How did Leo Lagana die? Social media star from illawarra cause of death explained

Leo Lagana
Leo Lagana, man with primordial dwarfism who died


Leo Lagana, the tiny but charismatic figure who won the hearts of people in Illawarra and around the globe, passed away at the age of 22. Let’s see, how did the young man die and Leo Lagana cause of death in detail.

How did Leo Lagana die?

Leo Lagana, a Wollongong internet star passed away at 22. He was a primordial dwarf whose inspirational story won hearts across the globe.

Leo had struggled with aneurysms for much of his life and had recently been in and out of the hospital as his health deteriorated.

His death was announced by his family on social media post. His parents expressed their sadness by posting his empty chair stating,

“I’ve had so many messages from numbers I don’t recognize
I have read them, but no one has said who they are.
I’m as empty as Leo’s chair, Pauline Lagana”

Lots of followers and friends commented on the post sharing their heartfelt condolences and tributes.

Who was Leo Lagana?

Leo is a Mawjeski Microcephalic Osteosplastic Primordial Type II Dwarf. He was one in 130 million. Leo frequently posts videos on social media platforms and he gained popularity in Illawarra community.

He was recognized for his humor and antics. He captured hearts of people across the Illawarra.

Leo had a MOPD II disorder which is characterized by exceptionally small heads and other skeletal abnormalities (Osteodysplasia), along with short stature (dwarfism) (Microcephaly).

Leo Lagana
Leo Lagana

Leo’s mother posted his decline of health social media earlier this month stating,

“Leo complained of a strong headache and went into convolutions and suffered a seizure. He was rushed to Wollongong Hospital unresponsive and taken straight to resus4 where they did all they could to stabilize his BP.”

“The seizure has left him with memory loss and fear, and repeating himself incessantly. We are home, resting now, and praying for improvement. The headaches are still with him.”

Leo Lagana cause of death:

Leo Lagana, a Social media star from Illawarra died after battling with aneurysms.

He dealt with MOPD II. An unusual autosomal recessive inherited form of primordial dwarfism known as Majewski osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II (MOPD II).

It is characterized by a small head diameter at birth, but it also progresses to severe microcephaly, progressive bony dysplasia, and distinctive facies and personalities.

His demise news was confirmed by his mum on his social media page saying,

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more for you… RIP my angel. Mum and Dad have such a void now. Forever Broken”

Tributes to Leo Lagana:

Libby Petrella posted,

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of this brave little man Leo Lagana, who has endured many health challenges in his short life. Sincerest condolences to his parents Pauline Lagana and John Lagana. You are now at peace little angel.

Jamberoo Pub posted,

Vale Leo Lagana, the Illawarra’s little super hero. Leo had his first beer and 18th birthday party at the Jamberoo Pub.

We send our most sincere condolences and all our love to the Lagana family. Leo was an amazing human, he will be sorely missed.


Nick Smith posted,

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! So there is no mistaking!
Leo Lagana A part of us is missing today. Leo you have earned your angel wings. No more fear, illness or pain. Our continued prayers for the Lagana family. We were blessed to connect with your family as an infant and sharing our stories, then, Meeting finally face to face in NYC. It was our hope to see you once again. To see you grow into the man you are was a gift we will always cherish our time together and watching your shenanigans. No word for this kind of loss. RIP Mate!. Our super hero. Batman forever.
Thank you David TJ Jackson for your time making these photos of our friend.

Milos Tania posted,

Oh, Leo 🥺 your infectious laugh will be missed by so many! So blessed to know your beautiful family and thinking of them during this very sad time ❤️
May you rest in peace.

Michelle Calesse posted,

I was at work today I couldn’t function properly because of the death of Leo Lagana. Can’t get him out of my mind, I’m so devastated may he rest in peace in the arms of the lord we all love you Leo forever in our hearts 💔

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