Baby Born Mid Air 2022: 35,000-foot-high delivery over Nile – Canadian doctor’s surprise experience

Baby Born Mid Air 2022 35,000-foot-high delivery over Nile female doctor's surprise experience

Baby Born Mid Air 2022: A Canadian doctor has expressed his happiness over helping to deliver a Baby Born Mid Air overnight on a flight from Qatar to Uganda, January 14, 2022.

Although this is an event that took place on December 5th, the doctor recently shared these pictures due to his workload.

Dr. Aisha, a professor at the University of Toronto, was on a Qatar Airways flight to Entebbe, Uganda.

A Ugandan woman working in Saudi Arabia has given birth to her first child on this flight.

The baby, who is 35 weeks pregnant, has been named ‘Miracle Aisha’.

Dr. Aisha, a doctor working in Toronto, was resting during the flight.

The flight attendants then asked through the intercom if there were any doctors there. Ayesha immediately went to the seat of the woman who needed treatment.

“People crowded around the woman. At the time, I thought there was a crisis, something like a heart attack, “said Aisha.

But it was only when she went nearby that Aisha saw a woman there in labor pains and the baby coming out.

There was two other medical staff there to help the doctor Aisha with this delivery.

Dr. Aisha gave birth to the woman with the help of a cancer nurse on the same flight and a pediatrician from Doctors Without Borders.

Dr. Aisha gave the baby to the pediatrician for examination after the baby was born.

”I saw the baby; She was in good health. Then I saw the mother; He was fine too, ” Dr. Ayesha said.

”Congratulations! You have a baby girl. ‘Everyone on the plane applauded when they told the baby’s mother. That’s when I realized I was on a plane and everyone was watching.”

“It’s so special to have a baby named after me, ” Aisha said, handing her a baby Miracle Aisha with a gold necklace with the word” Aisha “written in Arabic.

Doctor Aisha said she would hold the baby as a small memento of the doctor who gave birth to her while the plane was flying over the Nile at an altitude of 35,000 feet.

Fortunately, he was happy to have another doctor on the same flight.

Dr. Aisha returned to Canada on December 18 after training with Uganda doctors. Dr. Aisha has given emergency treatment to a passenger in the middle of the flight.

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