How did Blake Hounshell die? Popular political journalist cause of death revealed


How did Blake Hounshell die? Popular political journalist cause of death revealed

Reporter Blake Hounshell of the NY Times Star Suddenly passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Blake Hounshell cause of death.

What happened to Blake Hounshell?

Blake Hounshell, a political journalist for the New York Times, passed away, according to a memo distributed to the employees on Tuesday.

Executive editor Joe Kahn said of Blake: “Blake was a diligent journalist who swiftly distinguished himself as our primary politics newsletter writer and a superb observer of our country’s political situation.

Hounshell passed away following “a long and valiant struggle with depression,” according to a statement from his family. In October 2021, Hounshell began working at the Times as editor of the On Politics newsletter.


Blake Hounshell cause of death

Blake Hounshell, a well-known writer who served as editor of The New York Times “On Politics” weekly and previously held a number of executive positions at Politico, passed away on Tuesday in what appears to have been a suicide. He was 44.

Hounshell “was a dedicated journalist who swiftly distinguished himself as our primary politics newsletter writer and a gifted observer of our country’s political environment,” according to a memo to colleagues from Joe Kahn, the Times executive editor, and Carolyn Ryan, the newspaper’s managing editor.

He had previously held a variety of positions at Politico, including managing editor, director of digital editing, and editor-in-chief of Politico Magazine.

Hounshell’s previous and current coworkers paid tribute to him as a reporter, editor, and friend on social media after hearing of his passing.

What illness does Blake Hounshell have in the past?

Hounshell resided in Northwest Washington, D.C., with his wife and two kids. He survived a stroke. According to a statement from Hounshell’s family, he passed away “after a long and valiant fight with depression.”

Hounshell “was a devoted journalist who swiftly distinguished himself as our lead politics newsletter writer and a superb observer of our country’s political environment,” Joe Kahn and Carolyn Ryan of The New York Times noted after his passing.

Hounshell, 44, passed away on January 10, 2023. Police discovered his body next to the Taft Bridge and are looking into whether or not his death was a suicide, according to the Associated Press, which cited a Times obituary. According to a statement from Hounshell’s family, he passed away “after a long and valiant fight with depression.”

Who was Blake Hounshell?

American journalist and editor Bernard Blakeman Hounshell (September 4, 1978 – January 10, 2023) was a contributor to The New York Times, Politico, and Foreign Policy.

On September 4, 1978, in California, Hounshell was given the name Bernard Blakeman. He was raised in Delaware and Pittsburgh and received his political science degree from Yale University in 2002.

After joining the publication in October 2021, Hounshell edited the On Politics newsletter for The New York Times. He began his career in 2006 at Foreign Policy and later served as managing editor at Politico.

Hounshell had a key role in the establishment of the national security publication NatSec Daily at Politico. Under his direction, Foreign Policy got the Best of the Web honor from the Media Industry Newsletter in 2008.

Time Magazine named his Twitter account as one of the top 140 of 2011. He was a finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists the same year for his coverage of the Arab Spring. The 2012 memoir Southern Tiger: Chile’s Fight for a Democratic and Prosperous Future, written by Ricardo Lagos, was co-edited by Hounshell.

Tributes to Blake Hounshell

Blake Hounshell’s friends, family, and loved ones began expressing memories and tributes to him as soon as word of his passing circulated on social media, some of which are included in the comments below.

Liamstack tweeted,

I am so shocked and so sad to hear about the tragic death of Blake Hounshell I met him in Cairo when I was 22, on the day I got my very first newspaper job. I was excited when he joined The Times and wish I’d spent more time hanging out with him here.

Mark Leon Goldberg tweeted,

No! No! No! I will never forget the great parenting advice Blake gave me when I was with him on a reporting trip on my first time abroad after my kid was born. This is horrible.

Garrett Graff

The worst piece I’ve ever had to write is an unexpected and much-too-soon obituary for my friend and POLITICO colleague Blake Hounshell. This is the second time in almost precisely two years I’ve had a write an obituary for a friend, and one thing the experience always brings into sharp relief is how many questions about a friend’s life you instantly want to ask that you’ll never get the chance to answer. Have those conversations with friends and family now about their lives, hopes, dreams, loves, and motivations.

Susan Glasser 

Blake Hounshell was my friend, partner, and journalistic inspiration through our years together at Foreign Policy and Politico. I will have more to say but for now, just wanted to say: I will miss you so much. RIP, dear friend.

Steve Clemons  

Am having a hard time today realizing that not only did I lose my Chestertown friend Charles Taylor but also my longtime journalist compadre and foreign policy soul mate Blake Hounshell who tragically and unexpectedly passed this morning. I guess I’m realizing that death around us happens at the same rate throughout our lives — but that we pay attention more as we age, and whereas it was our parents’ friends and grandparents’ friends, now it is our friends. Eventually, it will be me, and possibly you. Very, very hard for me to absorb Blake’s passing — I had reached out to him not long ago to tell him I was around if he needed or wanted to talk. He was battling depression – and I knew it. I connected with him at the home of Juleanna Glover at a small press meeting. And said to him, call me. He didn’t though. I called him today not believing what were then vague rumors that something might have happened. I didn’t hear back from him. I’m going to miss Blake so very much. He was a brilliant political commentator and analyst, and wrote so many staggeringly insightful opuses for Politico and Foreign Policy. This day just sucks. Blake – RIP my friend. You deserve it.

Ryan Heath tweeted,

There are plenty who knew him better, but I’ll never forget Blake was just so intensely talented and so willing to muck in — from Playbooking to weird U.N ideas. Just always, always processing and tweeting. 

Jenifer Vaughan (Fenton) tweeted,

And always, always helpful… we messaged first in 2011, the very day after I moved to Doha, with him offering to provide any insights… sending love & condolences. Heartbreaking.



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