How did Luke Bell die? Country singer Cause of death Revealed


How did Luke Bell die? Country singer Cause of death Revealed

Luke Bell known as a Country artist, Cowboy, and Troubador has died. He was one of the most authentic voices to emerge in country music in the last decade when he released a debut album on Bandcamp in 2014. Let’s see how did he die and Luke Bell cause of death in detail

How did Luke Bell die?

The Where Ya Been singer reportedly went missing in Tucson, Arizona, on August 20. According to reports, his body was found more than a week later, on August 29. Also, it was near the area he was thought to have vanished from. The news was proved by close friend fellow musician Matt Kinman, to Saving Country Music.

Matt Kinman, a close friend, and fellow musician broke the news of Bell’s passing to the blog Saving Country Music. The musician, 32, was last seen in Tuscon, Arizona, on August 20. According to the music site, Bell was discovered “not far from where he disappeared.” Bell was raised primarily in Wyoming and was born in Lexington, Kentucky. With his 2014 album “Don’t Mind If I Do,” he made his country music debut. Shortly after, in 2016, he signed a record deal with Thirty Tigers.

He was one of the most genuine and alluring performers to ever grace the current country music genre. And those who knew Luke Bell are aware that this evaluation is in no way exaggerated or flattering. Even though Luke Bell only put out one album, it managed to capture a period in country music, an aura, and a mood that even the most talented and accomplished performers today are unable to replicate. They are confused by the modernization filter, to which Luke Bell was strangely impervious.
He was never at ease in this time or place since he was neither of them.


Luke Bell cause of death:

Luke Bell, a country music performer, was discovered dead in Arizona after being reported missing. He was 32.

Bell had recently changed drugs for the treatment of his bipolar disorder which was believed to have factored into his disappearance.

The singer-death songwriter was verified to TEGNA on Tuesday by a Tucson Police Department official, who also noted that the investigation is ongoing. No cause of death has been made public. Bell’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed by the coroner’s office.

He released a self-titled album soon after signing a record deal, which earned him praise from critics. However, as mental health problems appeared, his ascent to fame was put on hold. “Many people had lofty goals for Luke, but his objectives remained much more modest. To assist promote the album, a tour was scheduled for the fall of 2016, but it was never carried out “shares on the blog.

Attempts have been made to contact the family and close friends for comments on the incident by Medico Topics. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. We’ll soon include more details on Luke Bell cause of death.


A story of Lukebell missing in Tucson:

Luke Bell’s friends are worried after he vanished over a week ago on Saturday, August 20, in Tucson, Arizona, close to 4th Ave. Bell hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He might still be around, or he might have completely fled Tucson and Arizona. The general public is urged to keep an eye out for the songwriter and to contact the police and fellow musician Matt Kinman if they spot him or have any information regarding his whereabouts. Luke Bell has bipolar disorder.

Luke Bell suffered from bipolar disorder.

Luke’s friend Matt told The Boot that he was privately battling a severe form of the disorder and he believes a recent change in his medication may have “played a role” in his disappearance and eventual death. At the time his body was found, no cause of death was determined yet.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression).

Although bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, you can manage your mood swings and other symptoms by following a treatment plan. In most cases, bipolar disorder is treated with medications and psychological counseling (psychotherapy).

People with bipolar felt both episodes of severe depression and episodes of mania – overwhelming joy, excitement or happiness, huge energy, a reduced need for sleep, and reduced inhibitions. The experience of bipolar is uniquely private. No two people have the same experience.

Who is Matt Kinman?

Bell had recently visited Matt Kinman, who has been playing with and taking care of Luke Bell for the past six years, in their hometown of Cody, Wyoming. After Wyoming, “we came down here to Arizona, to work down here, play some songs, and he just went off,” Matt Kinman says in an interview with Saving Country Music. He was in the truck’s back. I entered to purchase a meal.
When I emerged, he had already exited the truck and was gone.

Luke Bell has vanished before, but his manager Brian Buchanan claimed that Bell had been doing well for the previous 1.5 years and had kept in touch. Matt Kinman is concerned that a recent change in Luke’s medication may have contributed to his disappearance. Maybe he’s in Tucson. But who knows where he’s going—likely it’s he jumped a freight train,” says Kinman.

“If you see him, take him to the hospital right away, call me, and we’ll go after him,” someone said. Contact Matt Kinman at mattkinman71 at or via the Saving Country Music Contact Page, and Kinman’s phone number will be provided.

He’s one of the best individuals you’ll ever know when he’s on the right track. Well, this is what you get when he’s sick, claims Kinman. “He hasn’t given up on music. He desires to pursue music. And when he’s right, he’s been writing music and aspiring to perform.

