Who is Rebecca Louise Press? Suspect of murdering Richard Ash Arrested



Who is Rebecca Louise Press? Suspect of murdering Richard Ash Arrested

A man, 57, was discovered unconscious in the village, and a woman, 31, is accused of his murder in court. Let’s see Who is Rebecca Louise Press and the Suspect of murdering Richard Ash in detail.


Richard Ash Murder case: Explained (

Richard Marc Ash, 57, was found dead at a house in the Welsh mining town of New Tredegar last month. Rebecca Press, 31, has denied killing the “introverted” Ash.

In addition, she has entered a not-guilty plea to an assault charge involving actual bodily harm to a lady. The accused made an appearance this week at Cardiff Crown Court after Mr. Ash was discovered comatose on July 17 in the early morning hours.

At 12.40 am, police and paramedics went to an Elliots Town residence. Despite their best efforts, Mr. Ash was lost. Press, of the Caerphilly neighborhood of Trecenydd, was afterward accused of murder. Yesterday, she only spoke to authenticate her identity and to express her pleadings, according to Wales Online.

Before her upcoming court appearance on November 22, a judge at Cardiff Crown Court remanded her in custody. In January of the next year, there will be a trial.

After his son’s passing, Mr. Ash’s father published a touching eulogy. They described Richard Marc as an introverted, charming person. “Being his parents was a blessing for my wife and me. “Everyone who knew Richard Marc is full of admiration for the kind of person he was. “He was a nice man, and that is how we will always remember him.”

A 31-year-old Caerphilly woman was detained on suspicion of murder after we initiated a murder investigation, according to a spokesperson for Gwent Police. She later received a charge for this offense and was placed in detention. “At this moment, we’re not seeking anyone else about this incident.”

Who is Rebecca Louise Press?

She was accused of killing Mr. Ash as well as assaulting another woman the same day, according to testimony in court. Press, who will go on trial in January at Cardiff Crown Court, is accused of killing someone and assault with actual bodily harm. The 31-year-old has rejected accusations of killing someone and assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

Due to transportation issues, she was unable to attend the brief hearing on Tuesday, but her attorney, John Hipkin KC, said her trial could proceed as scheduled. It had been challenging for Press to find a barrister prepared to take on her case earlier this year because of a persistent barrister strike.

Press Trial date: (January 9 of 2023)

Press of Trecenydd, Caerphilly, was remanded in custody, and January 9 of 2023 was chosen as the trial date. Jason Howells, the prosecutor, stated at a prior hearing: “We consider this to be a two to three-week trial.” In the interim, there are numerous statements and pieces of evidence to collect.


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