Why did Jason David Frank Commit suicide? Everything we know so far about his death

Jason David Frank , the Power Rangers actor, has passed away unexpectedly.The passing of Jason David Frank was announced on social media on November 20, 2022. Let’s see about Jason David Frank death in detail.

Is Jason David Frank Dead Or Alive?

Jason David Frank’s death has recently been reported on numerous websites and by Twitter users, who have also created obituaries in his honor.

There is speculation that Jason killed himself and is no longer with us. However, no official announcement has been made by his family.

Jason’s Representative Confirms Jason’s death

A representative for Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank has verified that the actor passed away after the internet was abuzz with rumors early on Sunday morning.

Although Jason’s family has not yet stated his loss, one of his agents said that the reports of his death were “regrettably true.”

Two posts in particular warned followers of the possibility that the actor had passed away before the fans heard from Jason’s agent.

Did Jason David Frank commit suicide?

Friends of Jason have been posting about Jason’s death after confirming it through mutual family members and friends.

Jason’s trainer confirmed it and posted on Facebook about Jason’s death and other Power Rangers cast members are posting mysterious tales about Jason’s death.

The death of Jason David Frank has just been confirmed by Geekdom101 on Twitter, who wrote, “I just got a phone call stating that Jason David Frank hung himself today and is dead.”

I am not making this up.”

Another person who used to work with Jason also confirmed Jason’s death on twitter.

From the Production Team

Another user confirmed Jason’s death by sharing a status that was posted by Jason’s production team.

“Why would Jason David Frank commit suicide?

There have been speculations going on about why Jason David Frank would commit suicide.

According to TMZ reports, Last year his stepdaughter committed suicide and recently he got divorced. They say these might be the reasons for Jason to commit suicide.

Jason was married to Shawna Frank (1994 – 2001) and Tammie Frank (2003 – 2022). She filed for divorce, accusing him of having an extramarital affair, and they recently got divorced.

Martial artist Jason’s former wife cited these and other factors, including their relationship’s strife and conflict, and said she was unable to stay with him due to his brutal treatment of her.

People comments

Online comments from Jason David Frank’s fans have been conflicted.Many people have expressed their sorrow and nostalgia after hearing the news, but some are doubtful and are waiting for formal confirmation before doing so.


Jinx the loose canon tweeted,

“Not believing it because it has to be confirmed directly from family, official source or from their agent, therefore its false until then.”

Marvin smith tweeted,

”I wouldn’t say it’s confirmed. He’s might just be going off what he saw. When I see it in the news I’ll believe it, or a statement from his twitter or FB page or his wife.”


BigmacGuruGun tweeted,

He’s has left behind a legacy and 4 kids Who are probably devastated right now because your dad is gone I couldn’t imagine what they’re feeling right now rest in peace Jason David Frank and long live the original green ranger and white ranger and red ranger and black ranger.”

The Authentic man tweeted,

There weren’t too many that inspired me as a kid, but this man surly did. A true legend whose role transcended the small and big screen. You will truly be missed, but never forgotten. You are THE Power Ranger…Rest in peace Jason David Frank. Hero 4ever for me.”

Brandonius tweeted,

I really hope that Jason David Frank is somewhere minding his own business, safe, and blissfully unaware about the rumor on Twitter. But also, now is a goodtime to remind everyone you can reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988.”

We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


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