How did Adrian Searle die? Isle of Wight author and journalist cause of death explained

Adrian Searle
Adrian Searle


A former journalist who became a prominent writer and Isle of Wight history while also undertaking substantial volunteer work has died at the age of 73. Let’s see, how did the writer die and Adrian Searle cause of death in detail.

How did Adrian Searle die?

Adrian Searle passed away unexpectedly in Ryde on December 17. Isle of Wight News announced the sad news saying, Isle of Wight’s author and journalist Adrian Searle dies aged 73.

He will be missed by his friends, family and everyone who knew him. He was writing a new book that was an autobiographical account of his time spent as a child growing up on an island and detailing many fantastic adventures, many of which were related to the then-extensive island train system.

His family hopes to finish it and publish it in his memory after he had completed six chapters.

Adrian was very interested in and knowledgeable about railroads, as well as how they could help with the ongoing issues of the economy and climate change.

Adrian put up a lot of effort to raise money for a campaign to restore the railway from Shanklin to Ventnor, but the Spinnaker Tower ultimately won out.

He went to Fratton Park whenever Pompey played at home because he was a lifelong supporter.

He leaves behind an extensive collection chronicling the years from the late 1950s to the present.

Who was Adrian Searle?

Adrian Searle was the writer and journalist. He was born in Ryde in 1949, the only son of town clerk Rodney and state registered nurse Joan.

Adrian had two sisters, Judy and Mary, and was the middle child of three. He relocated to Stamford, Lincolnshire, to work for the Stamford Mercury after beginning a lengthy career in journalism at the Isle of Wight County Press.

Searle, then made his way to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph’s sports desk. When Adrian moved back to the Island in 1984, he assumed control of the Isle of Wight Weekly Post.

After quitting his job as a full-time journalist in 1989, he started working as a freelance editor and sub-editor for several publications. He also contributed articles both locally and nationally.

But he soon realized that his first love and dream were to become a historical author.

Adrian’s works:

His first book, Seaview Pier, The Case History, was released in 1981, but Isle of Wight at War, 1939–1945, which is still hailed as the best war book ever, brought him real success.

A Century of Carnival, 1888–1988, PLUTO – Pipeline Under The Ocean (1995), Isle of Wight Folklore (1998), Pub Walks on the Isle of Wight (1993, with Diane Coppell), The Spy Beside The Sea (2012), The Quintinshill Conspiracy (2013), Churchill’s Last Wartime Secret, The German Raid Airbrushed from History (2017), The Extraordinary Wartime Story of Dorothy O’Grady and Churchill’s Last Wartime Secret (2018) are a few of the books he wrote.

Walking Isle of Wight History (2004) was a book that combined two of his passions: writing and walking.

Adrian Searle cause of death:

The prominent writer and journalist, Adrian Searle cause of death was not disclosed yet.

He is survived by his beloved son, Matthew, granddaughter Hannah, his pride and joy, and sisters, Judy and Mary, as well as a large extended family. He will be sorely missed.

His passion for the sport also inspired him to partner up with his brother-in-law and coworker Alan Harvey to establish the devoted journalists’ football team Vectis Press FC, which competed in the Island’s Sunday League from the late 1960s until the early 1990s.

He played a variety of positions, including manager, physio, kit washer, linesman, and others.

Funeral service:

A celebration of Adrian’s life will start at 11 a.m. on March 28 in Shanklin Chine following a private cremation and scattering of ashes.

All are welcome. His family requests that anyone who is able to make a donation click HERE, send it by mail to Spirit Events, 60-61 High Street, Brading, IW, PO36 0DQ, or drop it off in person at the celebration in place of flowers.

Attendees are encouraged to prepare a remembrance of Adrian in advance, which they can then drop off in a special post box at Shanklin Chine on the designated day.


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