Clermont County shooting: Who is Chad Doerman? Father killed 3 children mercilessly, know everything about him

Clermont county shooting Who is Chad Doerman Father killed 3 children mercilessly, know everything about him

Clermont County Sheriff’s officials said that 32-year-old Chad Doerman is the father of the 3 victims (Source:

This news is really heartbreaking: The Father of three brothers killed in a shooting in Clermont County is accused of aggravated murder. All three shooting victims, according to the sheriff’s office, passed away as a result of their wounds right away.

After hearing about this horrific act, many express their rage at the culprit and offer prayers for the kids. Although parents are intended to make their children feel safe, these heinous crimes highlight the state of the world today.

We hope the man receives what he deserves. Here’s what we know about the suspect Chad Doerman and Clermont County shooting.

Clermont County shooting: Who is Chad Doerman?

According to the sheriff’s office, three children under the age of eight died in Clermont County on Thursday night. The three brothers’ ages range from 3 to 7 years old.

Chad Doerman, the father of the boys, is accused of three charges of aggravated murder. Doerman will be prosecuted on Friday morning in Clermont County Municipal Court and is being held without bond at the Clermont County Jail. According to the sheriff’s office, more charges might be brought.

_Who is Chad Doerman

As reported by Chris Stratton, chief constable for Clermont County, Chad Doerman, 32, is operating with authorities.

What happened to the children?

The three youngsters were located in the yard by the cops with gunshot wounds but were not breathing.  They tried life-saving measures until Monroe Fire/EMS arrived, but the boys died at the scene.

When deputies arrived, the boys’ mother, a 34-year-old woman, was also outside the house with a gunshot wound to the hand.

She was taken by EMS to the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre, where she was informed that her boys had passed away by Clermont County Sheriff Robert Leahy.

The sheriff’s office reported that there was no evidence of a forced entry into the house and that no other suspects are being sought by the investigation.

According to Clermont County Chief Deputy Chris Stratton, Doerman cooperated with law enforcement following his arrest. The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office received the boys’ bodies for autopsies.

Neighbor’s Statement

“It’s just a bad situation, nothing like that ever happens in this area, just a quiet, country, really nice area, so to hear this, it’s terrible,” neighbor Dan Thomas said.

“I’m shocked, to be honest with you. We moved here six years ago and the place is great and New Richmond’s coming up. You just hate to see anything like this, anywhere.”

Thomas said the first person to approach him was the sheriff, who asked him if he had heard anything happen.

“I was sitting in the garage and all of a sudden, I hear ‘boom, boom’ and like five more, and I was like ‘that’s seven shots,'” another neighbor, Alexis Spoonamore, who lives nearby, said. “I’m shaking, it was a lot. It was bad.”

Police imprison Chad Doerman after shooting

Police detain Chad Doerman, 32, following a shooting in Clermont County. According to the press release, when deputies arrived at the Monroe Township residence in the 1900 block of Laurel Lindale Road, they saw Doerman seated on a stairway outside.

Three shot and lifeless toddlers were discovered in the yard when authorities arrested Doerman, according to officials.

Doerman was brought to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office to speak with detectives, according to officials. Late on Thursday, law enforcement personnel kept blocking off a large portion of the neighborhood around the residence.

New Richmond School District Statement

Tracey Miller, superintendent of the New Richmond Exempted School District, said in a statement Thursday that grief counselors will be available at Monroe Elementary on Friday following the incident.

Miller previously released a statement in March following the murder-suicide of a 13-year-old New Richmond middle school student who was among four who died.

“Our hearts are once again broken tonight as we yet again ask the community to lift up those affected by this horrific incident. Grief counselors will be available at Monroe Elementary tomorrow morning beginning at 9 a.m., Miller said.

Read some people’s thoughts and worries in light of these horrible acts

Christina Bolton wrote,

Many prayers to this family my heart is so broken I couldn’t imagine what this mother is feeling. Lock the piece of shit that did this away forever and make him suffer.

Diane Hopkins McLaughlin said,

Prayers for this mother & daughter & rest of the family for this horrible tragedy. I don’t understand why he just did not shoot himself rather than those 3 little boys. RIP little guys.

Gina Leach wrote,

There are a lot of people that have mental issues and need help. I pray for the Mother of those 3 boys. I know how she feels, I lost 1 child and to this day it’s the deepest pain you will ever feel. God help her.

Becky Waddle Herzog wrote,

What the hell is wrong with this country??? What has changed since I was a child in the early 60s? Children shouldn’t be afraid to play in their neighborhoods or go to school. My heart breaks every single day.


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