Here’s Why Chelsea Handler announces Breakup with Jo Koy? Explained


Here's Why Chelsea Handler announces Breakup with Jo Koy? Explained

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler are taking different paths. Let’s see Why Chelsea Handler announces Breakup with Jo Koy? Explained.

The 47-year-old former Chelsea host announced her and Koy’s separation on Instagram on Monday.

It is with a heavy heart to say that we have jointly decided we should take a break from our relationship at this time, Handler wrote in the title of a video the two planned to broadcast on their first anniversary. Those close to the couple do hope that this is just a short-term issue, a source tells PEOPLE.

“Their friends are still holding out hope for them. But if anything, it’s obvious that their friendship has improved both of them, “says the source.

“I know many of you were engaged in our love, and I wanted to express to you how much it meant to both of us,” Handler wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post to her followers How much meaning it still has. And how strongly I now believe that we are all loved.

She gave Koy a standing ovation and praised him, saying, “He blew my heart up with love, and as a result of him, my life experience has altered forever.”


Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy

Extra Handler: “One of the greatest privileges of my life has been being adored and loved by @jokoy.
He restored my trust in people, in love, and in being completely myself, and I’ve never felt more hopeful about the future “future.”

“You blasted my creativity open, my love for working hard again, being on the road again, and you reminded me who I was and always have been, and my feet have never been more firmly planted in the earth,” Handler said to Koy in an open letter.

“This is not an ending. It’s another beginning, and it’s a comfort to know that I am still loved and love this man the way the sun loves the moon and the moon loves the sun. YOUR PERSON IS COMING,” Handler wrote, ending with, “So, please continue to root for both of us, because you never know what life will bring, and let’s first start by all going to the theater on August 5th to buy tickets to Jo’s new movie EASTER SUNDAY and Filipino PRIDE! Let’s go!”

Handler and Koy, 51, were introduced by a mutual friend almost 20 years ago. Koy then went on to make regular appearances on Handler’s former E! show, Chelsea Lately, which ran from 2007 to 2014.

Handler recently served as a guest host for Jimmy Kimmel Live, making fans excited about her potential return to late-night television. Handler and Koy first sparked dating rumors in September when they were spotted looking cozy at a Los Angeles Dodgers game. She then posted about being in love, but she concealed Koy’s identity at the time.

“Just sitting here in Mallorca thinking about how grateful I am to have so many people that I love in my life, to live the life I do, and to be going on tour doing what I love,” she captioned an Instagram post, which featured a photo of herself appearing content.

The comedian continued, “And that I’m finally in love, with the best kind of guy there is. There is hope for everyone! That kind of stuff.”

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler’s Relationship History

Along with a video that the comedian had planned to share for the couple’s forthcoming first anniversary, Handler, 47, posted on Instagram on Monday, July 18.

“It is with a heavy heart to report that we have decided mutually that we should take a break from our relationship right now. “I know many of you were engaged in our love, and I wanted to explain to you how much it meant to both of us,” the Chelsea host concluded. how much meaning it still has.

And how strongly I now think that everyone is loved. Chelsea Handler gets a handle on love at last.

In an upcoming book, Chelsea Handler will share additional details about her romance with fellow comic Jo Koy, about which she has been posting and bragging.

Handler disclosed the couple’s amicable beginning to “Bubba Show” presenters Melanie Taylor and Bubba of Pittsburgh 100.7 Star.
“He was persistent; he kept showing up, showing up, and showing up. Handler stated, “I never thought of him in that way.

“Even though he is older than me, we simply had that closeness where he was like my little brother.

I always regarded him as my little brother as well as a bit of a bother and in my face. I was just like “Jo Koy, Jo Koy, Jo Koy,” but as the years passed, he kept making frequent appearances. How the two transitioned from platonic to love and how the couple defied Handler’s romantic past will be revealed in his next, as-yet-untitled book.

Why Chelsea Handler announces Breakup with Jo Koy?

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy: A Timeline of the Comedians’ Relationship

Koy and Handler have been close friends for many years. Before either of them became well-known, comedian Jon Lovitiz introduced the two.

They discussed how they became more than friends after rekindling their connection and spending a “romantic comedy” week together in Los Angeles on an episode of “Dear Chelsea” in October, a month after being Instagram official. Additionally, Handler has discussed how Koy “redeemed (her) confidence in males.” “You have restored my faith in people, I said to him.

I’ve learned from meeting you that there must be other men out there who are like you. And we all need to know that,” she said to the crowd in April at a covert Los Angeles performance.He urged her to be herself, she added.

She stated, “(He) appreciates my confidence and my refusal to accepts— from anyone. “I don’t have to tone down my personality; I can be who I am.” The comedian mentioned that counseling had made her more receptive to love during a TODAY with Hoda & Jenna appearance in October.

She added, “I suppose it was treatment.” Then I had this fantastic guy in my life who just sort of wore me down, and that’s when I gave in because I went to therapy and was able to see things through a different lens. “You know what, you’re my boyfriend; I adore you,” I said. It’s, therefore, one of the best kinds of things. He is my close friend.

Although Koy posted on his Instagram story on Monday night with friends and family at Universal Studios in Hollywood, he has not yet made a public statement regarding the separation.

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