Marrow or Prepladder: Which is better for your NEET/NEXT PG exam preparation?


Marrow or Prep Ladder A Comparative Review and Ranking for NEET PG Success

Hello, medicos! Most of you are perplexed about which online application is better for NEET PG preparation, and this is a very controversial topic, am I right?

One of the hardest exams to pass is NEET PG, performed by medical students. Due to the test’s difficulty, just two out of every 10 candidates succeeded it.

Also, over the past few decades, the influence of technology on the education sector has been immense surveys suggest that 70-80 percent of students rely on educational apps.

To ease your concerns about which is better, we have chosen to execute the following. This article compares two highly regarded applications, Marrow and Prepladder, in a way that is both educational and fascinating.

Additionally, we assure you that if any medical students are unsure of the type of application they should use for exam preparation, this post will clear them up. 

Alright, then! Why do you still wait? Let’s get started. First, let’s go through the software’s fundamentals. Following is a discussion on Marrow, the first application.



Marrow is the top online learning resource for doctors and medical students in India. Marrow’s mission is to equip ambitious NEET PG up-and-comers with handpicked, reliable, and concept-based test preparation content to ace the exam.

Marrow was able to reach almost 65% of the student base and earn the top 20 rankings thanks to a strong peer-reviewed preparatory program and academic expert panel.

Marrow wants to increase this range and boost success rates by twofold. For this, the business requires not just thorough courseware but also a reliable payment system to support the acquisition of resources.

Most of Marrow’s study tools for doctors and students are question banks, online exam series, and videos. Then, from these resources, several carefully chosen packages are produced. The bundle that best meets the demands of a medical student or NEET PG candidate is purchased.


In 2015, Deepanshu Goyal launched PrepLadder, the biggest online learning platform in India. /Exam preparation resources and education services are accessible through PrepLadder, which specializes in UPSC IAS exams.

The notes are not verbose and cannot be adjusted. The addition of all the sophisticated features, such as Custom Module, Treasures, and Detailed Explanations, has greatly improved Q-bank as well.

The easiest subjects to read notes on are those that are brief, such as dermatology, psychiatry, anesthesia, and orthopedics. Even important subjects like surgery and medicine have been conceptually covered.

PrepLadder provides courses with pertinent, high-quality content for medical students preparing for competitive medical exams. For PG Entrance exams, Prepladder has emerged as a promising online resource.

With each new iteration, it keeps improving and evolving everything, from the faculties to the prepared notes. Q-banks to the corresponding explanations.

The treasures and updates are quite beneficial for any recent information and important ideas. The information in the video lectures is clear and actionable. Try the new Q-bank; it’s worthwhile.

Let’s move on to the detailed views of features, plans, fee structure, pros & cons, and faculty list along with the student reviews of both apps so that you can choose which suits your needs better.


Marrow is renowned for its distinctive evidence-based learning for your postgraduate NEET preparations. To make learning simple and enjoyable, master classes and interesting videos are available to everyone, helping hopefuls understand the fundamentals. (Download Marrow for Android here and Marrow for iOS here)


Features of the Marrow app

  • Faculty with extensive knowledge and professionalism.
  • 700+ hours of master lessons.
  • Through concept revision and image discussion movies, learning is made simple and enjoyable.
  • 72 Grand Tests and 189 Special Tests.
  • MCQs based on the new pattern total over 18500.
  • Updating the app regularly to reflect any changes to the exam format or curriculum.
  • Users have the option to customize the MCQ modules to suit their needs.


Test series

  • The tests offered by Marrow range from subject-specific mini-tests to large tests that serve as practice exams for your final exam.
  • After finishing a topic, take the subject-specific assessments to find out where you stand in the ranking list.
  • The concept is that when you take more tests, your rank should rise, and if it doesn’t, you should reevaluate your study plan.

Marrow notes

  • They work on the philosophy behind providing conceptual notes.
  • It is more of an elaborated kind of note than other institutions.
  • Their notes are filled with so much knowledge combined. So, If you are someone who finds satisfaction in gaining extra knowledge then you will be happier with marrow.
  • Notes are double (actually more) in size than other institutions.


Bank MCQ

You will profit from repeatedly reviewing the questions because Marrow has a very high-yield QBank. After reading a topic or seeing a video lecture on it, complete the corresponding QBank module.

