Who is Jae Woodroffe? Know more about Kayla Itsines new BF

Jae Woodroffe

Kayla Itsines, a multimillionaire fitness queen, has announced her engagement. After a year of dating, fitness queen Kayla Itsines and her boyfriend, Jae Woodroffe is engaged. Let’s see who is Jae Woodroffe.


Kayla Itsine announced her engagement

SWEAT app co-founder Jae Woodroffe captioned the picture, “YES #engaged @jaewoodroffe @itsjlahhere.”

Following Itsines’ shocking 2020 split from ex-fiance Tobi Pearce, with whom she has two-year-old daughter Arna Leia, the couple made their relationship public in January of this year.

“Everyone, meet Jae! For years, my best friend, and now my partner,” Itsines said in the caption of a picture of the two.


who is Jae Woodroffe?

Kayla Itsines, a multimillionaire fitness businesswoman, and Jae Woodroffe, her boyfriend of one year, have announced their engagement.

The 31-year-old, who has more than 40 million followers on social media, announced the happy news this morning, proudly displaying her diamond engagement ring in a sequence of pictures shot after her 29-year-old boyfriend proposed.

When do they get engaged?

Thank you to everyone who commented on my stories with the phrase “you look incredibly happy! She later changed the caption to read, “I am.


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When she quit her first relationship?

16 months after announcing their engagement, Itsines and Pearce, with whom she co-founded SWEAT, called it quits in August 2020 after dating for eight years.

“After eight years, Tobi and I have decided to call it quits on our relationship. We will always be close as family, friends, and Arna’s loving parents, Itsines wrote in a post at the time.

“We have shared a lifetime of adventures and treasured memories as we have grown up in Adelaide, from moving into our first flat and launching SWEAT from our living room to becoming parents to our lovely daughter.

What is their first flat?

“As we raise Arna together and manage SWEAT as business partners, our friendship is still strong. I appreciate your warmth and support during this difficult time. The ex-couple started with the Bikini Body Training company, which they later rebranded, and grew the fitness empire throughout their relationship, selling it for $400 million to US IT giant iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. last year.

SWEAT will continue to be a stand-alone brand, Itsines promised members when she announced the acquisition, and the “epic makeover” would offer more exercise options when users opened the app.


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