Bruce Snelling died: What happened to Clear Creek County Undersheriff? Explained

Bruce Snelling died: What happened to Clear Creek County Undersheriff? Explained

Sheriff Rick Albers said on Sunday that Clear Creek County Undersheriff Bruce Snelling passed suddenly on Saturday night at his residence. Let’s see what happened and further details about the Undersheriff.


What happened to Bruce Snelling?

Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the passing of Undersheriff Bruce Snelling via their Facebook page. The message reads,

It is never an easy task to have to share difficult news: Saturday evening, September 24, 2022, Undersheriff Bruce Snelling passed away at his home.

I know that Bruce loved his Clear Creek family and was proud of the employees he commanded and the community he served.

We will continue to provide communication and additional information as we work through this tragic loss together.

The Sheriff’s Office offers the Snelling family our most sincere condolences for their loss.


Sheriff Rick Albers

Bruce “loved his Clear Creek family,” according to Sheriff Albers, “and was proud of the employees he led and the community he served.”

No more information about his passing was given.

As we work through this awful loss together, Albers stated his office will “continue to provide communication and new information.”


Who is Bruce Snelling?

According to his LinkedIn page, Snelling has been the undersheriff for Clear Creek County since 2015.


Previously, Snelling on Christian Glass’s murder by Deputy Buen

According to Clear Creek County Undersheriff Bruce Snelling, Deputy Andrew Buen killed Christian Glass because he feared Glass might stab the Georgetown Police marshal through the smashed car window.

In an interview with CPR News, Snelling stated that Buen thought Glass represented a threat to law enforcement because he refused to put down his knife while being requested to do so 35 times during a confrontation in June 2022.

Glass, a 22-year-old Boulder resident, was shot and died towards the conclusion of the encounter after dialing 911 for assistance.


What happened that night

Snelling on Christian Glass's murder by Deputy Buen

Glass got his Honda Pilot trapped on a mountain road close to Silver Plume late on June 10 and dialed 911.

As he described what happened to the dispatcher, Glass sounded suspicious. He said that his car could have become stopped due to a trap in a bush. He said that he was terrified and required assistance leaving the location.

When the dispatcher inquired whether he had any firearms, he said that he just had some rock tools that he had recently purchased while visiting Utah. That had a rubber mallet, a hammer, and two knives. When the deputies came, Glass informed the dispatcher he would toss them out of the car.

Glass refused to exit the vehicle when Buen requested him to when he arrived, stating that he was afraid and that the only way he could feel secure was by staying inside with the doors closed and the windows down.

Glass volunteered to toss the firearms out the window, but Buen ordered him to exit the vehicle and warned him not to touch the weapons.

Buen made threats to yank him out of the vehicle and destroy the windows’ glass.

Glass would periodically pick up the knife from the passenger seat and put it back down as the police were making requests. According to Snelling, the cops tried to coax Glass out of the car without using force by offering him beef jerky, smokes, and Soda. Everything failed.

Deputies allegedly requested Glass 165 times to perform various tasks, such as getting out of the car and putting down his knife, but to no effect.

After using non-lethal force against Glass, including a bean ball gun and a taser, which smashed another car window, police finally broke one of his car windows with a baton.

After that, Glass was yelling and rocking back and forth in the car while holding a knife. He was again told to drop it by officers.

Glass, who had been tased twice by two separate police, is shown on body camera footage reaching through the smashed window toward Georgetown Police Marshal Randy Williams. It’s not apparent, though, if he had a knife in his hand.

Buen allegedly considered that to be a direct threat and chose to use deadly force.


Bruce Snelling Cause of death

On social media, condolences are being shared for Bruce Snelling. Furthermore, his death’s circumstances remain unknown. The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office and the family have not yet confirmed a cause of death for the Public.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Bruce Snelling cause of death will be added soon.



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