How did Gibson Gathu Mbugua die? Vioja Mahakamani Prosecutor cause of death Explained


How did Gibson Gathu Mbugua die? Vioja Mahakamani Prosecutor cause of death Explained

Gibson Gathu Mbugua, a well-known actor best recognized for his role as “Kiongozi wa mashtaka” in the acclaimed court comedy series Vioja Mahakamani, has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Gibson Gathu Mbugua cause of death in detail.


What happened to Gibson Gathu Mbugua?

Gibson Gathu Mbugua, a veteran actor who was well-known for his role as a Prosecutor in the Vioja Mahakamani drama has died.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) on Tuesday confirmed that the ‘prosecutor’ is dead. The veteran actor had been ailing from diabetes for more than 20 years, and in 2021, the family announced that his kidneys had failed.

In August this year, Mbugua underwent a kidney transplant at the Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret.

Gibson Gathu Mbugua cause of death

According to the reports, it was determined that he died as a result of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and kidney problems.

Gathu Mbugua made a financial aid plea to Kenyans at the start of this year so that he might receive a kidney transplant. Gibson has been controlling his diabetes for more than 20 years, but starting in November 2020, his kidneys failed, necessitating twice-weekly dialysis.

The good news is that he has a donor, which will aid in his efforts to raise the estimated $5–$6 million in medical expenses necessary for a kidney transplant scheduled for July 2022 at the Mediheal Hospital, Eldoret. The plea at the time said that the aforementioned sum included the recipient’s post-surgery care.

Actor Vioja Mahakamani makes a financial plea for help with a kidney transplant

He was well-known for playing the court prosecutor in the well-liked Vioja Mahkamani comedy series in Kenya. Gibson Gathu Mbugua was a pioneering figure in the local entertainment industry, and his no-nonsense strategy—which is similar to that of real prosecutors in court—made him a favorite of the audience.

Despite being past his prime, he still makes the occasional TV appearance. Gathu told Standard Entertainment that he has been experiencing health issues for a while and has been in and out of the hospital for various operations.

He told us that he got sick in 2020 and that the doctors diagnosed him with kidney failure after running several tests on him in the hospital. “Doctors recently suggested a kidney transplant to me despite the fact that I have been receiving dialysis for some time.

“The treatment is scheduled for the last week of July, and I will need about Sh6 million.” After the transplant, I will need to take a number of expensive drugs for the rest of my life. Gathu made a plea to all well-meaning Kenyans to help him in any way they can as he works to get well again. He has already organized a Harambee for the month of June.

Gibson Gathu Recovering after Kidney Transplant

Gibson Gathu, a former Vioja Mahakamani actor, expressed gratitude to Kenyans for their financial support of his kidney transplant.

Message after surgery

Gathu, who underwent the treatment at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret, told Standard Entertainment that everything went smoothly and that he is already feeling better.

I was released from the hospital on August 3, 2022, after being admitted on July 18, 2022. I feel fantastic. I have tonnes of energy. I feel like my time on dialysis has worn me out. I’m slowly getting back to my old self now. God is wonderful, he declared.

Thanksgiving Message

The actor also praised President Uhuru Kenyatta. The actor will continue to be observed by physicians for the following two weeks.

In addition, the actors who supported him during this time deserve special notice. These actors include Lucy Wangui-Judge, Mathias Keya-Alfonse Makacha Makokha, and Hiram Mungai, also known as Ondiek Nyuka Kwota.

“I am grateful to Kenyans who have supported me. I can never thank them enough,” he said. To those seeking kidney transplants, Gathu advised them to seek solutions locally before traveling abroad because Kenya has capable doctors.

Who was Gibson Gathu Mbugua?

Gibson Gathu is well-known for playing the prosecutor in the hit TV comedy series Vioja Mahakamani, or “kiongozi wa mashtaka.”

Gibson Gathu Mbugua was born in Nairobi County’s Eastlands. He attended Mriton Primary School there throughout his formative years while living in Eastlands. Later, he enrolled at Equator High School in Thika, Kiambu County, for high school.

The actor and Margaret Njeri have been wed for more than three decades. He is the father of four children—three girls and one boy.

He revealed that all of his daughters received Master of Business Administration degrees in an interview.

Work and interests

Gibson Gathu’s acting career began in elementary school, where he received acting instruction from Janet Young, a foreign employee of UNESCO.

The Tausi Drama club, which included the late Mzee Ojwang, the late Ann Wanjogi, and two South Africans named Kavundla and George Manoe, served as an inspiration to him.

Later on, he rose to fame, mostly thanks to his performance in Vioja Mahakamani. Additionally, he performed in a variety of roles in television programs like The Air Up There, Kivunja Mbavu, Varshita, Vitimbi, and Kivunja Mbavu. Along with participating in several TV programs, he has also been in several radio and TV ads. Gibson Gathu enjoys working out at the gym. He enjoys watching football and is a supporter of Manchester United.

Net worth

The total wealth of Gibson Gathu is $14 million. He makes the most of his money from his multiple TV appearances and ads.

Vioja Mahakamani

One of Kenya’s most-watched television programs is the comedy sitcom Vioja Mahakamani. For 25 years, the program has been televised. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is the broadcaster of the series.

Tributes & Condolences to Gibson Gathu

Bowry Steven

He is a legend. May his soul RIP

Bigvoh comedian

He was such a good mentor We have lost such a great man Rest In Peace



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