Cherry Valentine Cause of death: How did RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star die? Explained

How did Cherry Valentine die RuPaul's Drag Race UK star cause of death Explained

Cherry Valentine, a star of RUPAUL’S Drag Race, passed very tragically at the age of 28. The beloved TV star’s family revealed the tragic information. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and Cherry Valentine Cause of Death.


UPDATE: Family shared their grief

In a statement released by his agent on Friday, Ward’s family wrote,

Our hearts are broken to share the devastating news that our client George Ward (@thecherryvalentine) has sadly passed away 🕊. Our love and thoughts are with his parents who have issued the following statement: “It is with the most heart-wrenching and deepest sadness to inform you that our George – Cherry Valentine – has tragically passed away. This will come as a profound shock to most people & we understand there is no easy way for this to be announced. As his family, we are still processing his death and our lives will never be the same.

We understand how much he is loved and how many lives he has inspired and touched. All we ask is for your patience and your prayers at this time. We love you, Georgie! 30 November 1993 – 18 September 2022”

Still, an official cause of death for Cherry Valentine was not revealed.



How did Cherry Valentine die?

A statement from his family said:

“It is with the most heart-wrenching and deepest sadness to inform you that our George – Cherry Valentine – has tragically passed away.

It seems that this has been confirmed through news media as well. This comes as an absolute shock, but unless the family comes forward with more details please keep everything here respectful & let us honor the memory of George Ward aka Cherry Valentine.

A GoFundMe for services is available here: GoFundMe


Cherry Valentine Cause of Death

Social media is overflowing with shock and disbelief at what happened to the Gypsy Queen.

“This will come as a great shock to the majority of people, and we recognize that there is no simple way to make this announcement.

“As his family, we are still coming to terms with his passing, and it has changed everything in our lives.

“We are aware of how he is adored and how many lives he has influenced.

George, who passed away on Sunday, had an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s second season before beginning a career in television and starring in the BBC documentary Gypsy Queen And Proud. According to speculation, his cause of death was a suspected short illness or accident but yet no reason behind his death is revealed.

Update: Reports from online resources claims, Cherry Valentine reported having chest pains on Friday and Saturday. And it’s possible that Cherry Valentine’s cause of death was myocarditis and blood clots.

He was quite youthful and free of any health problems. His family was not aware of any psychological or physical problems. After the autopsy results are out, let’s hope everything will be clear.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Cherry Valentine Cause of Death will be added soon.


Who is Cherry Valentine?

“Cherry Valentine is everything.  He symbolizes glamour, is a club kid, dark, gothic, a dancer, and is flippant. George Ward, better known as Cherry Valentine, was born and raised in Darlington, County Durham.

George, who grew up in a community of travelers, graduated in 2015 as a mental health nurse before beginning a drag career and taking the name Cherry Valentine.

He described him as, “I am a queen, look at me. I’m the queen of high fashion. There is nothing worse than a droopy b**b, and I look ferocious with an hourglass-perfect physique. [sic]”

His most notable role was as a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

The BBC documentary Gypsy Queen And Proud featured Cherry as well.

How did Cherry Valentine die RuPaul's Drag Race UK star cause of death Explained


Cherry Valentine Career

He was reared in the Traveler community in Darlington, County Durham, and earned his nursing degree in 2015 before beginning his career in drag.

George was revealed to be one of the 12 competitors in the second season of the UK edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race in December 2020.

He characterized his Cherry Valentine alter ego as “glamourous,” “dark,” and “gothic” in the show’s opening trailer.

He claimed that his experience as a nurse had “placed me in the perfect position to be able to comprehend them a little bit more.

“A drag queen is someone who works with people. And I believe you go above and beyond to understand them.

According to a Reddit user, Cherry Valentine worked as a nurse “Cherry was the only Drag Race queen from the same area that the user from. He followed everything that Cherry did as soon as he found out about Cherry on the MTQs and had so much respect for Cherry for overcoming so much in her life AND for working tirelessly as a nurse throughout the covid pandemic.

