Beverly Crest Mass shooting: What happened? 3 dead 4 critically injured after shooting, Explained

Beverly Crest Mass shooting
Beverly Crest Mass shooting


The fourth mass shooting in California this month occurred in Los Angeles early on Saturday morning, leaving at least three people dead and four more injured. Let’s see more details about the Beverly Crest Mass shooting in detail.

Beverly Crest Mass shooting:

According to officials, a shooting early on Saturday morning in the Beverly Crest neighborhood resulted in at least three fatalities and four injuries.

Los Angeles Police Department reported that the incident took place on Ellison Drive close to Benedict Canyon.

The incident occurred shortly after 2:30 a.m. in Beverly Crest, an upscale Los Angeles suburb, according to Sgt. Frank Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Who is the suspect?

Authorities have not disclosed any suspect information. The three fatalities—two men and a woman—have not yet been named.

Four of the seven victims of shooting were outside. The three victims perished inside a car. The other injured people were rushed to the hospital and are now in a critical state.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting and whether it took place inside a house are unknown.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, the United States saw more than 600 mass shootings in 2022, resulting in at least four fatalities or injuries.

This is a developing story. As new information becomes available, we will update this story.


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