How did Aryeh Shechopek die? Explosions at Jerusalem bus stops Explained

Aryeh Shechopek

A teenager was killed and 18 people were injured in two explosions that rocked Jerusalem early on Wednesday, according to authorities. Let’s see how did Aryeh Shechopek die and the Explosions at Jerusalem bus stops in detail.

Jerusalem explosion: What happened?

Two explosives at bus stops in Jerusalem killed a Canadian-Israeli youngster. According to Magen David Adom (MDA), a branch of the Israeli Red Cross, the first explosion occurred at a bus station at the entry to Jerusalem at 7:06 am. It wounded 12 persons, including the kid who later passed away. Three of the injured were in critical condition.

The second sounded at Ramot, a community in the north of the city, roughly 30 minutes later. At 7:30 in the morning, a second explosion was reported at the city’s Ramot crossroads, according to authorities.

According to MDA, four people were treated for “stress symptoms” while three people were evacuated with minor injuries.

According to preliminary investigations, explosive devices were planted at both blast locations, and a hunt for suspects is currently underway, the police spokesperson stated. An Israel Police spokesperson told that the two explosive devices that exploded in Jerusalem Wednesday morning were most likely detonated remotely, while the theory is still being investigated.

Police statement:

The explosions on Wednesday seemed different from previous terror strikes, according to the authorities. After assessing the situation with security personnel, outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid declared that the occurrence was “different from what we have seen in recent years.”

“We are currently engaged in a significant intelligence operation that will help us identify these vile terrorists as well as those who supported them and gave them weapons, according to Lapid.”

“We’ll find them. They can hide or run, but it won’t stop the security forces from finding them. They will be eliminated if they put up a fight. If not, we will punish them,” police said.

Who is the victim: Aryeh Shechopek?

Aryeh Shechopek, 16, was the victim, according to his relatives, who spoke to the local media. According to the family, Shechopek attended a yeshiva, a Jewish religious school, and resided in Jerusalem’s Har Nof district. A teenager was on his way to a Jewish seminary when the blast occurred.

According to Israeli and Canadian officials, Shechopek was also a citizen of Canada. Since a wave of violent attacks on Israelis left 19 dead in the spring, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have been rising amid nightly Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank. The number of attacks by the Palestinians has increased recently.

According to the father of the young guy who was killed, Palestinian militants invaded a hospital in the West Bank and brought off an Israeli patient who was there for treatment following a car accident. That incident may have increased tensions even more.

How did Aryeh Shechopek die?

United Hatzalah Lapid called the family to express his sympathies. He said, Shechopek “a boy who never wronged anyone in the world.

“He was murdered simply because he was Jewish.” Images from the scene of the initial explosion showed the ground covered with rubble and a bus that was parked with holes piercing its windscreen. The bus stop’s metal railings were also harmed, and the area was sealed off.

When they arrived at the bus terminal, two MDA paramedics reported finding two critically injured patients lying on the ground.

“We were at the MDA station by the entrance to the city when we heard a large explosion,” they said. “We immediately headed to the scene in large numbers, including ambulances, MICUs (mobile intensive care units) and medicycles.”

A 16-year-old was found in the bus stop, and a 45-year-old was found on the sidewalk, both critically injured. Emanuel Stern, a senior MDA paramedic, said it was “miracle” that more people weren’t hurt. “If the bus would have been full of passengers, or if there were people waiting at the bus stop, this whole incident could have ended very badly,” Stern said.

First responders saw a range of injuries, including some from the blast itself, according to Raphael Poch, a spokesman for United Hatzalah International, a volunteer medical organisation, who talked to media. Others were hurt, according to Poch, by shrapnel from wrecked cars, nails, and ball bearings, which are typical of “bombs that detonate for the sake of terror.”

What was people’s reaction?

Тоби айоделе -Tboy tweeted,

Explosion at a bus stop in Jerusalem Seven people were injured, two in serious condition, according to emergency services.

Arsen Ostrovsky tweeted,

Dear international media, what we saw in #Jerusalem today was not just a “twin blast” or “explosion”. It was a deadly Palestinian terror attack, with explosives packed with nails to cause maximum carnage. Words matter, context matters.

Brooke Goldstein tweeted,

At least 7 injured, including one person in critical condition, following an explosion at a bus stop in Jerusalem. Please God not another wave of terror.

Lahav Harkov tweeted,

“This morning as the world celebrates the World Cup, an explosion by Palestinian terrorists targeted children & women at a bus station in Jerusalem. How surprising to hear reports of people in Qatar and Doha who are now celebrating this terrorism & harassing Israeli journalists.”


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