How did Emilian Kamiński die? Polish actor & director cause of death Explained

Famous Polish actor and director Emilian Kamiński passed away. Let’s see How did Emilian Kamiński die and Emilian Kamiński cause of death in detail.

How did Emilian Kamiński die?

Emilian Kamiński, a well-known Polish actor and director, passed away after a protracted and serious illness at the age of 70.

His death was verified by Patrycja Pawlik, the publicity secretary for the Kamienica Theatre.

“Today at 7.30 am, Emilian Kamiński , creator and director of the Kamienica Theatre, actor and director, died after a long and serious illness. He passed away with his family, in his home in Józefów. There are no words that could express the sadness and grief left in our hearts. .. The family and employees of the theater are in suffering”



Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Piotr Gliński also tweeted about the passing of legendary director Emilian Kamiński.


Emilian Kamiński cause of death

Emilian Kamiński cause of death was not been fully disclosed yet. But Emilian Kamiński’s passing came as a shock to many of his followers, who had been anxious about his health for a while.

There was data given concerning his illnesses a few months ago. The actor and the director both experienced COVID and later dealt with its aftereffects. Additionally, Emilian Kamiński required surgery.

Then he admitted that he experienced problems after passing Covid. He did, however, guarantee that the medical staff administered the proper care, allowing him to continue working without interruption.

“I had a little surgery (…) I don’t know if it’s post-covid or something, but as I say, I’m healthy. Maybe healthy, if not a bull, but I can do it, which can be seen on stage, so it’s probably not with me so bad and I invite you to the Kamienica Theater to see for yourself “

When he turned 70 in July and was celebrating, he was upbeat and made more plans for the future. His wife Justyna Sieczyo and children supported him during all of this.

” Maybe I’m not as healthy as a bull, but I manage . You can see it on stage, so I’m not that bad . The greatest gift I got from fate is my family. Thanks to them, I always want to act and move forward”

In their house outside of Warsaw, Emilian Kamiński celebrated this momentous day with his loved ones. He also made a brief comment to the weekly “Rewia” at the time, assuring readers that while he wasn’t in ideal health, he was well.

Sadly, we now know that the actor passed suddenly at his home on the second day of Christmas as a result of health issues that could not be entirely rectified.

We will update you about Emilian Kamiński cause of death once we get the information from the right source. Also, Emilian Kamiński cause of death has left the community inconsolable.

Who was Emilian Kamiński?

Emilian Kamiński received his education at Warsaw’s Technical School of Economics No. 8.

He made his acting debut at the premiere of Teatr na Woli Kruczkowski’s First Day of Freedom, directed by Tadeusz Omnicki, in 1975 after receiving his degree from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw.

One of his greatest accomplishments was playing a part in Edward Stachura’s prose play Sie in a little Warsaw theatre called Teatr Na Rozdro.

He made his big-screen debut as a young member of the resistance movement in Jan Omnicki’s Action pod Arsenal (1977).

In Tango Bird, he portrayed Robert, who struggled with his emotions, in a larger, more intriguing way (1980).

Teatr Domowy

He was one of the co-founders and performers of Teatr Domowy, a kind of dramatic community resistance to the state during martial law.

The possibility of several years in prison, and a political one at that, made things less straightforward because it was an illegal theatre for which we were being investigated.

He continued by saying that because the actors had to exercise extreme caution, the performances were not videotaped or photographed, and as a result, no evidence of them remains. At the time, he also owned a construction business.


Several dozen roles that have appeared on both the big screen and on television are among Emilian Kamiński’s many film accomplishments.

Due to his enormous popularity, he was given the part of painter Jerzy in the movie version of Kornel Makuszyski’s book “The Madness of Panny Ewy” (1985).

He received a lot of compassion from the audience for his portrayal of Stork in Jacek Bromski’s comedies “U Pana Boga w Ogrodku” and “U Pana Boga za Miedzy.” He received the “Gloria Artis for Merit to Culture” gold medal from Prof. Piotr Gliski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, on December 23.


Tributes to Emilian Kamiński

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Nostalgia tweeted,

“Sad news … Emilian Kamiński – actor and director died at the age of 70”

Mateusz tweeted,

“RIP Emilian Kamiński”

Robert kwit tweeted,

Emilian Kaminski has passed away Eternal rest grant him Lord, and let perpetual light shine on him forever and ever Rest in the peace of Christ.”


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