Q-Bank has more than 18,500 carefully curated MCQs. The MCQs you will find in the  Q-Bank are broken down as follows:

  1. 60% – Case studies in medicine to help with conceptual knowledge.
  2. 30% – Application-based questions.
  3. 10% – Single-word factual inquiries.

All new pattern MCQs as well as recent repetition MCQs from NEET PG, INICET, and FMGE are featured in Q-Bank. A learning tool is Q-Bank.

The length of each inquiry will wear you out. You’ll observe that facts are typically examined using a “clinical stem” or “cover” in most cases. You have the convenience of learning from one-line questions.

MCQ of the day: It is the most interesting part. There is always one MCQ of the day. When you open the app it always has one fresh new MCQ every day with an explanation.



Major subjects like Medicine, OBGY, Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biochemistry are very good in marrow app, even in minor subjects like Ophthalmology, Radiology, and Anesthesia, marrow is better when compared to prepladder.

There are really good lectures by the best faculties. And you may watch it at whatever speed up to two times as fast as you like and edit it repeatedly. Nearly every high-yield subject is covered. And several MCQs from prior years are covered after each video.



Make sure to bookmark the questions that you don’t understand or that are challenging. One of Marrow’s best features is without a doubt its bookmarks.

When you have some free time, go back and review the questions you saved. This can help you understand questions that are challenging and high-yield.


Marrow Pearls

There are pearls with high-yield topics which helps you in a quick revision before the exam, or anytime. You can read them in your spare time. It is an extra interesting way to study.

Marrow gives you the choice of going through the more than 2500 pearls that are always being added to and updated by going through the pearls.

Establish a routine of reading some pearls before bed or whenever you feel like it. By doing so, you will review the challenging subjects. Establish a timetable and follow it. And you’ll be all set to go.

Marrow plans & Cost

The Marrow application provides three main plans: Plans A, B, and C.






The Tests Series in Plan A gives you access to Grand Tests, Recall Tests from Prior Years, Mock Tests, Mini Tests, and Subject Tests.

You will get access to Pearls exclusively in addition to Tests Series.


For 12 Months, it costs Rs. 10999/-

For 18 Months, it costs, Rs. 13999/-.






Q-Bank and Test series are part of Plan B.

The 18,000 MCQs in the Q-Bank were carefully chosen, and they are high-yield and updated frequently.

You will get access to the modules for Custom Module, Previous Years’ Question Papers, and Pearls with Related MCQs.


For 3 Months Rs. 6999/-.

For 6 Months Rs. 13999/-.

For 12 Months, Rs. 18999/-

For 18 Months, Rs. 23999/-.



It includes Videos, Q-Bank, Test Series, and 850+ hours of video classes.

The videos in Plan C are structured so that you understand the important concepts in each topic before you learn facts.


For 3 Months, Plan C’s cost is Rs. 16999/-.

For 6 Months, it costs Rs. 29999/-

For 12 Months, it costs Rs. 34999/-

For 18 Months, it costs Rs. 47999/-

For 24 Months, it costs Rs. 50999/-

For 36 Months, it costs Rs. 65999/-




















Faculty list

A host of skilled faculty members work in earnest to make MARROW what it is.

  • Sakshi Arora (OBG)
  • Manish Soni – MD, Dermatology
  • Shivika- MD, Microbiology
  • Asuri Krishna – MS, Surgery (AIIMS)
  • Krishnakumar – MD, Physiology (AIIMS)
  • Vineet Sehgal – MD, Ophthalmology (AIIMS)
  • Rakesh Nair – MD, Medicine
  • Viswas KV – MS, ENT
  • Deepu Sebin – MD, Medicine
  • Suganya Venkat – MD, Pathology
  • Kirthi Vidyasagar- MD, Pediatrics
  • Zakirhusain Sheik- MD, Community Medicine
  • Aanchal Sehgal – MD, Radiology
  • Amit Desai – MS, Surgery
  • Subham Das-MD, Pharmacology
  • Vijayalakshmi, MD Physiology
  • Keith Tamboowala – MD, Orthopedics
  • Karthikeyan, MD Biochemistry
  • Ganesh Kumar – MD, Community Medicine
  • Radhika Dhanpal – MD, Anesthesia
  • Nishith – MD, Pharmacology
  • Bharath Kumar MD, Pharmacology
  • Ravi MD, Anatomy
  • Subha MD, Microbiology
  • Gurudatta Pawar MD, Forensic

Rohan Khandelwal sir makes surgery so simple and clears all your concepts, one will fall in love with surgery if it is taught in such a simple way.

