How did Barbara (Bobbie) Long die? 93Q’s DJ Ted Long wife cause of death Revealed

How did Barbara (Bobbie) Long die? 93Q's DJ Ted Long wife cause of death Revealed

The Syracuse New Times Readers Poll has named “Ted and Amy” as the best local radio DJs for the past 18 years. DJ Ted Long’s wife unexpectedly passed away. Let’s see how she died and Barbara (Bobbie) Long cause of death in detail

How did Barbara (Bobbie) Long die?

Ted Long of Syracuse, New York, shared his health battle with the community before his wife Bobbie Long passed away. She was 62.

According to 93Q (WNTQ-FM), “Bobbie died away quietly last night at Francis House, Inc.” Ted says he’s OK and thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

Ted said last month that Bobbie needed a liver transplant from a living donor due to liver cirrhosis. Ted and Amy Robbins have co-hosted “Ted & Amy” for more than 30 years. The hosts of the morning show said that “hundreds” of individuals offered to get tested as potential donors but that the timing did not permit a transplant.

“Her body is not strong enough to withstand an operation,” Ted announced last week. Bobbie was moved to hospice care at Francis House and the couple made final plans for her life.

DJ Ted sadly announces the passing of his beloved wife Barbara (Bobbie) Long on the official FaceBook page, the message reads,

Bobbie passed away peacefully last night at Francis House, Inc.
Ted is okay and thanks everyone for surrounding them with your love and prayers. ❤️

Barbara (Bobbie) Long cause of death

On Sep. 21, 2022, Ted Long asks the Syracuse community to help with his wife’s health crisis

Ted Long, a longtime radio personality, is requesting assistance from the people of Central New York for his wife’s health emergency.

Ted Long stated on Tuesday that his wife Barbara “Bobie” Long requires a liver transplant from a live donor. The two co-hosts “Ted and Amy” on 93Q (WNTQ-FM) in Syracuse for more than 30 years. 

Bobbie was identified as having the potentially fatal liver condition cirrhosis. On the morning show, Ted said, “When people say things can turn on a dime, they’re not kidding. 

“My wife has had a liver disease since the beginning of this year, and at this point, the only thing that will save her life is a transplant. Unfortunately, the way they list people for liver transplants is through testing, and she is not at a point in her testing results where she can get on a donation list, which is unbelievable.”

Therefore, Bobbie’s cause of death was revealed as a health battle. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. Also, more details on Barbara (Bobbie) Long cause of death will be added soon.

What happened to Barbara (Bobbie) Long?

Ted praised all of the medical professionals who assisted with the procedure, especially the liver transplant team at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, as well as all of the Syracuse-area listeners who offered their encouragement.

After receiving a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, a late stage of liver scarring (fibrosis) that results in chronic, long-term liver damage, Bobbie Long, who retired from her position at the Baldwinsville bus garage earlier this year, had been hospitalized since mid-July.

The Mayo Clinic states that while the damage is typically irreversible, it can occasionally be minimized and reversed if caught early and treated.

Ted said last week, “I hate to say it, but getting older and dealing with these challenges stinks. “I’ll tell you this: Never take anything for granted, especially your health, especially, you know, life in general because I’ve always been blessed and maybe this is payback for that… maybe it’s the price you pay for having such a good life,” she said.

Amy offered her support and made an effort to see the bright side, noting that Ted and Bobbie had traveled widely and shared many wonderful experiences over the years.

Amy remarked, “You and Bobbie are on everyone’s mind. Ted thanked everyone for their support to Amy and their audience.
I’m incredibly grateful for it. Ted did not appear on the morning show on Wednesday, but Amy and Joey Walker did mention Bobbie and expressed how much they would miss her.

Amy noted on “Ted & Amy in the Morning” that “He’s been very courageous to tell this entire ordeal with us… and he again thanked everyone for surrounding him with prayers and love and I think Bobbie felt it right up until the end.”

Tributes to Bobbie Long 

Marty & Shannon 95X commented, 

awww, our hearts just hurt for Ted. He’s been so incredible through all of this. Lots of love there.

Heather posted,

Our condolences Ted, family and to any person that was blessed to know Bobbie. Although Heaven gained an Angel, she lives on forever in your hearts 💕 May you find Peace in knowing she is no longer in pain.

Gallo said,

So Sorry for your loss, May your Memories sustain you know she no longer suffers and is now your guardian angel.

Caroline commented,

I am so very sorry to hear this. Speaking from my own experience, those wonderful memories you made together will carry you forward and be a huge comfort for you. Prayers for your family.

Cindy said,

Sorry for your loss . Prayers for you and family. May loving, pleasant memories of her accompany you throughout these difficult days. She is safe and without pain



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