Ontario shooting: Who were David Renteria, Sonia and George Ramirez? Found fatally shot dead in roman place house


 Who were David Renteria, Sonia and George Ramirez? Found fatally shot dead in Ontario roman place house

Ontario shooting: Deputies discovered three family members shot to death at a residence near Montclair on Monday night, and homicide investigators are looking for a suspect. Let’s find out Who were David Renteria, Sonia, and George Ramirez and what happened to the family members in this article.

What happened to the family members?

A spokesman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reported that three family members were discovered shot dead in a home close to Montclair on Monday night, Jan. 30.

By Tuesday night, there had been no reports of any arrests. Sonia Ramirez, 68, George Ramirez, 66, and David Renteria, 43, were the victims.

The spokeswoman, Mara Rodriguez, confirmed that the Ramirezes were wed. She affirmed that she had no idea how Renteria was connected.

Gloria Huerta, another spokesperson, stated that at this time, detectives do not think the deaths were a murder-suicide. Just after 9 p.m., deputies were called to the 4800 block of Ramona Place in unincorporated county territory after someone found the dead, according to Rodriguez.

Ontario shooting: Who were David Renteria, Sonia, and George Ramirez?

The victims were discovered in a two-story, 1,350-square-foot home with three bedrooms that was built in a 1960s-era community on a cul-de-sac. Many of the houses have spacious driveways with RVs and campers and palm trees in the front yards.

Chris Sanchez, who lives a few doors away, claimed to have previously observed deputies at the residence. He claimed that the home is home to six people. The residence is occupied by Renteria and others, according to public records.

What did neighbors say?

The victims, according to a woman who contacted The Times on Tuesday afternoon, were her parents and brother. The stuccoed two-story house was surrounded by yellow crime scene tape and was located on Ramona Place, a dead-end street in an unincorporated region south of Montclair.

There were several cars parked in the yard. Authorities did not specify how they connected the entry to their investigation, but investigators also went inside the garage that was very next to the house.

April Bravo, 26, who resides on the next street over, claimed that she frequently ventured out at night without worrying about her safety.

Neighbor’s Statement

Bravo remarked, “This is a calm street. Since the roadway comes to an end, everyone knows when someone arrives. The last time Ramona Place was visited by police, according to Ray Reyes, who has lived on the street for close to 30 years.

Regarding the killings, Reyes remarked, “It’s really strange. “This has never happened before,” He claimed not to have heard any loud noises or gunshots while he was at home on Monday night.

Tuesday, Trina Campbell walked up to the house where the victims were found and grieved in the street. Her aunt, who resides next door, was said to be secure.

As she left the house, her hands trembling, she remarked, “I assumed it was someone I knew. The neighbors at the house where the bodies were discovered, according to Campbell, are grandparents who reside with their grandson.


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