How did Briton Paul Urey die? British aid worker cause of death

How did Briton Paul Urey die?

According to rebels backed by Moscow, Paul Urey, a British national taken by pro-Russian militants in Ukraine, passed away on Friday. Let’s see How did Briton Paul Urey die? and cause of death Explained.

War in Ukraine.

“Despite the seriousness of (his) crimes, Paul Urey was getting the right kind of medical care. The rights officer for the rebels in the Donetsk region, Daria Morozova, confirmed that he passed away on July 10 despite this due to his diagnosis and the stress he was under.

On April 29, the Presidium Network, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in the UK, revealed that two humanitarian workers named Paul Urey and Dylan Healy had been taken prisoner by the Russian army in the country’s south.
Ukraine as they attempted to evacuate a mother with two kids.

Paul Urey and Dylan Healy, two humanitarian workers were taken prisoner by the Russian army in the country’s south, according to a non-profit organization located in the UK called Presidium Network on April 29.

Ukraine while attempting to evacuate a mother and her two children. Then, Ms. Urey said that her son was on a humanitarian trip and he had diabetes and required insulin.

Paul Urey is portrayed by Presidium Network as a father who did not serve in the military. Instead, he spent eight years in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, while Dylan Healy worked for a UK hotel business.

Both men are originally from Manchester and Warrington in the North of England.

According to Ms. Morozova, On Friday, it was revealed that the British government was aware that Urey was being held by the Donetsk military but had done nothing to help him.

The dead, according to the accuser, “directed military operations, recruited and trained mercenaries for Ukrainian armed gangs.”

She said that the dead had diabetic, kidney, pulmonary, and heart issues in addition to psychological discomfort.

Two further Britons and a Moroccan were given the death sentence for mercenary activity by the same separatist area of Donetsk, whose independence Moscow acknowledged immediately before its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

According to Presidium Network, Ms. Morozova’s testimony revealed nothing about Dylan Healy, who was apprehended along with Paul Urey.

What happens Briton Paul Urey in ukraine war?

Ukraine war

Following his accusation of being spy, Russian authorities seized two British aid workers. Paul Urey, volunteer, was detained by Russian forces in the city of Zaporizhzhia, and his worried mother is begging 

for her son’s release. According to the nonprofit Presidium Network, he was apprehended alongside Dylan Healy, another British relief worker.

The two men went on a rescue expedition in Dniprorudne to save a woman and two children.

The men were engaged in independent voluntary work for humanitarian help, according to Dominik Byrne, the charity’s co-founder and chief operations officer. They were last heard from on Monday.

He claimed that the family was afterward questioned about the British spies by Russian forces.

That family later moved to Poland, he continued. In a statement, Linda Urey, Paul’s mother, said: “My family and I are very concerned. “We are aware that my son Paul and his companion, a volunteer providing humanitarian help in Ukraine, have been taken prisoner by the Russians.

“He went there of his own free will. We ask for everyone’s help in getting our son home safely.

Paul Urey, my other child, has type 1 diabetes and requires insulin.

“We have requested assistance from both the FCDO and the Presidium Network. We ask for his safety in prayer.”

Paul is said to be a “family man with kids” who chose to work in the humanitarian field and often traveled. Additionally, for eight years, he was a “civilian contractor working on back-office support” in Afghanistan.

According to The Presidium Network, Paul went offline on Monday at 4 am. Later, someone posing as him replied to messages but did not include code phrases or personal information.

The organization added that the emails “are verified as fraudulent” and noted that they “were not written in their natural manner and failed to supply code words for security.” Armed Russian soldiers attacked the woman’s home three hours after the guys had been abducted.

When asked how “she knew these British agents,” they forced her spouse to lie on the ground. They worry that “the Russians will depict them as British Spies,” the charity continued.

How did Briton die?

According to the Russian state news agency TASS, a British humanitarian worker who was being held by Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine and suspected of “mercenary operations” has passed away.

Paul Urey, a Russian military prisoner, passed away on Sunday at the age of 45 “due to illness and stress.”

According to reports, DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova stated on her Telegram channel that British representatives had “ignored even the option of negotiating his return as part of the prisoner exchange procedure.”

“In addition, they failed to utilize the Red Cross to give the essential medical supplies.
Despite receiving the proper medical care, Paul Urey passed away on July 10 due to his diagnosis and stress.

The leader of Presidium Network, a nonprofit aid group with which Urey had contact, disclosed in May that he had diabetes to ITV news. The mother of Mr. Urey then said that her son had diabetes, that he needed insulin, and that he was traveling for humanitarian reasons.

Paul Urey, who hails from Manchester and Warrington in the North of England, is portrayed by Presidium Network as a parent who did not serve in the military but rather spent eight years in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor while Dylan Healy worked for a hotel company in the UK.

Briton Paul Urey cause of death.

According to information his family has obtained from the Foreign Office, Paul Urey is thought to have passed away five days ago as a result of illness and stress.

Although the exact reason for Paul’s death is unknown, his diabetes, as well as his kidney, pulmonary, and cardiovascular conditions, might be related to his death.

Tributes to Briton Paul Urey.


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