How did Jeannie Depp die? Johnny Depp fan who supported him during the trial, cause of death explained

Jeanne Larson aka Jeannie Depp

Jeanne Larson aka Jeannie Depp, a big fan of Johnny Depp has passed away. Let’s see, how did Jeanne Larson die and Jeannie Depp cause of death in detail.


How did Jeannie Depp die?

JT Larson aka Jeannie Depp’s son announced the death on the social media page and it reads, “This is JT Larson’s oldest son. I have the unfortunate responsibility to report that my beautiful, amazing, and loving mom has unfortunately passed away today while visiting Lorain Ohio. Arrangements will be posted as soon as possible.”


Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of Jeannie Depp broke out. Her followers send a condolence to her.

Wyno Forever posted condolences to Jeanne Lason saying,

“It is weird for me to be sad for someone I didn’t know. But I was fond of Jeannie Depp (Jeanne Larson). She made me laugh so much while fighting the fight for Johnny Depp and the Truth. She just celebrated her last birthday this week. So because she was one of us, I pay Tribute.”

Jeannie Depp cause of death:

Jeanne Larson sadly passed away on December 6, 2022. Jeannie Depp cause of death was the flu. She died from flu as she visited her son in a hospital in Ohio. The flu ravaged her lungs and her brain and sent her into a coma and she sadly passed away.


Who was Jeannie Depp?

Jeanne (JT) Larson, also known as Jeannie Depp, was born as a twin in Virginia. Jeannie, a daughter of a Navy man, at an early age, became accustomed to moving around a lot.

Jeanne entered the Army right after high school, where she later wed her spouse. They had three children while traveling the world for his military career, but finally, their differences became irreconcilable. After ten years, the marriage ended.

After the divorce and the children had grown up, Jeanne seriously considered becoming a writer. She wrote down her negative and hurt feelings since she had too many of them from her divorce to hold them inside. That book turned out to be Subjugation.

Since there are so many Jeanne Larsons online with different spellings, she published books under the name JT Larson to avoid confusion. Her published books can be found on Jeannie also designed the cover art for my books.

Jeannie Depp was known to everyone as a fan of Johnny Depp, as she supported Johnny Depp using her Twitter account @Lepplady. She was a great supporter of Johnny Depp and she supported him during the trial. She was the lady behind the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2.

Tributes to Jeannie Depp:

Emma posted,

Just heard about Jeannie @Lepplady passing away. May she rest in peace She was such a big force in the Depp community Sending all my love to her family.

Justice for Johnny Depp tweeted,

Jeannie started the Aquaman petition and fought for #JusticeForJohnnyDepp til the bitter end. Rest in peace our Warrior Jeannie, condolences to her friends and family. Sign the petition in her honor.

JustMe_Katiebee tweeted,

Totally gutted to hear of the passing of @Lepplady. She did so much for this community & Johnny Depp’s fight for justice & was just lovely to speak to. I won’t be on much today. I just need to gather my thoughts. RIP Jeannie fly High lovely. My thoughts to your family.

Mango tweeted,

Jeannie was one of the most talented people I have known and loved writing. She has published multiple books which you can find on Amazon, for those who wish to read some of her work in her memory, check out the link below.

Kate B tweeted,

R.I.P. @Lepplady I can’t believe that she’s gone. She did so much for the Depp Community, her petition raised so much awareness for Johnny and Jeannie was a really lovely lady. This is a very bad day.


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