How did Frank Tartaglia die? South Philly director and musician cause of death explained

South Philly filmmaker and co-owner of Connie’s Ric Rac club, Frank Tartaglia, passed away at the age of 45. Let’s see How did South Philly director and musician Frank Tartaglia die and Frank Tartaglia cause of death in detail.

How did Frank Tartaglia die?

Frank Tartaglia passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on Thanksgiving Day at his South Philadelphia home, only a few weeks after his first significant picture received favorable reviews as the festival’s opening night film. 

He had been in good health and had been looking forward to the success of his movie, according to family members, who also expressed their astonishment at his death.

Pennsylvania Burial Company has made a public announcement on Frank Tartaglia’s passing on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

Frank Tartaglia cause of death

Frank Tartaglia cause of death was not disclosed yet. There are no information available about Frank Tartaglia cause of death.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Frank Tartaglia cause of death will be added soon.

Who was Frank Tartaglia?

Frank was a former actor and writer for The Sixth Borough, a producer for All true Networks, a janitor for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and a writer for MTV Networks.

Although he resided in Los Angeles, California, he was originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Frank Tartaglia attended the School of Visual Arts and Creative and Performing Arts High School.

Teenage Frank

At age 5, Frank Tartaglia enrolled in a local dance school and began his early career on stage.
By the age of 11, he had won a slot on an HBO competition for young comics by making jokes about being Italian and fat.

At the age of 15, he and a friend performed a song from his comedy album and took home the $10,000 top prize on America’s Funniest People.

Film Making

Frank  wrote for the MTV comedy program Squirt TV while he was still in his teens.

Punctuality, a 1998 independent film co-produced by Frank and Joseph, was filmed in South Philadelphia and screened at film festivals.

“The Last Stand”

When Frank Tartaglia, a failing fruit vendor, returned home to deliver tomatoes and brought a documentary filmmaker with him, the fruit stand itself was transformed into a stage.

The Last Stand is an intimate, moving, and frequently funny depiction of Frankie’s father Joe “Brown” Tartaglia, and their tough-love relationship.

“Connie’s Ric Rac” Club

Frank Joseph Tartaglia was son of the Italian Market. In the well-known market, his father had thriving fruit company. 

However, he and his older brother, Joseph Frank Tartaglia, discovered early on that they weren’t content selling fruit.

Joseph Tartaglia, Frank’s older brother, and he co-owned  Connie’s Ric Rac, venue for live performances. Joseph passed away in 2013 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Joe Sr. gifted his boys a storefront he owned close to Ninth and Washington in 2006.
After the nicknack business their mother, Connie, who is also a skilled painter, used to run in the location, they gave it the name “Connie’s Ric Rac,” built a bar, and then opened the doors.

Together, the Tartaglia Brothers built Connie’s Ric Rac club, tucked away among the stores and food stands on Ninth Street, into gritty, magnificent haven for South Philadelphia musicians, artists, and dreamers.

Friends remembers

“It really did become a sort of public living room on Ninth Street for artists.”

“If there was a crack in the door, I would pop in to find something special happening behind the doors.”

Frank Tartaglia is constantly joking about ideas, like one late-night when he suggested staging a performance of the film Goodfellas.

Other possibilities include a punk concert, an art installation, a folk performance, or even simply a family game of poker (which made it to casting calls).

While frequently performing on stage, whether it be as a member of the comedy group The Sixth Borough, the rock band he fronted, The Discount Heroes, or even working with friends like myself on neighborhood news projects, he remained, above all, a consistent and contagious source of support and energy for other artists, friends said.

James Doolittle, a Philly producer and longtime friend said,

“He was endlessly fascinating, a Dickens character straight out of South Philly, full of droll self-awareness and a never-ending knack for helping to amplify the creative spark of hundreds of dreamers who wandered in and out of Connie’s Ric Rac over the years.”

Added his oldest childhood friend, Jordan Shapiro,

“He was everyone’s best audience.”

That’s yet another reason why friends and family were so happy to see Frankie Tartaglia finally get the break he had been working so hard for with the recent success of his first big movie, “Not for Nothing,” a crime drama based in South Philly and starring actor Mark Webber and hailed by critics as a “gripping tale” infused with humor and heart.

A still from Frank Tartaglia and Tim Dowlin’s “Not for Nothing.”

Funeral Service

On Friday, December 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. at The Pennsylvania Burial Company funeral home at 1327 Broad St., his family will greet friends and family and on Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m. at Casa Mexico at 1132 S. South 9th St. Private burial.

Donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105, may be sent in his memory in place of flowers.

Tributes to Frank Tartaglia

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him.

Aja Beech tweeted,

Frank Joseph Tartaglia was my first boyfriend. He passed away last night. His family welcomed me with open arms and we are still in touch over two decades later. My heart goes out to Connie Tartaglia – one of the kindest women I know. Please keep her in Your prayers today.”

Karen Sedgley commented,

“I have never read so many gorgeous tributes to a person as I have for
my friend Frank Tartaglia-No famous Actor or Rock Star have had so many beautiful heartfelt stories so articulately written about them in death.He deserves every one of them and more. I hope he can hear them and feel us.💔”

Nick Lanciano posted,

“Sad news to us filmmakers today as we hear of the passing of our friend Frank Joseph Tartaglia. We are all in shock and will miss him very much. It was an honor to be asked to be in his last film Not For Nothing. Rest now, brother.”

Charles Rosen posted,

“RIP Frank Joseph Tartaglia. What can I say? I‘m breaking down. My friend and comedy partner who took me into Bulletproof Giraffe and let me be myself with no judgement I think that is true for all everyone on the team. Ours shows were special times, especially those at the Local. We go back to Philly too, and the Incubator days. I also definitely performed at Connie’s Ric Rac a few times too.”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died.

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


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