Who is Jaimes Sutton

Who was Jaimes Sutton

Police in NSW’s southwest has arrested a man they were looking for after his unusual facial tattoos led him to become viral. Jaimes Sutton was arrested by the Murray River Police District on Wednesday. Let’s see who was Jaimes Sutton and why the police arrested him in detail.

Why did the police arrest, Jaimes Sutton?

Jaimes Sutton was on the wanted list last week. On September 28, the Murray River Department issued a search warrant for Jaimes Sutton, who was wanted on two prominent arrest warrants for alleged traffic, property, and domestic-related offenses.

Mr. Sutton, a 24-year-old man, attracted social media users, who suggested he “shouldn’t be hard to spot” because of a large “BEAST” face tattoo that “may make him stand out.” His tattoos have drawn comparisons to Sharpie drawings, while others have called attention to the absence of ink on his top lip, eyes, and ears.

By changing his Facebook profile image earlier this week to a selfie that covers half of his face, Mr. Sutton appeared to be mocking authorities. The words “game over” are also inked on his knuckles. However, on Wednesday, Leeton resident Mr. Sutton was taken into custody after investigators visited a residence on Gimlet Place, New South Wales at 2.45 pm. Both outstanding warrants were filed against him at Leeton Police Station.

How did the police capture, Jaimes Sutton?

Sutton was arrested as the Murray River Police District was mocked for requesting public assistance in finding the man with the unusual facial tattoos. On September 28, the department appealed for assistance in locating Sutton in a Facebook post that included his scowling mugshot. Sutton was missing after failing to appear in court on counts of assault involving domestic violence and criminal damage. He was sought after on two active warrants.

Social media users reacted with laughter to the message. “Keep your eyes open for this man. He’ll be extremely hard to spot in a crowd,” one Facebook user commented.

Others mockingly questioned his height, appearance, and eye color in an effort to better identify him. Another user commented, “I’m gonna need a description if you want my help to find him,”

Others criticized him by saying, “It reminds me of doing a poster in primary school!”

One person commented: “Cops won’t even recognize ya now bra.”

However, Sutton updated his Facebook profile picture to a selfie in which the lower half of his face is covered.
After a while, police arrested Sutton at his house. Sutton was refused bail and is scheduled to appear in court Thursday after he was arrested.

Who is Jaimes Sutton?

Jaimes Sutton is a 24-year-old man whose forehead bears the word BEAST in blue tattoos and who has been mocking cops for two weeks. He missed appearing in court on counts of domestic violence-related assault and criminal damage. On two active warrants, he was on a wanted list and was searched by cops.

Murray River Police District asked for help to locate the wanted man Jaimes Sutton, who frequents the Deniliquin area on the VIC-NSW border. Last week, Police officials posted, Anyone with information is requested to call the Deniliquin Police Station at (03 5881 9299) or Crime Stoppers at (800) 333-TIPS. Originally published under the headline ‘Beast’ tattooed wanted man taunts cops on social media.

People’s reaction on Social media:

Jimmy Malone, tweeted,

Sometimes when people get arrested, it’s a case of mistaken identity. The police accidentally arrest someone who just happens to look like a real criminal. Hope that didn’t happen this time.

Jazz Shaw tweeted,

If you tattoo “BEAST” across your forehead, perhaps a life of crime is not for you.

Kelly Maher tweeted,

I wonder how they found him.

ImageKingUSA tweeted,

Heavily tattooed fugitive ‘The Beast’ is arrested in the sensational end to major manhunt weeks after his mugshot set the internet alight

Jim McNeff tweeted,

Jaimes Sutton was arrested Wednesday after evading authorities since late September. Highly identifiable fugitive captured after weeks on the run https://lawofficer.com/highly-identifiable-fugitive-captured-after-weeks-on-the-run/… via

David Marler tweeted,

Beasthunt over. While on the run Jaimes Sutton posted a half-covered photo of himself on FB but left the unmissable tattooed word “BEAST” on his forehead in full view.


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