Other faculties like Sakshi mam, Ila mam, Abbas sir, and Rakesh sir are also best, they simplify every topic that clears all your concepts.

Marrow pros and cons



Prepladder is another software that has a solid reputation among those aspiring to become doctors. Through their instructive tales and blogs, you can increase your knowledge and confidence, and regular notifications make it simpler for candidates to keep track of their study schedules and exam dates.

Prepladder is the literal ladder you must climb to access the major components of this online tool for medical preparation.

Lessons are brief and to the point. Therefore, you can still finish the syllabus on time if you begin your PG preparation later in your MBBS program.

In Prepladder, you can subscribe to specific subjects. In Marrow, there isn’t access to this facility. Even if you are a first-year MBBS student, you must enroll in Marrow’s subscription service for all of your courses.

Rapid Revision series of Prepladder helps to revise all 19 subjects in just 165 hours. This differentiates Prepladder from Marrow. There is no such feature in marrow yet.

Prepladder is therefore economical if you are in your first or second year. One of the top applications for medical PG preparation, Prepladder has a stellar reputation.

Additionally, they have a 92.5% NEET PG striking rate and have assisted in the preparation for multiple high scorers. (Download the @Prepladder app here)

Features of Prepladder

  • Extensive reading and practice materials.
  • The notes are brief.
  • Infographics, charts, and diagrams promote learning easier.
  • A Custom Module simplifies practicing.
  • Blogs and news articles about the medical field.
  • Regular updates and exam reminders.
  • The prep store offers the ability to order a greater selection of books and study materials.
  • Complete and clinically oriented notes featuring high-quality images.

Test Series

  • Prepladder is better. You can make your timetable.
  • You can give tests any time, you can watch detailed explanation videos from prime faculties.
  • Prepladder has a rapid revision program which has a very good benefit in last-minute preparations.


Prepladder’s notes 

  • Quite concise and MCQ based overall.
  • Their main priority is to keep notes short and simple so that students don’t waste much time in revision.
  • Most loved notes by Prepladder are from medicine, which is far shorter than marrow (which has 4 big modules).
  • Notes are presented in bullet points and are colorful.
  • Each topic has a time stamp placed next to it, allowing anyone reading the notes without seeing the movie to skip directly to that section of the video to comprehend it.


Bank MCQ

  • PrepLadder offers NEET aspirants an efficient and advanced way to answer MCQs.
  • Topic-wise MCQ discussion videos featuring subject matter experts who will discuss all the key topics with a clinical approach.
  • You will be able to quickly revise the topic, know relevant questions related to that topic and clear all your doubts with differential diagnosis discussions.
  • These videos are specially curated to help you build a stronger conceptual understanding of a topic in a way that ensures knowledge retention.


Subjects like Anatomy, FM, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Dermatology are better in prepladder compared to Marrow. Marrow is very conceptual but lengthy, so if you have time, marrow is better than prepladder.


Your bookmarks can be viewed in two distinct ways.

  • Selecting Bookmarks from the home screen’s Quick Links section.
  • Alternatively, you can go straight to the Bookmarks option on the relevant tabs (Videos, QBank, Tests).

Prepladder Treasures

With the aid of Treasures, a topic’s concise explanation, and Custom Module, which is made to let you practice what and how you like, you may make your NExT/NEET PG exam preparations simpler. Also, Marrow pearls are 10x times better than Prepladder treasures.

Fees Structure

The Early Bird Offer is available for 9 months plus 60 days starting at Rs. 24,990. The annual cost of medical PG is Rs. 40399/-.

The costs for the short-term extension plans for one month, two months, three months, four months, and six months are 3,000, 5,000, 7,000, 8,000, and 12,000 rupees, respectively.

The fees for the long-term extension plans are Rs. 13,500, Rs. 16,500, Rs. 18,500, and Rs. 21,100, and they are available for 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months, respectively.

