How did Benjamin Obadiah Foster die? Dangerous Oregon Kidnapping suspect dies after self-inflicted Gunshot


How did Benjamin Obadiah Foster die? Dangerous Oregon Kidnapping suspect dies after self-inflicted Gunshot

“Highly dangerous”: After a standoff with police, an Oregon kidnapping suspect died after a self-inflicted Gunshot. Earlier, authorities claim a man who was charged with holding another woman captive in Nevada years ago and is now accused of kidnapping and abusing a woman in Oregon is still on the run and using dating apps.

The Grants Pass Police Department considers 36-year-old Benjamin Obadiah Foster to be a “highly dangerous suspect.” Keep reading this article to know who is Benjamin Obadiah Foster and how he died in this article.


What happened to the suspect?

Authorities said that the suspect who is accused of kidnapping and torturing a lady in Oregon this month died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a long standoff with police on Tuesday night.

According to authorities, it was reported that Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, passed away in the hospital after police surrounded a property in Grants Pass, Oregon, where he was thought to be hiding under a house.

And authorities had been pleading with the suspect to turn himself in. Foster was taken into custody late Tuesday night, according to Grants Pass police, who did not elaborate on how the standoff ended.

“Dating app heckler”

Foster was said to have been spotted walking a dog in the Grants Pass region on Tuesday morning, according to authorities. After discovering a lady who had been chained and brutally beaten into unconsciousness inside a Grants Pass residence, police said the search for Foster started on January 24. When police arrived, Foster had already left the crime site, according to them.

According to Grants Pass Police Chief Warren Hensman, the victim remained hospitalized on Sunday and was in critical condition. As stated by the police chief, federal, state, and local authorities had been looking “round-the-clock” for Foster, who is wanted on accusations of attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault.

Chargesheets reveal that the prosecution alleges Foster tried to kill the lady while “intentionally tormenting” her. According to the police chief, the victim suffered the alleged assault over a “protracted period.”

A friend discovered the victim at first, then called the police and named Foster as the suspect, according to Hensman. According to the police chief, the scene when officers arrived on January 24 was “extremely nasty,” and the photos taken by the investigators are “horrific.”

Horrific Murder

Hensman said on Monday, “I’ve seen a lot in my job, but some things do remain with you, and this will stay stained in my mind for many years to come.”  Foster and his victim had a “previous relationship.” He said, “This was not a random attack,” without giving any other information.

According to the police chief, investigators are currently sorting through a “substantial amount” of evidence and following up on the avalanche of tips that the agency has so far received.

Hensman has advised anyone who comes into contact with Foster, whether face-to-face or online, to dial 911 right away. The “very dangerous individual” may have been armed, the police said.

Police claim that the suspect poses a threat to people who ‘befriend’ him. Hensman stated on Monday that he did not think Foster was a “random attacker,” but added that with someone like him, “nothing is off the table.”

The chief of police declared that “he’s a menace to others.” “I believe he would pose a threat to anyone who attempted to become his buddy.” According to earlier reports from the police, Foster might be using dating apps to discover possible new victims or coerce individuals into aiding him in avoiding capture. On Monday, Hensman declined to say if Foster is still using the apps.

Foster’s Crime History

  • According to Clark County records, Foster has been charged in two different incidents in Las Vegas with assaulting women with whom he had relationships.
  • Based on the records, Foster was accused of felony battery that constituted domestic abuse in the first instance.
  • According to the records, his ex-girlfriend claimed that he attempted to strangle her on Christmas Eve of 2017 after discovering that another man had texted her.
  • In 2019, for alleged abuses against his then-girlfriend, he was additionally charged with felony assault, battery, and kidnapping.
  • In that case, the victim spoke with the police. Foster repeatedly strangled her and held her restrained for most of the ensuing two weeks, according to a Las Vegas police report.
  • She had seven fractured ribs, two black eyes, and abrasions on her wrists and ankles from being tied up when she was finally able to flee and get to a hospital, according to the report.
  • Foster agreed to plea agreements in both instances. In the first instance, he received a term of up to 30 months in jail with credit for 729 days already served.


Who is Benjamin Obadiah Foster?

Benjamin Obadiah Foster


  • To “Contact Unsuspecting People Who May Be Convinced Into Assisting With” His “Escape or Potentially as Additional Victims,” Benjamin Obadiah Foster may be using dating apps.
  • Authorities accuse Foster of intentionally torturing the Oregon victim and abandoning her “in a location where she was not likely to be found.”
  • Following a plea agreement, Benjamin Foster was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being accused of beating and holding his then-girlfriend hostage for two weeks in Las Vegas in 2019.
  • Foster, an MMA fighter, was serving a suspended jail sentence on a weapons charge when he was arrested in the Las Vegas case. Foster was also arrested in 2018 on a domestic violence charge.
  • According to a GoFundMe page created to assist the victim, she is still in the intensive care unit with many facial fractures and a broken neck.



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