How did Janette Slack die? DJ and producer cause of death Explained


How did Janette Slack die? DJ and producer cause of death Explained


Tributes flood in for respected international DJ and producer Janette Slack, calling her “a true trailblazer.” Learn more about how she died and Janette Slack cause of death in detail

What happened to Janette Slack?

Hong Kong Free Press HKFP’s official FaceBook page announced the demise news of DJ and producer Janette Slack. The statement reads,

Hongkongers and the music industry are paying tribute to acclaimed, international DJ and producer Janette Slack, who broke new ground for Asian and female DJs in a competitive, male-centric industry. She passed away on Sunday aged 42.

On behalf of the family, it is with great sadness that I announce the tragic and sudden passing of Janette Slack on the 13th of November 2022 in Hong Kong.

Janette celebrated her 42nd birthday with us just 2 weeks ago. She was more than just a sister, a daughter, and a friend. She was the light and soul of the room.

Please respect our privacy at this time as we come to terms with our loss.

Oh Janette, my little big sis, I love you more than you can ever begin to imagine. We had a relationship no one really understood, not even ourselves at times, but you will always be my Sister. I am at a loss for words and devastation is not even close to how I can begin to describe it. You always told me how proud and how much you loved me and I always told you the same.

I love you and miss you so dearly Jan Jan. As hard as this is for me to accept, or anyone else for that matter, I know you are at peace. 

The announcement at a later date for Janette’s funeral/memorial.



Janette Slack cause of death

Although she was a highly skilled DJ and music producer, fellow DJ and promoter Adam Wright noted that his friends would remember her most for her contagious optimism, unwavering kindness, and joyous, loving heart.

In a cutthroat, male-dominated business, she pioneered new ground for Asian and female DJs. In addition to running the Slack Trax label and being a composer, Janette taught young Hongkongers who were interested in mixing music.

Hong Kong native At London’s Torture Garden in the early 2000s, Janette got her start. After completing her residency at the renowned fetish club, she came back to Hong Kong to perform at a number of prestigious clubs, underground events, and warehouse parties.

Janette Slack cause of death was not disclosed yet. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Janette Slack cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Janette Slack? 

Janette Slack is a DJ from the United Kingdom Janette Slack is performing within the field of Breaks, and Progressive House music and is ranked 6606 on the official DJ rankings list (

A real pathfinder

Adam Wright, an event promoter and DJ who worked with Janette for two decades praised her as “a true trailblazer for women in the electronic music industry, both in Hong Kong, around Asia, and even in London. She had an amazing enthusiasm for dance music and the scene in general.”

Despite the fact that she was a very skilled DJ and music producer, her friends will remember her most for her contagious optimism, constant friendliness, and joyous, warm heart.

As content as she seemed in general, she seemed happiest when she was teaching her young DJ and music production students about her love of music. 

She was able to relate to these kids on an equal footing, and she truly enjoyed seeing them succeed. They all held her in high regard, just as we all did in some manner.

Janette Slack’s interview

Why come back home to Hong Kong?

Janette Slack: The seed was planted in late December 2012. I had the launch of one of my albums at Fly. My parents asked if they could come. They came and even stayed for my 45-minute encore—and after! A week later, they came to my New Year’s Eve gig. I was watching the fireworks with my mom, and it dawned on me: I hadn’t spent a New Year’s Eve with my parents since I was 14.

 What’s it like to work as a DJ?

JS: I don’t have a job where I’m tied down by a contract. I can be anywhere in the world for it. So I have two extremes in my life. One is a lonely job: it’s me in the studio by myself, doing remixes and sound effects. But I enjoy it as well—I like my lady cave. The other side is me DJing at special events. That takes a lot out of you.

 What’s the difference between listening to a DJ live and watching a YouTube video?

JS: First of all, you have the sound system that costs a fuckload of money. And there’s the energy: even before the artist comes on, the lights, the people cheering, the sound, even the smell of the venue—I get an adrenaline rush from it.

 How do you keep the crowd energized?

JS: You stay focused. Once a track comes on, you kind of know how people are responding to it— just by body language. And sometimes, you’re not there to entertain: you’re there in the background to create ambiance.

 Do you find it hard, working in such a male-dominated industry?

JS: I imagine not many male DJs get told to dress a certain way. People have asked if I’m going to wear sexy clothes. That makes me want to wear a potato sack. If they want some eye candy, go hire sexy dancers! I’m going to focus on my DJing.

What’s the endgame for a DJ?

JS: That changes all the time. Sometimes things happen to me that I didn’t even dream about. I played at [superclub] Ministry of Sound and was like, “Is that it?” I just wanted to do more.

Janette Slack pursues her passion for music and DJing to live the dream.

The art of DJing appears simple enough from the comfort of the dance floor: a touch of a button here, a flick of a knob there. 

However, anyone who has tried to live knows it isn’t that easy. Many young people who were born in Hong Kong and have received international education have dabbled with DJing, like Janette Slack. 

But unlike most, she managed to make her deck-filled fantasies into a prosperous international career. Slack has received numerous honors in the roughly ten years since she left our country for London’s underground music scene. She was named a “future hero” by the trade magazine Mixmag, took first place in the 2010 Pink Armada European female DJ competition, and received a nomination for “best breakthrough DJ” at the International Breakbeat Awards. 

First Album

Her first full album, named Torture Garden Session, is soon to be released. Slack has a strong disc jockey resume, but she didn’t get into the business to win prizes or to seem cool. 

She had a passion for music long before turntables piqued her interest, and at the age of 10, she appeared on stage for the first time due to her dancing obsession.

From a very young age, she adds, “I had a passion for music and truly loved choreographing dance movements to tunes.  “I successfully passed the dance test to perform for [Canto-pop singer] Sandy Lam Yik-Lin during her show in 1991. 

I decided I wanted to pursue a career in music after playing ten consecutive gigs at the Coliseum, which was such an adrenaline rush.”




On Tuesday, fans and friends paid tribute on social media, remembering her energetic, outgoing personality, her outlandish outfits, and her support for others in the industry.

One friend, Nikki Davies, told HKFP that her friends were numbed by the news, and it left “a huge hole in our hearts and lives.”


In a Facebook post, her brother Trevor said she was the light and soul of the room: “As hard as this is for me to accept, or anyone else for that matter, I know you are at peace.”

Wright added that the news was difficult to process: “Hong Kong has lost one of its brightest stars and right now it’s hard to imagine how the city will ever be quite the same. We are all in shock at the loss of this talented artist who inspired us all and enriched our lives, and our thoughts go out to her family in particular.”


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