How did James Knight die? Australian celebrity doctor Cause of death explained

James Wright

James Wright, the nation’s first radio and television celebrity doctor, passed away at the age of 94. Let’s see how did celebrity doctor die and James Wright cause of death in detail.

How did James Wright die?

Sydney’s 2GB radio DJ Ben Fordham paid tribute to Dr. Wright, the actual name John Knight, on Tuesday morning.

Medical professionals who served as “media consultants” at the time were not allowed to use their real names on TV. From the 1970s until the 1990s, Dr. Wright hosted The Good Health show on 2UE and served as the “merry medic” on The Mike Walsh Show and The Midday Show.

He also contributed to the renowned “Dolly Doctor” feature of the Australian magazine Dolly. Fordham praised Dr. Wright’s charitable activities and said he was “fortunate enough” to have worked with him while at 2UE.

He claimed that “he accomplished incredible things to help individuals away from the microphone and the TV studio.” He set up a foundation which owned hundreds of units in high-rise buildings in Surfers Paradise and he would rent those apartments to struggling aged pensioners for one third of their income.

James Wright cause of death:

The well-known TV and radio physician John “James Wright” Knight passed away on Sunday at the age of 94. Dr. Wright died on November 27, barely two weeks before his 95th birthday. James Wright cause of death was natural, and it was due to the age factor.

Sydney radio host Ben Fordham praised his charitable efforts in sheltering at-risk elders. Fordham remarked, ‘I used to love how he’d say to people when they’d call in on the programme “what’s your problem?”, so no medical mumbo jumbo,’

‘People would call in and tell him what was happening. They would often raise things with Dr. James Wright that they were too shy to raise with their own doctor. He would answer everyone’s questions. He was eccentric, he was intelligent, he was a joy to be around.’

Dr. Wright received recognition for de-stigmatizing significant health issues, such as the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

Who was James Wright?

Dr. James Wright was Australia’s first celebrity doctor, frequently appearing on television and hosting 2UE’s The Good Health Show. In 1953, John Knight graduated from the University of Sydney and relocated to the rural NSW town of Tottenham, where he worked at the local GP.

He began his fame career by writing health pieces for Australian women in magazines such as Women’s Weekly, Dolly, Cleo, and Women’s Day. He also worked in major metropolitan newspapers such as The Sunday Telegraph and The Melbourne Herald Sun.

In 1972, John Knight went by the name Dr James Wright to appear on The Mike Walsh Show, and he later became a TV regular on The Midday Show. He became well-known for making medicine more accessible to ordinary Australians, including introducing cameras into hospital operating rooms and intensive care units.

Dr. Wright took on the task of de-stigmatizing HIV/AIDS in the 1980s. He would teach everyday Aussies about the realities of the disease and work to reduce hysteria. He founded the Medi-Aid Foundation with his wife Noreen in 1971 to offer elderly people in need of inexpensive homes.

In 1998, he received an Order of Australia honor, and in 2017, he was a finalist for the NSW Senior Australian of the Year award.

Tributes to James Wright:

Andrew Potts tweeted,

Beloved celebrity doctor John Knight, better known to TV audiences for three decades as Doctor James Wright has died, leaving behind an incredible legacy.

Bellz Webster tweeted,

australia – TV doctor best known as merry medic Dr. James Wright on The Mike Walsh Show and Midday, has died.

wozza71 tweeted,

RIP Dr. James Wright. Possibly Australia’s first “Celebrity” Dr. Out in the 90’s,age 94.

Prue MacSween tweeted,

Vale barrister Sandy Dawson & Dr. James Wright. Two giant Australians. RIP.

Trevor Long tweeted,

“hi there Dr James Wright” I can hear the radio spots now. The great John Brennan would keep in touch with the Doc regularly, very sad to hear of his passing – Radio heaven filling up with greats.

Angie McBride tweeted,

‘Merry Medic’ Dr James Wright has passed away at the age of 94 two weeks short of his 95th birthday. He was well known for his appearances on The Mike Walsh show + The Midday Show. #drjameswright


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