Christopher Story found dead after 10 years of missing, skeletal remains found in taylor township

Christopher Story
Christopher Story


The human remains discovered in New Castle have been identified as those of a man named Christopher Story, who went missing in 2013. Let’s see what happened to Christopher Story in detail.

What happened to Christopher Story?

Christopher Story went missing on August 11, 2013. A New Castle man was reported missing in 2013, and police started the search for the Story.

It was reported that Christopher Story was last seen around 11:00 p.m. on August 11, 2013, at his residence in New Castle, Pennsylvania. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, khaki shorts, a dark ball cap, and black shoes.

New Castle police has now reported that Christopher Story’s remains were discovered near Taylor township.

Christopher Story missing:

It’s been about 9 years since Christopher Story’s family reported him missing. He was 40 years old at the time when he went missing.

Police said Story left behind his wallet, phone charger, and medication. He has surgical pins/rods in his spine and may walk with a limp. Without medication, Christopher Story may appear agitated and may also appear confused or suffer hallucinations.

Christopher Story’s remains found:

Christopher Story’s skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area in Taylor Township, according to New Castle police.

Story can now be laid to rest after years of searching with dogs, draining a lake, combing woods, putting up posters, and tracking down leads.

Lawrence County Coroner Rich “R.J.” Johnson said, a human skull and other skeletal remains were discovered on Feb. 11 in a wooded area off Route 168 in Taylor Township. These remains have been positively identified as those of Story.

How did the police find Story’s remains?

Police say, A father and son walking through the woods that day came across the skull, and the property owner who approached them called the cops.

The police searched the area and then called in dogs from Annapolis, Maryland, who assisted in the discovery of more human skeletal parts.

According to New Castle Police Chief Bobby Salem, the whole parts have all been assembled, and the size matches Story’s height.

One of the final identifications of Story, he said, was when they discovered two fused vertebrae with the same vertebrae numbers Story had fused in a previous spinal surgery. They got this information from his family, and Johnson got his medical records.

The coroner also obtained the results of an MRI that Story had, which revealed his dental makeup, which was the final piece.

During the search, Salem also summoned the FBI, which dispatched agents to investigate and assist in the search for remains.

The FBI will now conduct a forensic investigation to try to determine how and when Story died.

Johnson said, “I would like to thank (Coroner) Deputy Bo DeCarbo and (New Castle police) detectives Branddon Hallowich and Shawn Lough for all of their hard work over the last few weeks on this case.

“I am glad to finally be able to give closure to all of Chris’s friends and family. Our jobs are not done, we still have to find out how Chris died.”

Police statement:

New castle police released the statement regarding the Christopher Story’s case on March 2, 2023. The statement reads, Crews “recovered the skeletal remains over the past several weeks”.

“The NCPD has continued to aggressively investigate this case since that date attempting to find Chris Story and determine what happened to him,” the police added in the statement released Wednesday.

The cause and manner of death have not been determined by the coroner. According to police, the remains will be sent to the FBI for forensic testing.

Christopher Story cause of death:

Christopher Story cause of death was not known yet. Authorities say the investigation is still ongoing. The cause or manner of death of Story will be known only after the forensic testing.

DNA samples were also taken, according to Salem, but they are being processed by the FBI, which plans to take Story’s remains and examine them for possible trauma.

The bones, he believes, will be sent to an FBI research facility in Quantico, Virginia. The police detective bureau will proceed with the investigation once they have those results, Salem said, adding that the saga of Story is far from over.

Investigation continues:

The investigation into how and why Story vanished and died is still ongoing to determine whether he died naturally, accidentally, or at the hands of someone else.

Johnson stated that once the FBI has examined the remains, they will be turned over to Story’s family for final arrangements.

Since his disappearance, Story’s family and friends have been searching for him frantically, putting up posters and posting on Facebook, and traipsing through woods and other areas.

His image was recently displayed on a billboard by the Walker’s Volunteer Search Party. The coroner had subpoenaed medical records, surgical records, and X-rays from a number of hospitals and physicians in the hopes of positively identifying the remains and confirming their suspicion, that it was Story.

A local dentist assisted in obtaining new dental X-rays and confirming a positive match to the X-rays obtained in response to the subpoena.

Johnson stated that he examined the remains for certain medical characteristics before informing the detectives and Salem that he had confirmed Story’s identity.

Salem contacted Story’s family members and informed them of the discovery and the safe return of their loved one.

“We’ve been working on this case for a long time,” Salem said, “and over the last year, we drained bodies of water, had dogs come in five or six times to search different areas, have interviewed a lot of people, and have had dogs search the area where the remains were found.

“We’ll now have to wait for the FBI to conduct its forensic investigation,” he clarified.


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