Floyd Sneed dies, Legendary Canadian drummer passed away at 80

Floyd Sneed
Floyd Sneed, Canadian drummer

Floyd Sneed, a legendary Canadian drummer, passed away at the age of 80. Let’s see, how did the drummer die and Floyd Sneed cause of death in detail.

How did Floyd Sneed die?

The Three dog nights drummer Floyd Sneed passed away. This sad news was announced by the Three dog night group on the social media page and the message reads,

“Three Dog Night is saddened to learn of the passing of Floyd Sneed. Floyd was an absolutely wonderful human being, a complete original and a sweetheart of a man.

He was also an extraordinarily unique drummer who brought so much to Three Dog Night’s sound.

Floyd broke many barriers, both musically and culturally; he also influenced countless other drummers with his amazing technique.”

“He will be greatly missed by all of us in the band and the many musicians, artists and others he inspired throughout his life. Rest in Peace Floyd.”

Who was Floyd Sneed?

Canadian drummer Floyd Chester Sneed is most known for his work with the group Three Dog Night.

Sneed was born on November 22, 1942, in Calgary, Canada. Growing up in a musical household, he developed an early interest in drumming. Floyd’s parents were both musicians at their church.

His older sister Maxine, who was then married to the actor-musician Tommy Chong, gave him his first drum set as a gift.

His older brother Bernie Sneed, a pianist, and he played together in a band called the “Calgary Shades” (1940–2016).

He immediately started playing with Chong’s band, Little Daddy and the Bachelors, throughout the Vancouver region.

Musical career:

Sneed formed his own band and relocated to Los Angeles, California, in 1966. Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells were a trio of vocalists with a contract with Dunhill Records who were looking for supporting musicians in 1968.

In the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s, Three Dog Night, their new band, experienced commercial success. Sneed joined the group.

Sneed sang the deep voice on “Joy to the World,” singing the line “I wanna tell you,” on just one song with the band.

He continued to perform with different bands after Three Dog Night disbanded in 1977, including an extensive tour with The Ohio Players.

Floyd Sneed cause of death:

Floyd Sneed died from poor health. Comedian Tommy Chong disclosed the Floyd’s cause of death by saying,

Floyd Sneed the drummer and founding member of the Three Dog Night died last night . Floyd, who was about celebrate his 80th birthday passed January 27th after a battle with poor health. #FloydSneed

Floyd’s cause of death was illness. Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of the drummer broke out.


Tributes to Floyd Sneed:

Chuck Negron posted,

A wonderful man, friend, and musical peer has passed on to the next part of his journey. Floyd was a unique and powerful drummer and more importantly a kind and special human being. I will always cherish the times he stayed with my wife Ami and I at our home and the hours we spent spinning tales of our youth when we were Kings.
I love you Floyd and I will keep you in my heart always.

Jeff Fogerty posted,

Sadly, Floyd Sneed has died. The amazing drummer for 3 DOG NIGHT. That man was a groove machine and could rock AND swing !!

Tommy Chong tweeted,

Floyd Sneed the drummer and founding member of the Three Dog Night died last night . Floyd, who was about celebrate his 80th birthday passed January 27th after a battle with poor health.

Gary Sonny Alfano posted,

RIP Floyd, original drummer on all the hits of Three Dog Night.

Tom Moon posted,

Floyd, original drummer for 3 Dog Night died. Floyd was one of the absolute best drummers in 70s rock. Don’t believe me? Give it a listen. RIP


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