Who is Alexandru Ianosi? Why did he kill his wife, Lilia Patranjel? Explained

Who is Alexandru Ianosi? Why did he kill his wife, Lilia Patranjel? Explained

Alexandru Lanosi stabbed his wife Lilia Patanjel to death with the large kitchen knife. Let’s see who is Alexandru Ianosi and what happened in detail

Who is Alexandru lanosi?

Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova, the self-confessed murderer of the murder of his partner Lilia Patranjel in Spinea hit the woman so many times with a large kitchen knife that he almost took her arm off.

A frightening homicidal fury admitted by the author of the heinous gesture himself and which left no escape for the woman last Thursday evening. “I hit it many, too many times, “ the 35-year-old said.

His attorneys, who were able to visit him in jail following his arrest, learned this. He told La nuova Venezia, “He had a blackout, he doesn’t recall those moments well, but he stated he hit her numerous times.”

According to the man’s defense, the crime scene, with all that blood, would have caused a shock in the same perpetrator who would have fainted before waking up and calling 112 and would not have watched over the corpse, as had instead been hypothesized in a first moment.

What happened?

The murderer’s attorneys argue that the incident, which would occur at the height of one of the couple’s numerous arguments, was not premeditated.

They told the local media, announcing the request for a mental expert’s assessment, “We believe that precisely this raging with a knife stolen from the kitchen indicates how this tragedy is not the consequence of a preordained criminal scheme, but of a crazy, a wrath that suddenly evolved.”

According to a totally different account from the victim’s friends and family, the victim of femicide was forced to declare her intention to leave her partner as a result of ongoing violence in that Spinea house.


Everyone knew that the man Alexandru lanosi was violent, they all knew it would end like this “revealed a friend of Lili, whom everyone called Lilia. The forty-year-old also filed a complaint last August after yet another attack that sent her to the hospital. withdrawn.

The attorneys added, “We were counting on him to answer the judge’s questions, but he was not strong and clear-headed enough to do so.”

The 35-year-old used his right not to answer while being held in Venice’s Santa Maria Maggiore prison on an aggravated voluntary homicide accusation.

The Daily Star reported that a few days after waking up from a coma, Ianosi allegedly said, “I did everything for myself to punish myself.”

He was transported to the recovery room at Hospital Dell’Angelo, in Venice, immediately after the incident on October 6, where he is said to be still recovering.

It is alleged that after Lilia said she wanted to separate on September 22, Ianosi grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her multiple times in the chest and stomach.

Lanosi called the police and confessed to the crime, while her four-year-old son later told police: “Mother fell.” The man was arrested and detained for voluntary manslaughter, after he told the police: “Come get me, I killed my partner.”

Lanosi’s defense will reportedly hinge on a psychiatric report that lawyers say will show he was not himself on the day of the murder.


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