Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy died: What happened to the Bristol police? Explained

Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy died: What happened to the Bristol police? Explained

Two police officers, Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy were killed, and a third was injured after responding to a domestic violence incident in Connecticut, as per the officials.

According to Connecticut State Police, two policemen were shot near Bristol, which is located about 15 miles, approximately 24 kilometers from southwest of Hartford. Let’s see how Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy died and What happened to the Bristol police in detail.

How did Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy die?

Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy of the Bristol police department got killed. According to state police, two cops were killed, and one was critically injured in a shooting that occurred overnight in Bristol. The injured officer was said to have major injuries. The cops killed were identified as Sgt. Dustin Demonte, 35, and Officer Alex Hamzy, 34.

Alec Iurato, a 26-year-old officer, was the one who suffered massive injuries; according to authorities, he underwent surgery and is now recovering. A suspect was also shot and died, according to officials. His identity remained a secret.

On Thursday, October 13, a press conference was held at 8:30 a.m. and the officers discussed a gunshot in Bristol which left two officers deceased and a third critically injured. Soon after midnight on Wednesday, according to state police, when officers were summoned to a residence on Redstone Hill Road in Bristol.

What happened to the Bristol cops?

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, according to state police, officers were dispatched to a residence on Redstone Hill Road in Bristol. They said that there had been a domestic incident involving two brothers when Bristol police were called. The suspect waited for the cops outside. When they came, state police stated he had killed one cop on the scene. At the hospital, the second cop passed away. The third cop suffered critical injuries.

According to reports, the suspect was fatally injured. His brother was also injured, but it was unknown how he was doing. The incident was classified as isolated by troopers.

They asked that thoughts and prayers be with the families, the officer, and everyone impacted.

“Three officers were shot in Bristol, officer-involved shooting,” Connecticut State Police wrote on social media. “We are still working diligently to gather accurate information from our investigators and all that are involved. We will provide a press conference as soon as we can. Again, please be patient as the scene is still very active and fluid.” The incident took place in a residential area about a half mile from ESPN.

What do eyewitnesses say about the incident?

The cops were taken to Bristol Health, where a large police force is present. The deceased officers were transported in a procession later on Thursday morning to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Farmington.

An eyewitness described the frequency of the gunshots as terrifying and stated,

We just heard the gunshots like, ‘pop pop pop pop pop pop,’ up and stop, and then halt for maybe thirty seconds, and then another round, ‘pop pop pop pop pop,’ and then it just stopped.

Ted Krawiec, an eyewitness, said,

And then [we] started hearing sirens and everything else.

Who was Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy?

Sergeant Dustin Demonte is a 35-year-old cop serving in the Bristol Police department. Demonte joined the Bristol Police Department in 2012 and served as the school resource officer for Greene Hills School in addition to working in the patrol division. He is survived by his wife and two children with another on the way.

Alex Hamzy, aged 34 was raised in Bristol, and his wife and parents survive him. He was hired by the police department in 2014.

Officer Alec Iurato, aged 26 was hired in 2018 and is assigned to the department’s patrol division.

Tributes to the police officers:

Boston Police Dept. tweeted,

The members of the Boston Police send our sincere condolences, to the Bristol PD, @CT_STATE_POLICE, and the people of Connecticut. We will continue to pray for the 3 officers, their families, coworkers, and friends.

Bob Stefanowski tweeted, 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the surviving officer, the families and loved ones of all three officers, the Bristol Police Department, and law enforcement across our state on this horrible tragedy.

Blue tweeted,

The families of 3 Bristol Ct police officers are shattered simply because their loved ones put on a vest and shield and responded to help those in need. If this doesn’t hit you in the heart you have no heart. Lost count how many officers have been shot nationwide this week alone.

Lauren Zenzie tweeted,

This is Officer Alex Hamzy. He has 8 years of service with Bristol Police. He is survived by his wife and two sisters. Our hearts go out to his family.

Senator Bob Duff, Majority Leader, Connecticut tweeted,

Terrible news this morning out of Bristol, CT. Two police officers lost their lives and one was injured. Please lift up their families and the Department during this very difficult time.

Lauren Zenzi tweeted,

This is 35-Year-old Sgt. Dustin Demonte. He was not only a dedicated officer with Bristol Police, he was a husband, dad to two young children, with a third baby on the way.


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