Who is Andrew Burfield? Why did he murder his wife Katie Kenyon Explained

According to evidence presented to the jury, the man accused of killing a woman and burying her in a makeshift grave said that she was accidentally killed when he threw an axe at a tree. Let’s see who Andrew Burfield is and why did Andrew Burfield murder his wife Katie Kenyon in detail.

Who is Andrew Burfield?

A man who is suspected of killing a mother who has been missing for six days made his first appearance in court.

On Wednesday, April 27, Andrew Burfield, 50, of Burnley, Lancashire, was accused of killing Katie Kenyon, 33.

Then he is charged with placing her remains in a cemetery he had prepared in the Forest of Bowland the day before she passed away.

Burfield’s statement

The police were informed by Mr. Burfield of Todmorden Road, Burnley, that he had taken Miss Kenyon to Gisburn Forest for a picnic and that she had “bet” him she would not let him hit her with his axe while she was holding a can of Coke.

According to what the court heard him say to the police, “I went for the tree at the side of her and it hit her in the head.”


The prosecution’s David McLachlan, KC, told the jury that Mr. Burfield was detained after Miss Kenyon vanished and was interrogated four times, first denying any knowledge of her whereabouts.

According to Mr. McLachlan, there was a “revelation” in his penultimate interview, and his account of the events was altered.

“We now understand Mr. Burfield will admit to causing all 12 injuries Katie Kenyon sustained.” Mr. McLachlan said.

The jury was informed that Mr. Burfield told police he then dug a hole and buried her.

“Completely implausible”

Because of the extent of Miss Kenyon’s injuries, Mr. McLachlan claimed that forensic pathologist Dr. Jamie Robinson deemed Mr. Burfield’s claim that he accidentally struck her with the axe to be “completely implausible”.

Katie Kenyon’s body was found in the Forest of Bowland.

On April 29, Katie’s body was discovered in the Forest of Bowland. 
She died from head injuries, according to an investigation conducted after her death on May 1.

Post-mortem Report

Burfield insisted that she had only been struck by the axe’s back and suffered no further wounds, but the jury was told that a post-mortem test revealed she had been struck an estimated 12 times.

The prosecution’s position, according to Mr. McLachlan, is that Burfield always intended to strike Katie with the axe and that instead of the single blow he claimed to have delivered, he struck her at least 12 times, leaving her with severe injuries and “chop-type” wounds.

Digging Grave

The day before Miss Kenyon’s death, Mr. Burfield, according to testimony in court, drove to Gisburn Forest with a set of ladders and a spade that he had obtained from his father.
The prosecution’s argument, according to Mr. McLachlan, is that Andrew Burfield had gone out that night on crucial mission, which involved digging Katie Kenyon’s grave.

“He was in the area where her body would later be recovered for just under one hour.”

“Ready and excited for a new chapter”

Miss Kenyon reportedly texted Mr. Burfield the morning of her passing with the remark, “Ready and excited for a new chapter.”

On the morning of April 22, according to Mr. McLachlan, she was seen by CCTV traveling in Mr. Burfield’s Ford Transit van and stopped at a McDonald’s en route to Gisburn Forest.

The prosecution claims that Mr. Burfield killed her and buried her body in the woodland after spending little over 42 minutes there.

Cell site Analysis

According to a cell site analysis, Miss Kenyon’s phone began to travel back from the forest at 11:15 BST.

Mr McLachlan said: “The prosecution case being on this occasion the phone may have been in Andrew Burfield’s van but Katie Kenyon certainly was not.

“Katie Kenyon, the prosecution say, at this stage, was in a carefully constructed grave that had been dug the night before by Andrew Burfield.”

“Truly sorry for everything”

The court was informed that Miss Kenyon’s daughter messaged her at 12:18 that day, and she got back two laughing face emojis.

By this point, Mr. McLachlan stated, he believed she had passed away.

“That message was not sent by her but it was part of a charade and was sent by Andrew Burfield.”
Later, messages were sent from Miss Kenyon’s phone to Mr. Burfield and her children, with one telling her daughter that her father would be watching over her and claiming she was “truly sorry for everything.”

The court heard voicemail messages Mr. Burfield sent to Miss Kenyon in which he expressed concern for her.

Trial Continues

At Preston Crown Court, Mr. Burfield, who had been dating her since 2019, has denied murder.The trail continues.

People prays for Katie Kenyon

Friends of Katie Kenyon instantly shared their condolences and memories of Katie Kenyon as news of her passing spread. Also People commented about the horrible incident.

Jane Samuels tweeted,

“Yesterday, we took a day off and went to a favorite place. I haven’t been back since the body of Katie Kenyon was found there and it was a strange return: a place so loved and familiar made sad and heavy by another violent man.”

ElPrincipeCentre tweeted,

“Sad but at least she can go home. When will women be safe.”

Anne Ni Dholain tweeted,

“Rest in peace KATIE.”

We wish her eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May she rest in peace.


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