How did Hank Edward Goldenberg die? Cause of death Explained

Hank Edward Goldenberg cause of death

Hank Edward Goldenberg was an American sport radio and television personality from Florida. From 1978 to 1992, he worked as the radio color commentator for the Miami Dolphins and was a sports anchor for WTVJ. He passed away at 82 years old. Let’s see how he died, what happened, and what was Hank Goldenberg cause of death.


How did Hank Goldenberg die?

Hank Goldberg, a legend of South Florida sports radio and television, died on Monday, his 82nd birthday, at his home in Las Vegas. His confidence earned him the moniker “Hammerin’ Hank” and helped launch him to national prominence as a reporter and prognosticator, most recently with CBS Sports HQ and SportsLine, as well as for years on ESPN. Goldberg hosted or co-hosted a very well talk radio call-in show in Southern Florida for 30 years (1978–2007).

Goldberg, widely recognized as “Hammering” Hank, worked for ESPN for 20 years, making predictions for both horse racing and NFL games. Goldberg was also a well-known personality in Miami, where he spent more than 25 years as a Television and radio host, including serving as an advisor for Miami Dolphins games.

He became well-known thanks to his profession as a sports radio and television presenter, but little is known about his personal life, particularly his wife and children. As a result, he decided to maintain a low profile.

At age 81, he has faced many problems in his battle against chronic kidney disease in recent years. Goldberg has received four hours of dialysis three days a week for the past five years since he is too old to be eligible for a kidney transplant. On his 82nd birthday, Hank Goldberg passed away. The veteran broadcaster died on Monday (04.07.22) after a “long struggle with kidney disease” and had reportedly undergone a limb amputation towards the end of 2021. He was best known for his longtime position as an ESPN NFL reporter and his skills to handicap games.

Due to disease-related complications, Goldberg had a below-the-knee amputation of his right leg on October 29 at University Medical Center. Yet, Goldberg’s positive outlook on life, sense of fun, and enthusiasm for writing and sports betting have not been affected by the surgery. He spoke about the NFL playoffs on Thursday’s “Daily Wager” episode of ESPN. I’ve never suffered depression, he said. “I had to take a test to evaluate my attitude and memory, and I’ve always had a good memory. I have several tales to share. Before his current struggles, Goldberg had, in many ways, a charming lifestyle.


Hank Goldenberg Cause of death

Goldberg’s family confirmed his death. As per the medical report, Hank Goldenberg was diagnosed with chronic renal failure over the past years. Goldberg’s sister, Liz, revealed his death. His sister, Liz Goldberg, said that the complications from a prolonged battle with chronic renal illness were to blame for her brother’s death. He survived by his sister cared for him over the past few years. He battled kidney disease for seven years before passing away. Though his health gradually worsened over the past few years, he continued working until three weeks ago. Goldberg went to Las Vegas in 2018 and employed as a handicapper for and CBS Sports HQ. Now his family announced that he died of chronic illness on social media.


Tributes to Hank Goldenberg

Miami HEAT tweeted,

We are saddened to learn of the passing of longtime Miami radio host and ESPN reporter Hank “The Hammer” Goldberg. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. RIP.

Steve r tweeted,

🙏  RIP Hammer. I remember reading his weekly columns in dolphin digest.

Ray Paulick tweeted,

RIP Hank Goldberg. He lived a big life, captured perfectly by @DRFPrivman.

The Sports Grind tweeted,

RIP Hank Goldberg AKA hammering 🔨 HANK! One of the original handicappers on TV that was really about that life unlike 80% of the people on TV now..

Mike Machin  Hank Goldberg, longtime South Florida radio host, dies at 82, The Hammer memory will live on forever in Dolphins history, RIP Hank.

Mary Albanese tweeted, 

I listened to Hank Goldberg a lot when he was on the air. Over the years , he became increasingly snide and dismissive to fans and callers, which turned me off. His suffering is over—RIP.

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