How did Frank Clarke die? Simply painting host cause of death Explained


 How did Frank Clarke die? Simply painting host cause of death Explained

Frank Clarke, a television personality and artist, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Frank Clarke cause of death in this article.

Who was Frank Clarke?

Irishman Frank Clarke was born in Dublin. He decided to start painting as a pastime after taking early retirement from a career that included garment designing and real estate development.

Arts Career

He joined a painting club but soon began to feel inferior and intimidated. He left the organization after six weeks after being informed that he lacked the gift. But he wasn’t the type to back down quickly. Regardless of whether he possessed the gift, he was committed to pursuing his interest.

At that point, he made a rather strange discovery. Nobody was willing to teach him the fundamentals of painting. Frank concluded after reading every art instruction book he could get his hands on that they all seemed to start at Chapter 4, assuming he had some prior understanding of painting, which, of course, he had not. Frank then decided to pen these missing chapters and introduce his. A system called “Have Some More Fun” was effective.

Frank’s debut book

In its first year of publication in Ireland, Frank’s debut book outsold every other book on art instruction combined. Frank had alreadyBuy Frank Clarke's Paint Box Book Online at Low Prices in India | Frank Clarke's Paint Box Reviews & Ratings - produced his first television series by that time.

Frank’s book, “Frank Clarke’s Paintbox,” which was published by the BBC, was a great hit, and his “Simply Painting” television series was broadcast on more than 250 television stations across the world. May 2001 saw the release of his second BBC TM book, which immediately sold out two print runs.

To date, he has produced approximately 400 programs. Since these programs are televised all around the world, Frank has become well-known in the US, UK, and Australia. Additionally, Frank has made appearances on all of the top chat shows in those nations.

Media career

Frank has used he has some more fun techniques to teach millions of people to paint through his books, TV shows, videos, seminars, and classes. His show was just released in China, and he is currently working on a 26-part series based on his adventures there.

Additionally, he just recently started his own YouTube account. For someone without “the talent,” he has gone a long way. Why not participate with him in this beautiful pastime?

Frank Clarke cause of death

The 84-year-old Dubliner, best known for his TV series Simply Painting, passed suddenly yesterday following a protracted illness, according to his family. In the early 1990s, his television program on RTÉ ran for eight years and was shown all over the world, including in the US, Australia, and all of Europe. Additionally, he made a series in China.

Today, his friends spoke of him as a man who enjoyed drawing and instructing. After taking early retirement from a career that included garment designing and real estate development, Mr. Clarke started painting as a pastime.

His website’s biography states that he initially joined a painting group but withdrew after being informed he lacked any artistic ability. He initiated what he dubbed his “Have Some More Fun” approach to painting, which involved mastering the absolute fundamentals because he was eager to pursue his hobby.

His first book was a best-seller that sold more copies in its first year in Ireland than all other art instruction books combined. It also sparked the creation of his first television series, which was broadcast on more than 250 television stations throughout the world.

Condolences to Frank Clarke

Stephen O’Connell

Ah, that’s so sad to hear. I loved his YouTube channel showing his recent work

Breda Boyle McHale

Loved watching his paintings develop on the screen. RIP

Sarah King

Ah may he rest in peace, lots of childhood memories trying to recreate his brilliant paintings

Michael Mc Quaid

Had the great pleasure of meeting him in a hotel lobby in Beijing. He could not get Euros changed to Yuan. Was a privilege to be able to accommodate him. A lovely man and I always loved his style. May he Rest in Peace. My sincere Condolences to all his family



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