How did Dave Silverbrand die? Former legendary journalist cause of death explained


How did Dave Silverbrand die? Former legendary journalist cause of death explained

The world has lost a legend. Dave Silver brand, a longtime local writer, passes away at 76. Let’s look at what happened to him and Dave Silver brand cause of death in detail.

What happened to Dave Silverbrand?

A masterful journalist, Dave Silver brand worked in print and on the radio far into his eighties. His passing was reported by North Coast News today at the age of 76.

The North Coast News TV crew posted on Facebook on Friday, “It is with tremendous regret that we share with you the passing of our favorite reporter, Dave Silverbrand.” “Our newsroom is already missing him. There will soon be a Celebration of Life announcement.


Dave Silver brand cause of death

Dave started at KIEM and has worked at all the stations in the Northcoast taking his creative storytelling with him wherever he was. He had a special knack for finding human interest stories in the most common places. As per Dec 2022 reports, it was revealed that he is in hospice care for an illness. Although the precise reason has not been made public.

A post confirms his death, the message reads, He died peacefully this morning at St. Joseph Hospital with his beloved wife Maria by his side. A funeral mass will be held Friday, Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Eureka. Please keep Dave’s loved ones in your prayers. His absence is already felt immensely, and it is a heartbreaking day for all. This was the last photo taken of him on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2022. Please kindly share your favorite memories and photos of Dave in the comments. Thank you.

Dave Silver brand: Who was he?

The storyteller Silverbrand, who was born on August 13th, 1946, has always been. He was raised on the Central Coast and was born in King City, which is south of Salinas. His high school English instructor sent him to cover a local council meeting, which helped launch his media career.

Career life

He graduated with a BA in journalism from San Jose State and later worked as a television reporter in Maine, on the other shore.  He spent almost 20 years working as a broadcast reporter for WGME 13 in Portland, Maine. During that time, he began to fall in love with feature reporting and the pursuit of tales that contributed to “the fabric of life.”

Books by Dave Silverbrand

He penned two books on remarkable people while living on the East Coast: “Marvelous Mainers” (1984) and “Dave’s People: A Maine Television Adventure,” both of which were released in 1982. Early in the 1990s, he went back to California. In 1998, he received a master’s degree in English with a focus on writing instruction from what was then known as Humboldt State University. Later, he was a journalism instructor at the College of the Redwoods.

He contributed to the Times-“People” Standard’s Dave’s column for many years and provided feature-style pieces for several North Coast television stations. He was able to do what he loved most — talking to fascinating people and telling their tales — in both print and on television.

One of his interests, besides writing at home with his cat on his lap, meeting new people, and reporting was Caribbean baseball. He repeatedly remarked, “There’s nothing like it.

Silverbrand’s late wife Nina Winogradov passed away before him. While walking their dog Fiona, who was described in reports as “fluffy and white with dyed pink ears,” she was killed in an intersection close to Zane Middle School in Eureka in May 2013.

In a conversation with the Times-Standard at the time, Silverbrand recalled, “It grew to be very well-known around town she was the lady with the pink dog.” For more than 20 years, the pair was a unit.

In a 2014 YouTube interview, he later reflected on her:

One of the things Silverbrand stated she taught him was to approach life with humor. And I believe the second most significant lesson I picked up from her was to cherish every moment you share with yourself and someone you care about because time is flying and you never know how long it will last.

Later in life, Silverbrand had a strong interest in Cuba and visited it on multiple occasions, including one right after Donald Trump was elected president and the embargo was abolished. In a video he recorded from a 2016 trip to Cuba, he commented, “Nothing screams love like a cup of Cuban ice cream.”

Tributes poured in for the beloved Journalist Dave Silver brand  

Dania Romero TV

It’s with a heavy heart announcing we have lost a legend. I learned so much from Dave with his unique way of storytelling and going out of his way to uplift his community. He was the first reporter I shadowed when I first started working at North Coast News and what a privilege that was! The day I shadowed him, he was doing a story on people recovering from drug addiction at a local church. He said he was waiting to do this story with me because we shared similar religious beliefs. I’m going to miss our talks about our love for God, but I know you’re with him now. Que descanso en Paz 

Sergio Junior Berrueta 

Rest in peace to a local news legend. Dave Silverbrand gave the news to those throughout Humboldt. He spent his time getting to know people and exploring the world around him. With a voice that Dateline’s Keith Morrison would envy and a curious spirit, he captured the heart of the North Coast. He even managed to get screen time in the 1995 film “Outbreak” in his time here (something he loved to mention here and there).

Humboldt Crabs Baseball 

The Humboldt County community has lost a legend. Dave Silver brand was a fantastic ambassador for our county, and baseball as well. He organized the local “Cleats for Kids” campaign that collected baseball equipment for youth in a small village in the Dominican Republic. Here are a couple of photos taken of Dave at the ballpark. We’ll miss seeing you there sir. Rest in peace.

Amy Shannon-Holm

RIP Dave Silverbrand 😢 I loved bringing dogs and cats to the news on Friday nights and getting to see you. My Dad adored you. You were great people and Humboldt County will miss you greatly 😢 💔

Redwood News   

Beloved reporter Dave Silverbrand died this morning at St. Joseph hospital. He was 76 years old. Dave started at KIEM and has worked at all the stations in the Northcoast taking his creative storytelling with him wherever he was. He had a special knack for finding human interest stories in the most common places. Dave will surely be missed.  

Ken Harper   

Humboldt lost one of its true celebrities today, the illustrious Dave Silverbrand. A newsman at the crux, he was also a gracious host for so many activities. Dave Silver brand cause of death was sad to hear. He welcomed us all with his keen perspectives…such a kind and compassionate man. I was able to catch him at this year’s Oyster Festival (fulfilling his role as judge-extraordinaire Fred Oystair) and when I asked for a photo, he was humbled that I wished to include his wife. You were one of a kind, Mr. Silverbrand, you shall be greatly missed. And celebrated accordingly.





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