About ELITE Edge

Prepladder ELITE plan already offers top-notch medical PG preparation resources, comprising conceptual video lectures, self-explanatory notes, and a high-yield QBank with over 70% clinical-based questions. 

Nevertheless, they have realized that some students require more than just access to the best preparation resources to achieve their full potential. They need intensive mentorship and motivation to unleash their true capabilities. 


So, for the students who are genuinely committed to achieving academic excellence but may be unsure where to begin – here’s introducing Elite Edge.

ELITE Edge is a synchronous study plan spread across 166 days meticulously curated to cover the entire exam syllabus in a structured manner. It is specially developed to help you secure a higher rank in the upcoming NEET PG 2024 exam. 

The ELITE Edge course provides a day-by-day structured study plan, which includes daily targets of video lectures and MCQs.

Additionally, it also includes regular tests and post-test LIVE discussions with the Dream Team Next Edition, which will allow you to analyze your preparation and benefit from spaced repetition.

ELITE Edge adds a layer of journey, mentorship, and motivation to the content already provided. It is designed to help you stay focused throughout your preparation journey and provide a sense of competition.

Dream Team Next Edition Faculties

 Click here to know complete details on PrepLadder’s Dream Team 2.0!

Prepladder Faculty list

Faculty list

  1. Dr. Rajesh Kaushal- Anatomy
  2. Dr. Soumen Manna- Physiology
  3. Dr. C Shanmugapriya-Biochemistry
  4. Dr. Preeti Sharma-Pathology & Microbiology
  5. Dr. Bharath Kumar VD-Pharmacology
  6. Dr. Akhilesh Raj- Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  7. Dr. Neha Taneja-PSM
  8. Dr. Vyshnavi Bommakanti-ENT
  9. Dr. Ruchi Rai-Ophthalmology
  10. Dr. Prassan Vij-Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  11. Dr. Meenakshi Bothra-Pediatrics
  12. Dr. Pritesh Singh-Surgery
  13. Dr. Deepak Marwah-Medicine
  14. Dr. Nikita Nanwani-Radiology
  15. Dr. Sameer Zahid-Anesthesia
  16. Dr. Jambukeswaran-Orthopedics
  17. Dr. Ankit Goel-Psychiatry
  18. Dr. Khushbu Mahajan-Dermatology

Forensic, Anesthesia, Ortho, Psychiatry, Derma, Radio – Prepladder justifies the name- Short and Crisp! Everything is covered concisely and understandably.

marrow vs prepladder subjects


Here are some reviews from students and Doctors who used Marrow or Prepladder during their NEET PG Preparation


Dr. Aditi Mishra

Prepladder for the First year and Marrow for all other years. Since prepladder is more comprehensive in the first year and that will help you with your professional exam preparation with the added PG preparation. For subsequent years, Marrow should be preferred.


Jaymin Gupta

I have no experience using Egurukul, hence I cannot comment on that. I did subscribe to Dr. Ashwani Sir’s Anatomy app and found that extremely useful.

Talking about Prepladder vs. Marrow, I’d say Marrow SLIGHTLY edges Prepladder because of its test series. Content in both of the aforementioned apps is ~80% similar which is good enough to grab a PG seat of your choice provided one revises it well enough.


Jyoti Yadav( Studies at Lady Hardinge Medical College)

I have used both Marrow and Prepladder. Both have good-quality of videos and the lecturers are really great. But I’ll say Prepladder is better overall. Here’s what I liked about Prepladder:

  • Very crisp notes. The important points are also highlighted so that we don’t miss anything important.
    Because of the vast syllabus, it becomes very hectic when it comes to revision.
  • Prepladder makes it easy to revise, thereby boosting your confidence. It’s not about how much you read, it’s about how many times you read. So Prep can give you this extra edge of covering the syllabus early.
  • Rapid Revision of the Prepladder is unbeatable.
  • Nicely curated Qbank.

It’s definitely worth it to give it a shot!!


Navya Navya (MD GENERAL MEDICINE at Osmania General Hospital)

Few subjects are better in the prepladder and few others in the marrow. Prepladder is better than marrow for anatomy, pharmacology, medicine, orthopedics, PSM, dermatology, and psychiatry.

