How did Gary Gaines die? Permian coach Cause of death


How did Gary Gaines die? Permian coach Cause of death

Legendary Permian football coach Gary Gaines has perished at the age of 73. Let’s see how he died and the Permian coach Cause of death in detail

How did he die?

According to a statement from the Gaines family, Coach Gary Gaines, 73, died on Monday after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Coach Gaines rose to fame in the 1980s by serving as an inspiration for the Friday Night Lights series, but by the mid-1990s he had established himself as a Big Country icon.

His family released a statement, which read: “It is with great sadness that coach Gary Gaines’ family announces his peaceful passing this afternoon after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Memorial plans will follow in the coming days. Announcement within. Thank you for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Coach Gaines is survived by his wife Sharon Gaines and children Bradley Gaines and Nicole Gainesstrader.

Permian coach Cause of death

Gaines, a Crane, Texas, native, was placed into the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor in 2013 following a prolific coaching career that spanned four decades.

Gaines was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, in 2017.

A long-term illness with Alzheimer’s disease was Permian coach Cause of death.

He was the head coach at Permian from 1986-89 and again from 2009-12.

The 1988 team was chronicled in the bestselling book “Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team and A Dream,” by H.G. Bissinger.

The book later acclimated into the 2004 film of the exact name, starring Billy Bob Thornton as Gaines.

Texas football coaching legend Gary Gaines illness story

West Texas high school football coaching legend Gary Gaines has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers’s, the Alzheimer’s Association of West Texas confirmed Friday (2017 june)

This summer in Amarillo, he will play a big part in an upcoming charity football game to raise money and awareness to help fight the disease.

Gaines will make a return to the sidelines as part of the Blondes vs. Brunettes charity flag football game — where he will serve as the game’s honorary coach — that has now taken on personal meaning for Gaines and his family.

Early Diagnosis

Despite the diagnosis, Gaines is not yet impacted by the disease and continues to perform his daily work, as well as help the Alzheimer’s Association with practices for the game, which will take place at 6 p.m. on June 10 in Falcon Stadium in Bushland.

According to Tracy Sommers, area director for AAWT, “it’s pretty early-onset.”

He will continue to attend the game and function as the visiting coach.

The Gaines family is refusing all interview requests at this time, according to Sommers, who claimed to have spoken with the Gaines family on Friday.

This is because the family received a deluge of calls assisting after his diagnosis was made public.

According to Sommers, “He is aware of everything that is happening.” “Once more, this is early on.
He is still employed; on Friday, we spoke with him and his family, Sommers said.

“The family is personally affected by the illness.

They are a fantastic family who wishes to support the West Texas Goes Purple campaign and do whatever they can to prevent this sickness.

Gaines enjoyed a five-decade Hall of Fame coaching career that included stops at Tascosa High, Odessa Permian. Where he and the school garnered notoriety from the novel, movie, and television series “Friday Night Lights,” Texas Tech, and Abilene Christian before he resigned in 2012.

Funding raised for Gary Gaines

The greatest challenge Gary Gaines, a legendary high school football coach in West Texas, will face is yet to come.

Gaines, 68, was been given an early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis.

His family reports, “Gary continues to be upbeat. There are hardly any discernible alterations. He continues to work and travel. His condition is good.”

Gaines and his family want to raise money and awareness for the condition after learning of its diagnosis.

To support the forthcoming Blondes vs. Brunettes Flag Football Game, which seeks to raise $70,000, they have partnered with the Amarillo Alzheimer’s Association.

Look out for some facts about Alzheimer’s disease:

It is a brain ailment that gradually robs people of their independence while also causing memory loss, confusion, and behavioral changes.

It is the most prevalent kind of dementia.

People who have this illness initially only experience minor confusion and memory loss.

The term for this is cognitive decline.

What changes a person with Alzheimer’s creates?

Memory loss and other cognitive problems get worse as Alzheimer’s gets worse.

Wandering and getting lost can be a problem, as can having difficulties managing money and paying bills, asking questions repeatedly, taking longer to do everyday duties, and changing their personality and conduct.

The riskiest disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most typical cause of dementia among older adults. 6.2 million Americans are calculated to be living with Alzheimer’s disease in 2021. It is the fifth leading cause of death for adults aged 65 years and older, and the sixth leading cause of death for all adults.

How long does an Alzheimer’s patient live?

A person with Alzheimer’s typically survives four to eight years following diagnosis, however, can sometimes live up to 20 years, depending on various circumstances.

Years before any symptoms of the disease appear changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s start.

Early signs of Alzheimer

  • Bewilderment and a lack of memory.
  • Being unable to learn new things.
  • Language issues as well as issues with reading, writing, and working with numbers.
  • Having trouble logically thinking and arranging one’s thoughts.
  • Reduced capacity for attentiveness.
  • Difficulties in adjusting to novel situations.