When Luke Bell published his debut album on Bandcamp in 2014, he was one of the most genuine voices to appear in country music in the previous ten years. When he signed with WME and Thirty Tigers and started opening for artists like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., and Dwight Yoakam, he later gained widespread notoriety. But the tour that was supposed to happen after the re-release of his debut album in 2016 never materialized, and other than sporadic performances with Matt Kinman, Luke Bell has largely remained out of the public eye.


Who is Luke Bell?

Luke Bell (January 27, 1990 – August 29, 2022) was an American country musician and singer-songwriter. According to Rolling Stone, Bell “… plays classic honky-tonk with a wink and a yodel that summons the sleeping ghosts of the country better than any voodoo spell ever could.”


He decided to pursue a music career when he was in college. Luke had been enrolled in the University of Wyoming, but he decided to leave and travel to Austin, Texas to pursue a career in country music. According to The Boot, he would perform at several saloons and honky-tonks in the region before spending a brief amount of time in New Orleans, Louisiana. He continued to Wyoming before traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, the nation’s music city.

Luke’s big break came when Thirty Tigers signed him in 2016 and he released his self-titled album the following year. He received widespread acclaim. According to The Boot, he was able to support numerous well-known performers throughout the years, including Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Hayes Carll. Despite the fantastic opportunities, Luke maintained his modesty and looked to be taking his profession one day at a time. In a 2016 interview with The Boot, Bell said, “To be honest, I live in the day and I count smiles.

That’s all. Listen, I frequently find myself sharing beers with my neighbors. Life isn’t all horrible. I don’t have a wife or children, which is a drawback in some ways, but it’s also really wonderful at the moment. I simply visit various cities and socialize with other individuals. High hopes, low expectations, and having a nice time are the main objectives.

Luke Bell Musical Journey

Luke Bell was born in Cody, Wyoming, on June 27, 1990. He briefly attended college. The singer-songwriter Pat Reedy was later met when he started performing at a neighborhood tavern. At the Hole in the Wall pub close to the University of Texas, Bell was penalized in 2011 for playing excessively loudly with the rock and roll group Fast Luke and the Lead Heavy. Finally, they were fired.
After that, he received an invitation to play at Austin’s well-known White Horse, which was founded by a bartender by the name of Dennis O’Donnell.

He traveled to Nashville in 2014 to record the album Don’t Mind If I Do. Then he enrolled in Santa’s Pub. He rose to fame because of the music video for Sometimes at the time. The WME agency found him, and he was given the chance to tour with well-known performers like Willie Nelson, Hank Jr., and Dwight Yoakam.

A few songs from Don’t Mind If I Do as well as several brand-new singles were included on Bell’s self-titled album, which he started working on after signing with Thirty Tigers in 2016. Although he had numerous offers once the album became a major hit, he showed no interest in any of them. But Bell frequently shared the stage with musician Matt Kinman. In 2017, they made an appearance together at the Pickathon festival in Portland. Also up for an Ameripolitan Award was Luke for Best Honky Tonk Male.

Luke Bell started to appear less frequently in public and, at one point, almost vanished. The truth was that he was silently battling bipolar disorder, despite the rumors that circulated about him. His life was also impacted by his mental condition because several of his friends started to distance themselves from him.

Luke a animal lover

Luke shared several photos of animals on his Instagram page over the years. There are lovely snapshots of him with dogs, horses, exotic wild animals, and more. He even posed for a photo shoot with his guitar and a dog sitting beside him back in 2015.


Tributes to Luke Bell:

Singer-songwriter Margo Price shared the news of Bell’s death on Twitter.

Joe Patriot tweeted,

Not sure it deserves the Lord’s name be taken in vain:(

Wisconsin Luke tweeted,

2016 for me had the 2 best country albums in the last 20 years: Midwest Farmers Daughter a& Luke Bell’s self titled album. Both of you opened my eyes to the amazing array of independent country artists, Americana artists. 2016 will always be you two for me…here’s to Luke Bell!

Instagram user penned,

‘Gone way too soon, hope you have found peace,’

Another wrote,

‘So so sad, his light burnt so bright but too fast,’  A follower shared: ‘Heartbroken isn’t even the word. RIP angel.’ ‘RIP Luke. Thanks for the great tunes,’ another agreed. ‘I wish I could’ve seen you play live. You will be ultimately missed.’

The band, Mike and the Moonpies, also shared a message about Luke on Facebook. “Word just came down on the passing of Luke Bell and we’re heartbroken over the news,” they wrote. “I can vividly remember the first time I met Luke at Hole in the Wall over a decade ago, down to the clothes on his back.”

“The man (and his music) left an impression,” they added. “He was a real deal traveling troubadour out there on that lost highway. Do yourself a favor and put on some Luke Bell tunes tonight in his memory. Rest In Peace, friend.”


Medico Topics has contacted Tucson Police Department for a comment.


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