Marrow is better for ENT, Ophthalmology, pathology, gynecology and obstetrics, anesthesia, and radiology. Surgery is the best in the marrow.

A few subjects like microbiology are not very good in both (maybe because I don’t like microbiology) The rest of the subjects are equally good in both.

Overall I prefer prepladder because the tougher and time-taking subjects are dealt with better in prepladder, except for surgery, there’s no better teacher for surgery than Rohan Khandelwal sir in the marrow.


Vighnesh C S (MBBS from Pondicherry University (Graduated 2019)

I have personally tried out multiple applications for my NEET-PG preparations (Lecturio, PrepLadder, Marrow, etc.) during my undergraduate days.

I would highly recommend Marrow as I am currently using it for my PG preparation and the experience has been as smooth as can be.

Dr. Rakesh Nair sir has been an inspiration to me through his descriptive and detailed videos about each topic. In addition to being an outstanding teacher, Dr. Abbas Ali Sir’s website and youtube videos are wonderful “pick me ups” during the days when I feel that I just can’t cope. The faculty are also active on social media and are prompt in relieving our doubts.

Additionally, in Marrow, there’s also a feature called “pearls”, and they are quite useful for a quick revision of the essentials before the exam.

It reduces my need for jotting down notes (of which I find an endless list on the internet) and lets me use my time effectively for my preparations.


Nilay Kumar Kedia (Intern at MKCG Medical College, Berhampur)

I used marrow for my second-year subjects like pathology, pharma, micro, and fmt. After making all the notes and solving Q-bank, I felt they were shit.

6 copies for pathology, 3 copies for Pharma, 3 copies for microbiology, and 2 for fmt. Pharma and fmt were still manageable. The purpose of notes is to make it such that you can review and revise them multiple times.

Marrow defeats that purpose lately. I like prepladder more as the videos are concise, up to the point, and extremely interactive, unlike boring marrow videos. (not every subject though).

Prepladder rapid revision videos have been extremely useful for quick review, their notes are amazing and Q-banks are good too. Additions like snapshots, and treasures are good too. I feel prepladder is a better choice than marrow.

Marrow or Prep Ladder: What’s our opinion?

I would just say, in the end, don’t succumb to peer pressure and make poor decisions. If you are a first-year student you will have plenty of time to explore these sites before your senior year. You should give it a try and evaluate each of the 19 topics on your own.


We have observed that the majority of second-year students who have taken prepladder have benefited most from pathology and pharmacology. The printed notes are excellent for your last-minute revision.

Take out a Prepladder subscription if you are in your first or second year. This is because marrow is expensive and you won’t be able to utilize it to its fullest extent throughout your pre- and paraclinical years. First and second-year MBBS students should consider the Prepladder faculty.


Close your eyes and choose Marrow if you are in your third or final year of medical college. In addition, because the final-year themes are broad and clinical, I have observed that most of the final-year students choose Marrow for its in-depth subject matter.

Do your best to finish the pre-clinical and paraclinical subjects on the app because only questions from these subjects will make up about 10% of the NEXT questions.

If you intend to study more and have plenty of time during the year, you can invest a little extra money and choose marrow.

However, if you find it difficult to balance watching video lectures while also annotating books because of your hectic schedule, you should choose Prepladder for your conscientious notes.



These two NEET PG applications are helpful because they allow aspiring doctors to learn and study whenever they like. Both use comparable software.

Also, you don’t have to rely on a single platform. Prepladder, as opposed to the marrow, includes individual purchase plans for each subject.

Hence, it is best to purchase a Marrow subscription and select any Prepladder subjects that make you feel more at ease and contented.

Therefore, the final recommendation is to choose marrow if you have enough time to prepare. Choose Prepladder if you want to do last-minute preparations. Prepladder is a rapid revision method that is particularly helpful for last-minute planning.

Thus, both universities deliver on their promises to students to the highest standard. Your preference for marrow or Prepladder will depend on your preferred method of learning. Take your time, review the materials and demo videos, and then make a choice.

Finally, the student’s efforts matter more than the platform or institute they are enrolled in. The hard work of the students is what makes up 80% of the contribution, while the institute/platforms make up only 20%.

Hope this article helps you. Best wishes for your Preparation and success in the future. Good luck with your exams!

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