How did Albert Pyun die? American film director cause of death Explained

Albert Pyun

Albert Pyun, an American film director died on Saturday, November 26, 2022, at 5:50 p.m. Let’s see how did American film director die and Albert Pyun cause of death in detail.

How did Albert Pyun die?

The Albert Pyun death was confirmed by Cynthia Curnan on her Facebook page. Tributes flooded in after the news broke out.

Cynthia Curnan, Albert Pyun’s wife confirmed his passing. The death statement reads,

“Albert Pyun passed away Saturday, November 26, at 5:50 pm. I sat with him for his last breath that sounded like he was releasing the weight of the world.”

Albert Pyun cause of death

American director Albert Pyun, who directed action pictures for direct-to-video and low-budget B-movies, passed away. Last week, his wife, Cynthia Curnan told that Albert Pyun is in ill health, and he would want to hear from fans of his work as he nears the end of his life. In 2013, he made his MS diagnosis public.

Several years after receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Pyun was put into hospice care on November 8. His wife Cynthia Curnan wrote on Facebook that Pyun has been appreciating letters from fans and that they have helped him feel less guilty about not finishing two films before he had to stop producing them. Albert Pyun cause of death was illness.

Who was Albert Pyun?

Albert Pyun was born on May 19, 1953. Pyun “has carved out a distinct niche as a filmmaker of low-budget, high-concept genre films featuring performers past their prime,” as per the Independent Film Channel. Others believe this is a charitable description for Pyun, who has also been ridiculed as the new Ed Wood.”

Despite frequently incorporating cyborgs into his science fiction and dystopian or post-apocalyptic themes, which usually feature kickboxing and hybrid martial arts, Pyun admitted in an interview that he had “actually no interest in cyborgs.

Albert said, “I’ve never really had any interest in post-apocalyptic stories or settings. It just seemed that those situations presented a way for me to make movies with very little money, and to explore ideas that I really wanted to explore — even if they were controversial.”

The Sword and the Sorcerer, Cyborg, Captain America, and Nemesis are just a few of Pyun’s movies. Pyun was raised as a military brat and moved around to various bases before his father settled in Hawaii. He attended school in Kailua, a small village on Oahu’s windward side.

Pyun made his first 8mm and 16mm films in Kailua, and he credits his filmmaking style to living in other countries and growing up in Hawaii.

Tributes to Albert Pyun:

The Freelance Hellraiser tweeted,

Rest In Peace to one-of-a-kind cinema visionary Albert Pyun

Keenan Tamblyn tweeted,

RIP Albert Pyun, one of my favourite ever art commissions was creating a series of classy Old Hollywood style posters of his films for the wonderful book about him by @DeclouxJ

Jean-Claude Van Damme tweeted,

In great sadness and with a heavy heart I’ll say goodbye and RIP, Albert Pyun.

Scott Weinberg tweeted,

Rest in peace, Albert Pyun. director of numerous B-movies, some really bad, and some really fun. His first feature is still my favorite.

Chad Law tweeted,

Rest in peace, Albert Pyun. My thoughts are with Cynthia Curnan and the rest of his family, friends and fans. Thanks for all the memories!  #Legend #Eternal

William Friedkin (Non-Seasonal) Truths tweeted,

R.I.P. Albert Pyun, the wonderful, singular auteur behind The Sword And The Sorcerer, Nemesis, Radioactive Dreams, Cyborg, Vicious Lips, Alien From L.A., Captain America, Dollman, Bloodmatch, and so many more. Thank you for all your dreams on screen.

Brandon Streussnig tweeted,

I’m heartbroken to hear that Albert Pyun passed away. Few filmmakers mean more to me and few did so much with so few resources. His boundless imagination deserved so much more. RIP to a true dreamer.

Aaron Stewart-Ahn tweeted,

Rest in peace against all odds, underrated visionary, Hawaiian filmmaker Albert Pyun. Thanks to his wife Cynthia we know he got to come home from hospice and be with his dogs and remember where he was before he passed. His movies are one of the few overt inspirations for MANDY.


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