Avatar 2 Review: story not groundbreaking but given importance to emotions

Avatar 2

Thirteen years in the making, James Cameron’s vapid, overlong successor to his sci-fi record-breaker is a very expensive beached whale. Let’s see more details about the Avatar 2 film reviews.

Avatar 2 review:

James Cameron’s sloppy new digital film has beached like a huge, meaningless whale, drenching us in a disappointment that we can hardly utter out loud.

The tale, which could have been a 30-minute cartoon, is stretched into a three-hour epic cartoon movie as if by an AI program.
Cameron’s debut Avatar was a groundbreaking 3D sci-fi spectacle released in 2009.

After 13 years of unfathomably expensive pixel-crunching, the aquatic sequel has finally been released, and there are plans for a third and fourth.

This one is offered in both 3D and 2D, thereby at least adhering to Cameron’s three-dimensional vision.

Avatar: The Way of Water- sequel:

Finally, the Avatar: The Way of Water is here. The Manner of Water is a sequel that grows and improves upon the original in almost every way, albeit it isn’t quite on the same level as Aliens or T2. The story of a family in danger is gripping, thrilling, and emotional, and it features the most cutting-edge visual effects in movie history.

James Cameron’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2009’s Avatar, also known as the highest-grossing movie of all time, is titled Avatar: The Way of Water. Along with a few other returning cast members, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaa reprise their roles as Jake Sully and Neytiri, and they are joined by Cliff Curtis and Kate Winslet, who are new to the franchise.

Spoiler alert:

Before we begin, I should mention that if you want to know nothing at all about the movie going in, skip to the conclusion to the summary section. This article didn’t give any significant spoilers, but I have to talk about the movie in some way!

Avatar 2 framework:

The movie catches us up with Jake and Neytiri and what they’ve been up to in all of this, almost ten years after the events of Avatar. We find that they have been busy raising children—in fact, many children—in addition to managing the Omaticaya clan.

Their eldest son, Neteyam, is a sort of “golden kid,” and Jake frequently asks him to take care of his siblings. The second-oldest child, Lo’ak, is portrayed as more of an oddity in the family. The youngest, Tuk, is bold and naughty like other young children and frequently goes along with her bigger siblings.

Then there is Kiri, their adopted daughter, who is essentially an offspring of a Dr. Augustine’s (Sigourney Weaver) Avatar, who’s been kept in hibernation since Dr. Augustine’s death. The Spider is a human kid who was too young to be cryogenically frozen and sent back to Earth during the conflict in the first movie.

Avatar 2 Plot:

Unfortunately, the Sky People (also known as humans) from the first movie have returned, which is bad news for Jake, his family, and everyone else who calls the moon of Pandora home. In fact, they’re coming to occupy the entire moon this time around because it seems that Earth is no longer habitable; they’re not just coming to mine for minerals as they usually do. They constructed site for a military installation.

Without going into detail, a sect of the Sky People has a personal grudge against Jake. As a result, Jake essentially compels his family to flee and seek refuge with the ocean-loving Metkayina family, who are understandably reluctant to let them in

The Sully family is gradually assimilated into life there and starts to learn… The way of water once they arrive at the Metkayina clan’s residence, where Ronal (Kate Winslet) and Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) are in charge.

Emotional story:

And the entire movie runs for three hours and ten minutes. But in contrast to the previous movie, there are a few more novels and surprising story components at play, as well as several that have a LOT more emotion and heart than Avatar.

In case you didn’t know, Cameron is a true ocean activist, and in Avatar 2, he depicts a moment that is especially upsetting with a mythical whale-like creature called the Tulkun. It’s a pretty pointed criticism of whaling and poaching, because it was always sad.

Additionally, the movie’s climax features an intriguing turn that will definitely surprise you. Jake and Neytiri are also not the main heroes of the movie, at least not in the second half, which is somewhat surprising (or maybe not given how long it has been). Their children ultimately play a significantly more significant and active role in the plot, but they are still very much a part of it.

And with at least three more movies to go, I predict that as the action-packed franchise develops and the characters (and actors) get older, the kids will eventually take center stage. Still, we’ll see.

Technically speaking, Avatar: The Way of Water looks amazing. In fact, the level of detail is astounding. Suppose you thought it looked good in 2009. You should be aware, though, that Cameron uses the frame rate in this movie in some REALLY WILD ways. Although it may sound technical and “boring,” the aesthetic is actually jarring and downright strange.

Visual effects:

If you want to get technical, the best way I can explain it is that director James Cameron shot the movie in 3D at 48 frames per second with a “high dynamic range” (think the way The Hobbit films look). Since movies are typically shot at 24 frames per second, which is what the human eye sees, this means that many scenes appear to be “too real.” Additionally, there are sequences when one shot is in the 48 fps looks and others are presented at 24 fps.