Such a genuine and good soul I can’t believe it.” the user continued.

He also stated “I was really looking forward to seeing her in AllStars. This is so heartbreaking. The fact that she immediately went back to her nursing job to help at the onset of the pandemic speaks so much about how good she is as a person.”


Tributes pouring to Cherry Valentine

BBC shared a tribute on their website,

“We are all shocked and heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of George, known to many as Cherry Valentine,” the organization wrote.

“A fan favorite and an inspiration to so many, we were privileged to have worked with him at BBC Three. He will be hugely missed by his many fans and friends,” the BBC continued. “Our deepest sympathies are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

Brittany Broski tweeted,

Cherry valentine was one of my favorite queens and a truly wonderful friend. I am absolutely devastated. We had so many plans to be together in the new year. She was such a light im going to miss her so much god I’m so fucking sad Sending love to her family and friends

Tooncow said,

Not at all what I was expecting to hear this early in the morning. Fucks sake man what is going on in this world. Thank you for bringing representation to LGBT+ travelers around the UK and just being such an inspiration and icon even though you lived under such repression for such a long time. Rest in peace you young angel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Never else had I ever seen traveler representation in the LGBT community, let alone through the form of drag. Cherry was such a wonderful human being and I am so grateful to have been around at the same time as her to receive the inspiration and love she put out to so many people. RIP Cherry. Absolutely heartbroken right now

Hisosih said,

Absolutely heartbreaking. She was such a beacon of light and brought so much love and fun to everything she did. I can’t imagine how many young Irish travelers/Romani she inspired, it really can’t be undercut how important she was too young queers in those communities. I hope she knew how loved she was.

Jack Rem x said,

RIP Cherry Valentine. A brilliant drag performer who did so much for this world both as a nurse and as a representation of the gypsy community. A profound loss

Seddera Side said,

Rest in Peace to one of the most talented and beautiful queens in the world! Cherry Valentine, you will be so so so missed!

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK said,

We are utterly heartbroken to hear the shocking news that Cherry Valentine has died. As we try and process this news, our first thoughts are with our loved ones. Sending our love and condolences to their family and friends. RIP Cherry

Hugeasmammoth said,

My heart goes out to Cherry’s family in this tough time. Sending love and strength. Cherry was a talented artist who touched our hearts and soul and she and her art will forever live in our hearts. Rest in Peace, Cherry Valentine.

Pristine said,

Gosh, that’s really taken me aback. She was such a talented queen who wasn’t given enough time to shine on her season. Her documentary that she did about being gay and a drag queen within the gypsy community was both brave and groundbreaking in a way. RIP you talented, kind soul.


Fans about the shocking demise

ThisIsMyDrag said,

I’m in shock.

Cherry is the only Drag Race queen from the same area that I’m from. I followed everything that she did as soon as I found out about her on the MTQs and had/have so much respect for her for overcoming so much in her life AND for working tirelessly as a nurse throughout the covid pandemic.

Such a genuine and good soul I can’t believe it.

Missjsquared said,

I really related to Cherry, as someone from a background where there isn’t much LGBT representation. Her documentary was incredible and I hope that she was proud of the difference it would have made to people from different backgrounds who needed to see it and needed to have someone to look up to.

I always hoped she’d have a chance to come back on an all-stars season, but she still got to make a huge impact and her legacy as a performer, inspiration to those of us who didn’t see ourselves in our communities, and of course, as a selfless part of our NHS should be remembered.

RIP Cherry ❤️🍒

One person said,

This is so heartbreaking! She was a true trailblazer.

For Americans who aren’t aware of the context, Cherry was a proud gypsy.

Gypsy culture is what many would consider be quite sexist & homophobic, with an emphasis on machismo & traditional gender roles. Also, Gypsies face a TON of open discrimination, they’re considered persona non grata in a lot of communities.

So being an out & proud gypsy was no easy feat by ANY means.

This is a breaking story. More updates about the news will be added. Come later to know more about Cherry Valentine Cause of Death.



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