Chloe Wheatman’s Mysterious death: What happened? Cause of death Explained

Chloe Wheatman's Mysterious death What happened Cause of death Explained

A teenage girl’s heartbroken family has paid tribute to the “beautiful soul” Chloe Wheatman after she passed away after being discovered unresponsive in a parking lot. Let’s see what all we know about her so far, How did she die, and Chloe Wheatman cause of death.


What happened to Chloe Wheatman?

Last Friday at approximately one o’clock in the morning, Chloe Wheatman, 13, was discovered on Brighton Road in Sutton, Surrey.

She was taken urgently to the hospital but passed very soon after.

Since then, Chloe’s grieving family has spoken out about their loss and called her a “little firework.”

Jade, Chloe’s sister, 22, said to My London: “All of Chloe’s pals knew they could turn to her for help.

“She offered them a shoulder to cry on and was never far away. Chloe had such a lovely soul.

“People call her a little firework since she always led a rapid life. She was a really bold person.

She was a bit of a rebel, to put it mildly, always doing new things, and while she was only 13, she believed she was around 25.

She carried her speaker with her wherever she went since music was her passion. She also likes graffiti, and she had all the walls of her room painted with it, Jade added.

When they were traveling back from Cornwall, where they had been visiting family, was when she last remembered Chloe.

Driving in my car with her was one of my favorite recollections. Jade remarked, “She would ruin my speakers by turning the volume up all the way.”


Chloe Wheatman Cause of death

Chloe’s death is being classified as “unexpected,” according to the Met Police.

A police official stated: “Additional inquiries are being made to determine the circumstances. There will be a post-mortem examination scheduled.

So far no cause of death has been ruled. Investigations are ongoing and the family is waiting for the autopsy report. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the relatives for comment. Further details on Chloe Wheatman Cause of death will be updated soon.

According to Jade, Chloe liked art and graffiti and considered music to be her true passion.

Chloe lived home in Merton with Jade, her mother Sarah, her three cats, a hamster, a dog, and a ferret. She attended Greenshaw High, where Jade said she had a large friend circle.

Memorials have been made by Chloe’s family and friends in her favorite location, Manor Park, as well as in the parking lot of the Sutton Lodge Day Center, where she was discovered just before she passed away.

Her family wants to give her a special send-off despite the fact that children’s funerals are frequently free.

She was unique in a crowd because she was pierced, wore wigs in vibrant colors, and wasn’t afraid to be herself.

So instead of having a typical burial with black horses and red flowers, Jade stated, “We want to conduct a funeral that expresses who she was.”

Why was she discovered alone at that hour of the night or early morning, at the age of 13, in a parking lot? There are a lot of concerns surrounding her death, and the autopsy report will be the primary source of information.


Tributes to Chloe Wheatman

One said, What on earth happened to this poor girl?

While another added, So many young people suddenly die unexpectedly.



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