Cambridgeshire shooting: Josh Dunmore and Gary Dunmore died tragically, know more about the targeted attack on son and father

This morning, Cambridgeshire was shaken by the news that two men had been killed by gunfire in villages six miles apart. While a murder investigation goes on, Cambridgeshire Police has announced that the two victims who died in the gunshots in two villages were a father and a son. They have added that one line of enquiry is that the assaults were the result of a family disagreement over a custody issue. Let’s see about the Cambridgeshire shooting in detail.


Cambridgeshire shooting:

On Wednesday night, shootings happened in Bluntisham and Sutton (March 29).

The corpse of a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound was discovered inside by police who had been summoned to allegations of gunfire on Meridian Close in Bluntisham. Later, at around 9.37 p.m., they also received a call from someone in Sutton, about six miles distant and close to Ely, who said they had heard gunfire there as well.

A 57-year-old man’s gunshot-wounded body was discovered at a house in The Row. Both killings are being investigated and are being treated as murders by the police.

On Thursday morning, there were several police officers present at Joshua Dunmore’s Meridian Close residence. Credit: Terry Harris

Cambridgeshire Police’s Detective Chief Superintendent John Hutchinson stated that detectives had “very quickly” made two arrests in a hotel near Cambridge. He further stated that the father and son who were killed in the villages were shot.

He said,

“In the early hours of this morning we did a joint operation alongside West Mercia Police at which stage a 66-year-old man was arrested on the motorway by armed officers. Following his arrest his vehicle was searched and I can confirm we have recovered a firearm.”

He said that the individual was being transferred to Cambridgeshire for questioning while being held by Worcester police.

One of the two semi-detached properties that Sutton’s murder police had cordoned off this afternoon was accessed by three forensic officers wearing white suits.

On Thursday, forensic investigators were outside a home on The Row in Sutton. Source: Bav Media

They came through a gate rather than the front door.

Mr Hutchinson added,

“Working with local residents and family members we quite quickly established that the two victims were related and they were father and son.”

“It’s been widely reported in the media that this may relate to a custody battle. I can confirm that is an active line of inquiry for us.”

He said that the incident’s connection to a family matter was the “primary line of investigation.”


Victims : Josh Dunmore and Gary Dunmore died

A father and son were shot dead in a suspected double shooting, and tributes have been left while police look into a possible connection to a custody dispute.

Around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, builder Joshua Dunmore, 32, was shot at his house in the “lovely, quiet little rural village” of Bluntisham, Cambs. Gary Dunmore, his father, was killed just 37 minutes later at 9:37 p.m. at his residence in the nearby community of Sutton, which is only six miles away.

Builder Joshua Dunmore was shot and killed at his Bluntisham, Cambridgeshire, house. (The Sun)

In the early hours of this morning, cops removed the 32-year-old victim’s corpse.

One local said,

“The dad [Joshua] lives in Bluntisham… The bloke in Sutton was the grandad [Gary].”

The homes are still surrounded by cordons while a murder investigation is being conducted.

Officers from the forensics unit visit the scene of the shooting in Sutton where Gary Dunmore died.

Source: Bav Media

At the Bluntisham scene, heartfelt flower tributes remembered Joshua for his “laugh” and “bubbly personality.”

At the scene in Bluntisham, floral tributes honoured Gary for his “bubbly attitude” and Joshua for his “laugh.” Source: East News

One said, “Thank you for always being you,” and was addressed to the dad.

After the disaster, tributes to Joshua and Gary flooded in. Source: East News

Suspects Arrested:

In the early hours of today morning, Cambridge officers arrested a 27-year-old male and a 33-year-old woman, while a 66-year-old man was arrested in the Worcester region. Three individuals have been arrested on suspicion of planning a murder. In addition to a shotgun, police found a white Peugeot 208.

According to a source, the three were detained on a “conspiracy to kill charge,” which implies a “third person was involved.”

According to West Mercia Police, at around one in the morning, West Midlands Police observed the suspected car travelling south on the M5 motorway towards West Mercia. Two police teams used a stinger to halt the automobile at the Droitwich exit number five in Worcestershire, and the 66-year-old driver was taken into custody.

Knowing whether the firearm was lawfully possessed is a “active line of enquiry,” according to Mr. Hutchinson. At this time, he declared, “we are not looking for any further persons in relation to the event.” One line of enquiry that we’re focused on is that those persons who are in jail are known to the dead and have had recent contact with them,” the investigator stated.

He said that forensic analysis was being done to determine whether the same weapon was used at both sites. The two suspects were “from the local region but we’re attempting to determine where they have been staying in recent days,” he added of the two persons detained at a hotel just outside of Cambridge.

However, Mr. Hutchinson informed BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that the two shootings were unrelated. He said,

‘We do not believe there is any ongoing risk to the public in Cambridgeshire. We think this was targeted at the two individuals. We do have a huge policing response already on the ground and we are making significant progress.’

At Bluntisham, the horror took place in a £550,000 semi-detached red brick house on Meridian Close, a cul-de-sac that was just completed two years prior. The home, which is located on a street with many young kids, has a trampoline in the backyard.

Children and parents departed for school in automobiles this morning as police allowed people in and out of the big cordoned-off area surrounding the property, which is located between Peterborough and Cambridge.

When the 62-year-old support engineer was subsequently asked whether he had CCTV video, he said that when he turned around, he witnessed a white automobile make two passes before stopping and having the trunk opened on the second pass.

He said,

“There was a white hatchback which came around and stopped outside, then about half an hour later came back and lifted up the boot.

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