the video. Mel yelled at me to get down there so she could take a picture of her holding the fish she had just caught. She needed to get back in the water so it could breathe, according to Gio.

I was swearing, and she told us to keep it to ourselves back there.

McCaa and Rauscher don’t seem to have been romantically linked despite rumors to the contrary; rather, they were merely extremely good friends.

McCaa is presently seeing Chrissy, a lady who resides in the same Louisiana town as him, according to his public Facebook profile. When he and Chrissy first started dating is unknown.


Tribute to Melanie Rauscher’s death

Her castmate Jeremy McCaa expressed his “brokenness” over the passing of his close friend, who he described as an “amazing person” and a “strong woman.”

Last Tuesday, McCaa, who costarred with Rauscher in the seventh season of Naked and Afraid, released a touching obituary for his buddy, noting how their friendship “blossomed” from being coworkers to friends.

He stated, “She came into my life in a way I can’t explain.” We had tremendous chemistry on the show, and that chemistry grew into a bond that is indescribably close.

The survivalist claimed to view Rauscher as “family” and to be able to depend on her at all times.

He remarked, “We had so many times when we would just be there for one other.” She was my swamp wife, my closest friend, a powerful lady, and an incredible person. I’ll always cherish the times we had together.

Her laugh was unique. Her friendship was incredible.

Then McCaa addressed Rauscher directly, saying, “You’ve gone too soon and stolen from us too early.” Mel, you will always be mine. I’ll see you again sometime because I love you. The world lost a remarkable person.

He concluded by asking his followers to pray for her family before saying, “See you again, my Queen.”

One on Twitter said, So very many broken struggling suffering people globally anymore. I simply hope she has found peace now. The nasty hateful people who find glee in being cruel, choke on your toxic bile, prove far better of yourselves, and then only will you prove worthy of the air you breathe, now.



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