People’s enthusiasm for James Cameron’s creative methods is a big part of the Avatar movies’ hype. Without a doubt, this movie and the first are incredible technical achievements. However, the tale is rife with clichés, just like the first film. Although I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’m sure some people will.

The world-building is excellent, but the plot itself isn’t particularly groundbreaking. Although, there are some nice tearjerker moments. But it’s more than enough to support the action and the visuals, which are the main draws.


Avatar: The Way of the World is a visually speaking film. While the story may be quite ordinary, Avatar 2 is a tremendously immersive experience graphically.

Avatar: The Way of Water is an enjoyable adventure that, surprisingly, does not seem more than three hours long. The plot actually advanced very quickly and never had a bloated feeling.

If you prefer action-packed, “big screen” movies, the visuals are amazing and you’ll appreciate the experience; 8/10 would suggest! A good sequel!

Avatar 2


  • I can simply put my opinion like this: Expectations – My Opinion about the Movie – Disappointed, I am in an in-between zone where I can’t say that the movie lived up to my expectations nor did it disappoint me, however, I still enjoyed it with the great visuals but being perfectly made it a bit weird at times! Also, the movie has a unique problem that I never encountered before which is a frame problem. There were cut and shots where you will see everyone moving faster than in the previous shots with something strange about it! Also discovering the world during the first half of the film and trying to amaze the audience with the beauty of the visuals was way too long during the first half of the film, then the second half of it action started and it didn’t disappoint. Don’t miss the movie at the theater. -by El-Ak.
  • Possibly the longest movie i’ve ever watch in theater yet one of the most fascinating movie theater experience i’ve ever had in my life, Avatar: The Way Of Water is fun, emotional, and powerful, it hits all the notes perfectly, i never enjoy an adventure films specifically outside planet earth this much in a long time, the movie never stops amazed me not only in the details of all the visual and special effects, but the story of Avatar: The Way Of Water was just incredible, all of these characters are so well written, so well perform, and again i cannot say how much i’m still amazed by all the visual and special effects in this film and it basically 95% of this film was all freakin’ CGI, it definitely some of the best ones i’ve seen, it’s so detail and so good that not even one frame including the human where i found some CGI flawed, where i can see the green screen or the blue screen in the background just a little bit NONE of that!, everything is perfect, praise for all the effect team and they deserve all the awards for it, this is how you use a CGI in movie rightly people, back to the movie itself, James Cameron recently reveal that he had planned to make Avatar 6 and 7 and one of the sentence that he said was basically the only person that can make Avatar is him, and you god damn right, i don’t think anybody can ever make an Avatar movie than the creator himself James Cameron, because The Way Of Water is simply go down as one of the best movie sequel ever made for me, yes, i like it even more than the first one, not only we got more characters on the film and specifically great characters, upgrade visual, i think a better far more superior story and again even though the villain of the movie still the same, somehow it works, we also got the world of water instead of forest world, now i’m not saying that Pandora isn’t beautiful, but the world of water excited and amazed me even more, it’s an 3 hours and 12 minutes of epic, with the first two hours being one of the most well paced also entertaining, emotional, and powerful build up, ended with an epic climax in the last hour that basically feels like a combination between both James Cameron Terminator and Titanic, lot’s of emotion, solid, exciting, and epic battle, entertaining, and mind blowing, i love Avatar: The Way Of Water, it’s simply top 10 movie of the year for me, never been so hooked up and locked in a 3 hours movie like this in a long time, it’s like i was converted to the movie, it’s spectacular, it’s amazing, i don’t mind if James Cameron will only do Avatar now, do not let anybody take over, Avatar: The Way Of Water is a superb sequel that fills with incredible performance by all the cast, amazingly detail visual and special effects, gorgeous looking film with gorgeous wild world, fantastic score and use of sound, fascinating story, a powerful journey with a lot of emotion and hearts to it, Avatar: The Way Of Water is perfect!, bring on the next one James Cameron! – by HabibieHakim123
  • 13 Years Years Later and Still Amazing. James Cameron holds no punches in Avatar: The Way of Water, testing our characters to greater limits and how much we can see ourselves reflected in this epic tale of cultural identity and mother nature. This movie has a special place in my heart not solely because of the technological evolution on display, but because this is modern myth-making at its finest. I’m not going to go on a hyperbolic word spree, but it was phenomenal. The best action paired with the best visuals I’ve seen in years. An amazing journey. The 3 hours flew by. I loved it and I can’t wait to see it again this weekend. Man, what a film.- by faeez_rizwan
  • The scenes of Jake and Neytiri’s forest-dwelling family learning to adapt to marine life are full of a kind of joy that it seems Hollywood blockbusters have all but forgotten: that of seeing something unprecedented and wondrous.- by Steven D. 
  • Fantasy is most powerful when creators engage thoughtfully with their chosen allegory, checking all the minute components of their fictional world’s machine. But The Way of Water is a blunt tool, expanding the world of Avatar via copy and paste- by Izzy Ampil


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