How did Bente Hansen die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Bente Hansen die

The author and former journalist Bente Hansen has passed away after a long illness. She turned 82 years old. Let’s see how did Bente Hansen die.


Who was Bente Hansen? 

Bente Hansen was born in Kolding and is perhaps best known for her political work, which started in the 60s. Here, after a meeting with some young people from the Soviet Union, she became interested in several of the topics that occupied the left-wing in Danish politics.

She was initially a member of SF. Here, however, she became part of the uprising with the “old man’s empire”, which led to her and others breaking out and founding the Left Socialists.

Although Bente Hansen was a parliamentary candidate for SF and should have been for the Left Socialists, if not for a technical error, it was probably mostly outside Christiansborg that her political work came to light.

She was one of the leading figures in the youth uprising of the 60s. Here she worked, among other things, as editor of Politiske Revy, and later in the 70s, she was also editor-in-chief of the newspaper Information for two years.

Here her focus was on promoting the women’s cause and the socialist features of the movement. You could also find her at the first Femølejr in 1971.

She herself has described her time at Information as characterized by the fact that she was one of the few women in the newspaper. According to her, her male colleagues were trying to get rid of her.

After she left Information, her work was brought to BT and DR, among others.

In addition to her journalistic work, she wrote several books such as “The Marxist Critique of Literature” and “Authors in / Against Capitalism”.

The book releases came in a gentle stream and to 2014 and 2017, when she published “History Exists” and “Wickedness? Faith, Doubt, and Hesitation”, respectively.

Thus, she has published books for six different decades.


Bente Hansen’s cause of death

The author and former journalist Bente Hansen has passed away after a long illness. It informs her family to the Ritzau. She turned 82 years old. But there is no information revealed about how did Bente Hansen die.


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