How did Kim Yuna die? Kia cheerleader cause of death Explained


How did Kim Yuna die? Kia cheerleader cause of death Explained

Cheerleader Kim Yuna, who cheered for the LG Twins, has died. Let’s see what happened to her and Kim Yuna cause of death in detail

Kim Yuna cause of death

It has been established that the cheerleader passed away as a result of the October 29 Itaewon incident.

Her coworkers have expressed their dismay at hearing this in posts on their Instagram pages regarding the tragic news.

Kim Yuna, a cheerleader who debuted in 2016 with the LG Twins cheer squad, has been with the KIA Tigers since 2018. She was born in 1998. Numerous admirers have expressed their condolences in response to the news.


The funeral for cheerleader Kim Yuna will take place on November 1. In the catastrophe, another well-known person also perished.

Lee Ji Han, a former idol and actor, also passed on that evening.

As was previously reported, the October 29 crowd rush incident in Itaewon resulted in at least 151 fatalities. On October 29, more than 100,000 people congregated in Itaewon to enjoy the Halloween weekend. As a result of what is believed to have been an overcrowding surge, many people started getting dizzy and many passed away.

Since then, South Korea’s prime minister has declared a time of national mourning would last until November 5. Public servants and staff of the institution will fly flags and don ribbons. As a result, all non-urgent events will likewise be rescheduled. Let her soul rest in peace.


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