Who is Ronald Buckley? Suspect arrested for double murder in Laurel, Mississippi

Who is Ronald Buckley? Suspect arrested for double murder in Laurel, Mississippi

The Laurel Police Department announced Tuesday morning that they were notified of the capture of wanted double homicide suspect Ronald Buckley. Let us see more about this homicide in the following paragraphs.

Ronald Buckley -Suspect and Murderer

According to the LPD, Ronald Buckley, 19, of Laurel, was apprehended in Fremont, Ohio, following the receipt of a report from the Jones County Crime Stoppers. Members of the joint SWAT teams from Sandusky County and the City of Fremont captured Buckley at a nearby motel, according to Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox.

In addition to multiple other violent charges, Buckley is wanted in Laurel for two counts of murder in connection with an October shooting that claimed the lives of two people outside a laundromat.

Ronald Buckley Double Homicide

Two people were reportedly killed and one injured in the incident on Monday in Laurel. On Monday, October 24, outside Lopers Laundry on West 10th Street, Mary Ann Collins, 19, and Travion Barnett, 22, were fatally shot by Buckley, according to police. The victims were discovered inside a parked automobile outside the structure.

A third person received a leg shot. They were transported with non-life-threatening wounds to South Central Regional Medical Center. To return Buckley to Mississippi, Laurel police said they will cooperate with Fremont police over the next few days.

Tips Given for Laurel Double homicide

Since being charged with killing two persons in broad daylight outside a laundromat in Laurel, Ronald Buckley has been the subject of weeks of investigation by the Laurel Police Department. Prior to the Fremont Ohio Police Department’s announcement that officers had carried out a search warrant at an apartment building where Buckley might have been, police chief Tommy Cox had been reticent to divulge details about the search.

As I mentioned, we appreciate that they did. “I wouldn’t even have put this out or even commented on it,” added Cox. As soon as Mr. Buckley is in prison, we just kind of want to operate behind the scenes. Cox says officers are working with agencies at the federal level. It has been weeks since the Laurel Police Department charged Ronald Buckley with killing two people in broad daylight outside a laundromat.

There have been locations investigated in Texas, as well as in other states and, more recently, the Ohio town assisted us, provided some tips, and even carried out some search warrants, according to Cox. Cox hopes that law enforcement and community collaboration will result in an arrest and provide answers for the families who have been left behind. A $1K reward from Crime Stoppers was announced in place.

What we want is Mr. Buckley in custody, safe, and into the legal system and let him answer for what his all-alleged offenses are, said Cox.

Extradite Buckely to Laurel

Cox says LPD will be working with FPD over the coming days to extradite Buckley to Laurel. As the investigation is still ongoing, the lead investigator, Brad Anderson, and the rest of the police department will continue to collaborate closely with the district attorney’s office to evaluate additional charges against Buckley and others.

Targeted Shooting

In an earlier interview, Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox stated to WDAM that “We do not feel that this is anything random” and that “This was a targeted shooting.” He continued by saying that police had information that Buckley was no longer in the Laurel, Mississippi, region. What might have brought Buckley to Northwest Ohio is unknown, according to Fremont Police.

According to FPD, Ross High School, Vanguard, and Fremont Middle School were placed on a temporary lockdown on November 14 and later removed because of the proximity of law enforcement operations near school facilities.

Gratitude towards all Agencies

Cox thanked all the agencies and individuals that helped LPD locate and arrest Buckley, as well as the citizens of Laurel who worked to help the police solve the case:

Some many individuals and departments have assisted LPD in following up on the many leads that were provided in this case,” Cox said. “LPD would like to thank the Fremont Police Department, the Sandusky County Sheriffs Department, the United States Marshalls Service, the Jasper County Sheriffs Department, the Jones County Sheriffs Department, the Ellisville Police Department, the Heidelburg Police Department, the Jones County District Attorneys Office, Coordinator Wilbur Chamberlin of Jones County Crime stoppers and most of all the many citizens who, by providing leads, made the statement that this is unacceptable in our city.

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