Ronald Dancer died: How did he die? Cause of death Revealed

Ronald Dancer died: How did he die? Cause of death Revealed

Ronald S. Dancer, an observant and industrious assemblyman from Ocean County for almost 20 years, passed away. He was 73. Let’s see how did Ronald Dancer die and what was his cause of death.

State Sen. Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield) made the following statement,

“The very sad news that Assemblyman Ron Dancer has passed away brings tears to the eyes of all that knew him. This leader was a man of civility, and integrity and should be a model for all elected officials. We needed Ron now more than ever. I will miss you, my friend.”

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Ronald Dancer Cause of death

As per reports, after a long illness Ronald Dancer died at his 73. Theres is no specific cause of death has been made public. Once enough information available we will update this page.

Dancer, a conservative Republican, was well-liked and respected by his coworkers on both sides of the political spectrum. Following the passing of Melvin Cottrell, Dancer was successful on his third attempt in a special election to the State Assembly in 2002. (R-Jackson).

After Assemblyman John Hendrickson (R-Eagleswood) resigned to accept a post at the Department of Community Affairs, Dancer, a horse breeder, and trainer, campaigned in a special election convention for State Assembly in the former 9th district. This was the beginning of Dancer’s political career.

Cottrell, the mayor of Jackson, and John P. Kelly, a former Eaglewood township committeeman, and current Ocean County commissioner, were two of the seven candidates that first ran for the Assembly seat.

The campaign had been narrowed down to Dancer and Lacey Mayor Christopher Connors, the son of State Senator Leonard Connors from the 9th district, before election night (R-Surf City). Connors, who is now a state senator, won 98-80, or 50.6 % to 49.4 %, by 18 votes.

Dancer became the new mayor of Plumsted four months later.

On December 15, Township Committeeman Anthony Blanda announced his resignation, and the local Republican county committee only put out Dancer as a replacement.

After taking office on January 1st, 1990, Dancer was appointed mayor right away. Up until 2011, he presided over Plumsted as mayor. Dancer had a little problem being re-elected in his hometown throughout his 21 years serving in municipal office.

His second opportunity to serve in the State Assembly occurred in 1991 when the Essex-based 30th district was transferred to South Jersey to make room for the new Ocean-Burlington-Monmouth seat.

In the campaign for the seats, a number of Ocean County residents have risen, including former Jackson Township Committeeman Peter Carlson, former Assemblyman, and Lakewood Mayor Bob Singer, Cottrell, and Dancer.

In an initially tense agreement, Ocean County GOP Chairman Joseph Buckalew and Burlington County GOP Chairman Glenn Paulsen agreed that 75-year-old John E. Dimon, a former Burlington County Republican Chairman who served as GOP State Chairman from 1970 to 1973, would receive the Senate seat. Ocean won the two Assembly seats, and Singer and Cottrell were chosen by the party over Dancer.

When Dimon passed away in 1993, Republicans chose Singer to take his place. Joseph Malone, the mayor of Bordentown, competed for Singer’s Assembly position in order to maintain a seat in Burlington’s 30th district.

Cottrell was elected six times before passing away on the job on October 9, 2002, as a result of surgical complications.

On November 12, a special election convention was convened by the Republican county committees of Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth to fill Cottrell’s position. Dancer competed against Joseph DiBella, 33, a former councilor for Sayreville who had recently been elected to the Howell Township Council one week prior.

DiBella lost to Dancer by 34 votes, or 20 percentage points, or 106-72.

He was a member of the Republican legislative slate Singer & Dancer in 2003, and he received more than 10,000 votes to win his first term in the Assembly.

Dancer represented the 12th district, which spanned from Old Bridge in Middlesex County to New Hanover in Burlington County. Redistricting in 2011 drastically altered his district, moving him from the 30th to the newly-created 12th. As a legislator, he introduced bills preventing sex offenders from living near their victims, tax incentives for “shop local” programs, and the prohibition of welfare checks being issued to dead people.

As a horse breeder, Dancer was highly recognised in Ocean County. His late father, Stanley F. Dancer, was a three-time Triple Crown winner in horse racing and a highly regarded harness racing driver and trainer. He worked for the Stanley Dancer Horse Racing Stables for 22 years as a driver and skilled horse trainer.

In the 1980s, he was interested in local Republican politics in Ocean County. In addition to serving on the Ocean County Planning Board, Agricultural Development Board, and Board of Social Services, he served as chairman of the Plumsted Planning Board, where he has been a member since 1983.

He afterwards worked as an adjuster for Ocean County.


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