How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die? Cause of death Explained

How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die? Cause of death Explained

Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, confirmed the death of their newborn son on social media on Monday. Lets see what happened and How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die.



BRAVE Cristiano Ronaldo makes his Manchester United debut against Arsenal just days after his baby son died tragically, while Harry Maguire is ruled out due to a bomb threat.

In the aftermath of his devastating personal news, the Portuguese forward missed Tuesday night’s trip to Liverpool.

Ralf Rangnick has chosen him for this afternoon’s match after he returned to training at Carrington.

United will be without skipper Harry Maguire, who was the target of a disturbing bomb threat this week.

The defender is currently staying with a teammate after being told by a maniac fan to “quit Man United or die.”

Maguire’s family is being held in a safe house after threats were sent to his agent via email.

When the threat was sent, the 29-year-old was at Carrington, but he rushed back to be with his girlfriend Fern and their two children.

His home was searched by armed cops and sniffer dogs before being re-examined on Thursday, with no results.

According to a source at SunSport:

“This was taken very seriously by everyone.

“Harry and his teammates receive death threats on social media regularly, but this was different.

“According to the email, three bombs had been planted at his home.”

“He only had 72 hours to leave United before they were detonated. It was dripping with venom and slander.”

Maguire traveled to North London with his teammates on Friday and has been named to the bench for today’s game.

Raphael Varane comes back from injury to partner Victor Lindelof in Rangnick’s back four, with Alex Telles also returning to the starting lineup in place of Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

David de Gea starts in goal, with Diogo Dalot at right-back.

Nemanja Matic plays alongside Scott McTominay in midfield, with Bruno Fernandes playing further forward.

Ronaldo is upfront and looking to score again, with Jadon Sancho and Anthony Elanga on the flanks.


What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo son?

“It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our newborn son has died,” Ronaldo and Rodriguez stated. It is the most horrible pain that any parent can experience.”

In October, the Manchester United and Portugal player revealed that he and Rodriguez were expecting twins. They revealed in December that they were expecting a boy and a girl.

“Only the arrival of our baby daughter gives us the courage to live this time with some hope and happiness,” Ronaldo and Rodriguez said on social media on Monday. We would like to express our gratitude to the doctors and nurses for their exceptional care and assistance.

We are all devastated by this loss and respectfully want privacy at this terrible time.

“You are our angel, our baby boy. We will always love you.”


How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die?

Alana Martina, Ronaldo’s first child with Rodriguez, was born in November 2017. He is also the father of fraternal twins Eva and Mateo, whom he adopted through surrogacy in June 2017. The adoring father also has a son, Cristiano Jr., 11, with a former partner who has not been officially identified.

Twins are rare, but someone who has had twins before is more likely to have another set than someone who has never had one.

The official information on what happaend and How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die is not yet made public. But these are the various reason by which twins die in the womb,

  • Abnormal chromosomes (Major cause)

Then high risk mothers leads to deaths of either the her itslef, neonate or both. High risk mothers includes,

  • Advanced age of the mother (over 30 years old)
  • Use of IVF and other assisted reproduction technology (technology that helps couples conceive)
  • Previous still birth
  • History of previous caesarean or intrumental delivery
  • Grandmultiparas
  • Abnormalities of the placenta
  • Other factors that affect babies in the womb, such as rubella infection
  • Genetic factors

He’ll understandably miss a few games, but I hope fans (both home and away) don’t add to his pain when he returns.

He won’t be in the proper frame of mind for a long time, but being criticized for his performance by home fans or mocked by away fans will just add to his mental stress.

It’ll be entirely up to him when he next plays. United has always had a procedure in place that allows them to duck out in certain scenarios (a lot of clubs do tbf).


Cristiano Ronaldo son cause of death

The official information on what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo’s son and how he died has not yet been made public. However, in terms of medical facts, Georgina Rodriguez is associated with Grandmultiparas and instrumental birth. As a result, one of her children might become stillborn.

We will update all the information’s about How did Cristiano Ronaldo son die and the cause of death once it is revealed.


Fans react to the tragic death

Liverpool, Manchester United fans honor Cristiano Ronaldo following the death of his newborn son,

Following the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn baby, fans during Tuesday’s Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United paid tribute to the star.

Fans cheered at the seventh minute of the match at Anfield, coinciding with Ronaldo’s No. 7 shirt, with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” booming through the stadium.



Manchester United tweeted,

“Your pain is our pain, @Cristiano Sending love and strength to you and the family at this time.”

English Premier League tweeted,

“The thoughts and condolences of everyone at the Premier League are with you and your family, Cristiano.”

SecretKGB said,

“A wife who loses a husband is called a widow.

A husband who loses a wife is called a widower.

A child who loses his parents is called an orphan.

There is no word for a parent who loses a child. That’s how awful the loss is.”

– Jay Neugeboren – An Orphan’s Tale – 1976

JerichoMassey said,

I count myself lucky to so far have not experienced such personal loss yet, but I remember being a young kid, and the scene in Harry Potter where Cedric Diggory’s body is cradled by his distraught father shook my to my middle school core. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about anything or anyone that much.

LosBlancosSR4 said,

To clarify, since people seem confused. I believe Georgina was expected to deliver twins today. The girl survived, but sadly the boy did not.

This was his newborn baby boy, not one of his older kids.

Incredibly sad and heartbreaking news.

GreatSpaniard said,

Damn that sucks..

Also would that not be the second set of twins he would have had together with Georgina? They have twins from 2017 i believe. That’s very rare no? Would have been 6 kids in total for him if the baby have survived i think.

Cristiano and Georgina are in a difficult situation. They must find strength for their newborn daughter while grieving for their baby son. Every delight they share with her will be accompanied with a remembrance of what was ruthlessly stolen from them. It’s going to be crushing.

Let us know what you think of this situation and how did Cristiano Ronaldo son die.



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