Is Alzheimer’s disease treatable?

Alzheimer’s disease currently has no effective treatment.

However, there are medications on the market that might momentarily lessen the symptoms.

Support is also offered to make daily living easier for those who have the illness and their families.

Who was Gary Gaines?

Gary Gains (born May 4, 1949) is a retired American football coach.

Gaines was the head coach of the 1988 Permian High School football team, which was part of the H.G.

Bissinger book “Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream” and the 2004 film “Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream” starring Billy Bob Thornton. Friday Night Lights.

Gary Gaines Coaching Career

His coaching career spanned four decades, coaching eight high schools and two colleges in Texas.

Gaines coached West Texas High School for 30 seasons at various high schools.

He began his career at Fort Stockton High School in 1971, followed by five years at Monaghans High School.

In 1977, he was head coach at Peterborough High School. He then attended Denver City High School (1978), Amarillo-Tascosa High School (1982), Monaghan (1983-1985), Abilene High School (1994-1995), and San Angelo Central High School (1996- 1999) as head coach).

Gaines posted a 127-93-5 coaching history in the high school ranks. He started his career at Petersburg and made succeeding stops at Denver City, Tascosa, Monahans, Permian, Abilene, and San Angelo Central.

He also spent time as an assistant coach at Texas Tech and was the head coach at Abilene Christian from 2000-04.

Gaines played college football at Angelo State and was inducted into the school’s Hall of Honor in 2019.

Tributes to Gary Gaines:


Jakob Brandenburg tweeted,

BREAKING: Former Permian Coach Gary Gaines, made famous by Friday Night Lights, died this evening according to his family. Gaines coached the Panthers to the state championship in 1989, the year after the season chronicled in the book and movie. #txhsfb


Former Monahans Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Gary Gaines passed away earlier today. Long before Friday Night Lights fame, Coach Gaines transformed Monahans Football into a West Texas powerhouse. Rest In Peace Coach Gaines. You are once again PERFECT.

Pete Christy tweeted,

What a blessing to see former Odessa Permian Head Football coach Gary Gaines. There’s no Friday Night Lights without his team. He was also once Lubbock ISD AD. He remembered me! He’ll be part of I Beat Pete on Wednesday

Todd Berridge tweeted,

The #Permian family has lost another MOJO giant. Coach Gary Gaines was the most gentle and caring man I have ever taught with. Godspeed Coach Gaines. #RIPGaryGaines

Gary Gaines tweeted,

Head coach of The Permian Panthers. 6 state champs- 65’ 72’ 80’ 84’ 89’ 91’. All glory to God

Coach Vint tweeted,

Had a great treat today getting to visit with Coach Gary Gaines today after church.

Odessa Permian Panthers *OFFICIAL* tweeted,

RIP Coach Gary Gaines. We lost a great coach and a better man.

Robby Clark tweeted, 

A true West Texas Legend! I am thankful to have known him, worked for him, and learned from him. A true humble servant leader! May God Bless his family and may Coach Gary Gaines rest in everlasting peace!


FullenM tweeted,

Thoughts and prayers to Gary Gaines family. Coach was a great man and a icon in Texas highschool coaching. He always took them time to talk ball when I was as a young coach. Made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. RIP Coach! #Mojolegend
Permian Sports tweeted,

More Bad Mojo News Coach Gary Gaines passed away this evening. Rest in Peace Coach.

Pete Christy tweeted,

Before the Mojo of Odessa Permian and Friday Night Lights, Gary Gaines first job was coaching the Petersburg Buffaloes!! Story from 2006 A to Z Tour

Brandon McAuliffe tweeted,

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, former co-workers and players of legendary coach Gary Gaines who passed away today. Gaines preceded Steve Warren with @AbileneEagleFB in 1994-95 and also spent time as the HFC with @ACUFootbal . #txhsfb

Evan Nemec tweeted,

In addition to being made famous from his time at Odessa Permian, Gaines was also the HFC at Abilene High (94-95), San Angelo Central (96-99) and ACU (2000-04). He announced a diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer’s in 2017.

Michael Bauer tweeted,
Former Permian coach Gary Gaines has died.
Lee Scheide tweeted,

Sending condolences to the Gaines’ family, his friends and every coach and athlete whose lives he touched. One of the best men I’ve had the honor to know. #OA_sports

Permian Orchestra tweeted,
Coach Gary Gaines passed away this evening. We are saddened by his passing. We also remember his love of MOJO music. When Coach Gaines retired from Permian, Satin Strings said goodbye the only way we could. Farewell and Godspeed Coach Gaines!



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