How did the Malayasian Worker Ng Zhi Yong die? Cause of Death and Car accident Explained

How did the Malayasian Worker Ng Zhi Yong die? Cause of Death and Car accident Explained

A 23-year-old Malaysian young man Ng Zhi Yong returning from work in Singapore met with a fatal car accident just 5 mins from home. Let’s see more details about this Malaysian worker and his cause of death.

Malaysian Worker Ng Zhi Yong

The family’s single child is the deceased Ng Zhi Yong. Since Ng’s mother and father both passed away a few years ago, the two had been relying on one another.
Malaysian Worker Ng Zhi was residing on Pasir Gudang Highway from Taman Johor Jaya heading toward Taman Megah Ria, Masai.

Ng worked as an operator in a milk bottle factory in Singapore. He was returning home to Kota Masai on his motorcycle the day the tragedy took place. His friends and families are devastated by this information.

Asking for a Footage

Friends of a Malaysian worker, age 23, who died in a car accident five minutes from his Pasir Gudang house are requesting CCTV records to shed further light on the tragedy’s circumstances.

The accident occurred last Thursday, December 8, between 12 to 1 pm on Pasir Gudang Highway as it traveled from Taman Johor Jaya toward Taman Megah Ria, Masai, according to Malaysian news outlet China Press. Very Shocking News to the family and neighborhood.

Unfortunate Event

Sadly, Ng was engaged in an accident that ultimately claimed his life just five minutes before he could arrive home to meet his cherished mother. Ng was still wearing the corporate uniform when the accident occurred.

According to Ms. Chua, Ng’s closest friend, who spoke to the reporter, We have got this information. The man was reportedly dragged under a pick-up truck before the firefighter squad arrived and pulled him out from under the vehicle, according to some onlookers at the site.

What did the Fire and Rescue Department say?

A pick-up truck and a motorcycle were involved in the accident, which was reported at 12:49 pm on December 8th, according to a spokesperson for the Johor Fire and Rescue Department.

They believed that the victim was dragged under the pick-up after it crashed and hit it. The man was pulled out from underneath the car by the firefighters using equipment, and after receiving first aid at the site, he was taken right away to the hospital.

The pick-up driver, a 40-year-old Bangladeshi man, escaped the collision unscathed.

Ng was conscious when rescued

“Zhi Yong was saved while still being conscious. His mother called him at that very moment and inquired as to why he hadn’t returned home earlier. In response, Zhi Yong said he would return home later, Ms. Chua remembered.

When Zhi Yong got to the hospital, the mother called her son once again, Ms. Chua said, but the nurse informed her that Zhi Yong was already in a coma.

Medical Officers tried their best to save him

Unfortunately, Zhi Yong passed away that day at 6 o’clock despite medical personnel’s best efforts to transfuse blood and preserve his life. Ms. Chua stated in the Facebook post that “we absolutely need to know how the vehicle accident happened, or there will be no proof for investigation.”

She thought Ng may have been struck by the car before internal bleeding occurred.

Police appealed for a witness

Ng died in the hospital after making such an effort. The incident saddens families and friends. On December 11, Malaysian worker Ng was cremated.

Ms. Chua requested any witnesses or anyone who may have captured the collision on their dashcam to get in touch with them at 019-799 7999 so they could provide more details.

Friends are Hoping to get Driving Records

Friends will pray that a miracle occurs on Ng’s birthday and that driving records will be produced to reveal the truth.

A friend of the deceased with the last name Cai disclosed that Ng Zhi Yong was the mother’s spiritual pillager. The mother of Ng was unemployed. Living expenditures were an issue for them after Zhi Yong died.

She disclosed that Zhi Yong only relocated to Singapore in May of this year to start a job. He’s held various local jobs and has been a car salesman in the past. Because of his erratic income, he only chose to go to Singapore.

How did the Malayasian Worker Ng Zhi Yong die? Cause of Death and Car accident Explained

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