How did Kenneth Tsang die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Kenneth Tsang die

Kenneth Tsang, a veteran Hong Kong actor, died at the age of 87. Let’s see more about how did Kenneth Tsang die.


Who was Kenneth Tsang?

Kenneth Tsang was a popular Hong Kong actor. Kenneth was well-known to local audiences for reasons other than his roles in TVB dramas. He appeared in several local television shows, including The Teochew Family (1995), Heart of the Family (1996), The Unbeatables II, and The New Adventures of Wisely (1998).

Tsang began his career in the show business in the 1950s and has appeared in over 100 films and television series. He also appeared in Hollywood films such as The Replacement Killers (co-starring with Chow Yun Fat), Rush Hour 2 (co-starring with Jackie Chan), Anna And The King, and the Bond film Die Another Day. In 2015, Tsang was named Best Supporting Actor at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.


Kenneth Tsang Cause of death

How did Kenneth Tsang die, According to Hong Kong media HK01, he arrived in Hong Kong from Singapore on Monday (April 25) and checked into a quarantined hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The next day, he had an ART test, which came back negative.

This morning, a health ministry employee checked in on him but did not receive a response. At 12:14 p.m., a hotel employee opened the door to Kenneth’s room and discovered him unconscious.

When paramedics arrived, they pronounced him dead.

The police are looking into the cause of death.


What happened to Kenneth Tsang?

After the news broke, As1.entertainment contacted his wife, Taiwanese actress Chiao Chiao, 79. Her daughter-in-law answered the phone and told reporters that Chiao Chiao’s emotions were still “okay” before hanging up.

Kenneth’s friend, actor Bowie Wu, was also contacted by the publication.

When he heard the news from reporters, the 90-year-old was taken aback. “I don’t think so. Even if you tell me the news has been published in the media, I won’t believe you. I’m feeling very unsettled right now.”

How did Kenneth Tsang die, According to media reports, Kenneth’s ex-wife Barbara Tang also told reporters that he called his daughter last night after experiencing chest pains. His son-in-law sent some medicine to the hotel and also placed an order for him to eat.

It is unknown whether Kenneth received the medication.

When he didn’t answer his phone this morning, his daughter realized something was wrong. She called the hotel and requested that the staff check on him. When he did not answer the door, his family requested that the room door be opened.

Because Kenneth was under quarantine, hotel personnel were required to first contact the health ministry before entering the room.


Ben reacted to Kenneth Tsang’s death on Twitter,
RIP, Kenneth Tsang, a veteran HK actor who will be familiar to international action film buffs for his roles in John Woo’s The Killer and A Better Tomorrow 2. This will also raise discourse about HK still requiring mandatory quarantine on arrival.

Fans reacted to Kenneth Tsang’s death

Kornish Against Dictatorship tweeted,

actors we are Familiar with the face but not familiar with the name …” Zheng Jiang” or Kenneth Tsang, a senior actor who we are familiar with from many roles, has died today at the age of 86 years old. RIP

 Harris Dang aka Critic Name tweeted,
This one hurts. A fantastic actor who has been a huge part of my life through cinema. R.I.P – Kenneth Tsang
Domingo Lopez tweeted,
We woke up to the sad disappearance of Kenneth Tsang, a veteran face of HK cinema with more than 270 productions behind him. He was still active at 87 years old, and worked with John Woo, Jackie Chan, and all the greats, appearing in numerous American productions.
H A S S A N tweeted,
Veteran Hong Kong actor Kenneth Tsang passed away today whilst quarantined at a Hong Kong Hotel
He starred in some of the best HK films during the 80s and 90’s inc A Better Tomorrow 1&2, The Killer, Peking Opera Blues as well as Once A Thief, and Supercop. He will be missed

4krazykatz tweeted,

RIP Kenneth Tsang. Legendary. This post isn’t meant to be in bad taste but as a monument to his acting. If it’s in some kind of way in poor taste let me know and I’ll delete it. Not my intention but this scene has always stuck with me. Sad night.


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