How did comedian Boogie B Montrell die? Shooting incident and cause of death Explained

 How did comedian Boogie B Montrell die? Shooting incident and cause of death Explained

Boogie B, a well-known comedian, apparently died. Following his alleged death outside a store, social media is inundated with tributes to the New Orleans native. The sudden death startled a lot of people. Let’s see How he died and the Shooting incident in detail.


What happened to Boogie B?

Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell, a comedian, was shot and killed outside a Warehouse District grocery shop on Friday (Dec. 23). 

His family and an attorney confirmed this on Saturday. Even though Saturday afternoon had passed without the victim’s identification being made public by New Orleans police and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office, word of Montrell’s death quickly traveled across social media on Friday night.

With his amusing “Hood History” series of films, Montrell gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram by giving historical sites, occasions, and people in New Orleans a hilarious spin.

 According to a cousin of Montrell’s who spoke to news channels the comedian had been residing in Los Angeles while seeking a career in entertainment but had recently returned to Slidell to spend Christmas with his mother and grandmother.

Who shot Boogie B?

According to New Orleans police, the man who was shot and murdered by two unidentified shooters, one of who fled the scene in a grey or silver sedan, did not appear to be the shooters’ original target. Around 4:07 p.m., the deceased was fatally shot inside a car parked at the Rouses supermarket at 701 Baronne St.

In a statement issued by family lawyer Juan LaFonta on Saturday, Montrell’s mother Sherilyn Price said, “My son was not only the victim of a stray bullet.”

“He is the victim of decades of neglect that have robbed the kids of New Orleans of all future hope and genuine dread of repercussions. It is past time for authorities in our city and elsewhere to carry out their duties. The identities of the president, governor, and mayor are important. Opportunities are created by leaders, including the chance to live in peace without worrying about irrational violence.


Shooting Incident: Explained

According to the statement, Montrell was born in New Orleans but spent some of his early years in Tampa before moving back to Louisiana. Montrell attended Delgado Community College after graduating from Bonnabel High School.

Based on the statement, Montrell moved to Washington, D.C., where he started working as a comedian, “when crime and violence in New Orleans grew alarming.”

When he was killed, Montrell is thought to have been buying groceries for his grandmother’s Christmas dinner when he was caught in the crossfire of two shooters who were strafing each other in the parking lot. Later on Friday night, according to LaFonta, he had intended to attend a friend’s comedy act at Harrah’s New Orleans.

Suspects identified

Most recently, Montrell recounted the life of Fred Parker, the 7th Ward Santa of New Orleans, who passed away in 2020, on his Instagram page. Just a few hours earlier, on Friday afternoon, Montrell was shot and died in a car in the parking lot of the Rouses, located in the 700 block of Baronne Street.

Numerous people expressed their grief over Montrell in online comments. One TikTok user commented on the question, “Is New Orleans really bad?,” while displaying a photo of Montrell. They recently killed this man.

The Police Department announced on Saturday that it was looking for two males, who it had named as suspects, as well as a woman who may know about the incident.

They named Dyamonique Smith as the woman and published pictures of the guys and the automobile they claimed the murderer used to flee the scene.

LaFonta, Montrell’s mother grieves for her son’s loss

LaFonta remarked, “He was a genuinely good guy.” “Continually moving forward. Never get involved with anything bad. “People need to realize that the causes of disasters like these are not greed, drugs, or aggressive dispositions. It’s the failure of our city’s authorities to give families and children the required and even the most basic help.

According to LaFonta, Montrell’s mother was “mad” over her son’s passing and wasn’t yet ready to make a public statement. She is outraged, but not in a sense that calls for “street justice,” he continued. She is more incensed that there is no leadership in this city to stop incidents like these and to support the students who are engaging in such behavior.

Boogie B, who was he?

The real name of Boogie B is Brandon Montrell, and he was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Fans especially enjoy his vids from Hood History.

The well-known comic excelled in rapping and dancing in front of large crowds. He decided to pursue a career in comedy as a result.

Montreal became a must-see comic in several locations, including New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, among others, after Hurricane Katrina forced him to evacuate Washington, DC.

When discussing his love of comedy, he said: “My challenges in life are the source of my humor. My drive comes from my capacity to use my suffering to make other people laugh. Nothing can stop me if Hurricane Katrina couldn’t stop New Orleans back then. His official Instagram revealed that he also worked on the Amazon Prime projects Boosters LA and Comedy Bad Boys.

His official LinkedIn account states that he was more than just a well-known comedian. Since 2012, the Delgado Community College alumnus has served as the Montrell Smith Aids Awareness Foundation’s president and chief executive officer.

According to the information on the page, Montrell’s father passed away in 2007 due to complications from HIV/AIDS, and his older brother Kevin J. Smith also became infected that year. Smith ended up committing suicide in 2010 as a result of his older sibling going through emotional and financial hardships following his diagnosis. Boogie B stated that he wanted to: “Fund those suffering from this life-changing disease by educating through humor”


Social media was awash with tributes and condolences following Boogie B’s passing

Crystal Marie

What a tragedy. This guy was beneficial to not only New Orleans, but also anyone that tuned into his videos, he educated folks about our history & culture. Prayers to his loved ones. Right before Christmas.

Kathy Howard-Koumarianos

To reduce out-of-control crime it’s got to start from the top, otherwise, it just might get worse. Prayers for the City and the young man’s family.


I’m entirely too upset about this. I’m a history nerd so I loved his videos and perspective. I think its frustration with “when is this going to stop”, mixed with being afraid to like drive through the east to go hang with my friends in Slidell bc god forbid I get taken out by a sniper, might get carjacked..etc. it’s all coming to a head and none of our leadership seems to be doing anything or saying anything proactive.

Joy Heard

This crime is something everyone has to work together on. Especially parents. This starts at home. Kids should be coming and going as they please when they stay with a parent. Parents have to help the police. Most of these crimes are being committed by young people. It’s time parents and the community step up. This is only my opinion.

Irina May

He was just sitting in his car outside of a grocery store in broad daylight. Truly can’t be safe anywhere in New Orleans these days 

Janelle Juneau

I don’t know whether to be mad or sad. I’m both! I enjoyed his stuff so much. Such a shame this happened. NOLA needs a serious come to Jesus meeting!



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